Steaming Your Mac

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Steaming Your Mac


How to Install Steam On Your Mac, Steam Performance Issues, Anything Steam Related


  • 27Oct2013- Added blurb on how to find your invisible Library folder, made invisible under MacOS7 and newer.
  • 22Apr12- Added link on running Steam in Offline Mode.
  • 28Nov11- Added Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines guidance for running under Steam/Bootcamp/Windows 7 then removed it and placed it under Windows Gaming On A Mac FAQ here at MacRumors.


Wow, what a short guide! I created it because I realize there many Steam related issues in the MacRumor Mac & PC Game Forums, first and foremost is how to get Steam game content out of your home drive and onto a separate partition or external hard drive. If you took a peak at the MacRumors Guide Directory you'd probably never see the Symbolic Link Guide buried in there somewhere. This was my primary motivator to establish this guide.

So feel free to add any Steam related content your heart desires and if you would like me to add any Steam related info, feel free to send me, Huntn, a Private Message. In the mean time...

Misc Steam Links

Installing Steam on Your Mac

  • Install Mac Steam. This link will immediately download Mac Steam: If the link expires go to and locate the "Install Steam Now" link on the right side of the page. The default install location is to place Steam in your Applications folder. However, you can put it anywhere you want. When using my MacBookPro, I placed Mac Steam on my external drive. So I downloaded Mac Steam, opened the .dmg file and installed it there by simply dragging the Steam application from the .dmg file to the desired location.
  • Launch Steam. Establish a Steam account if you have not done so all ready. By default it is going to automatically install the SteamApps folder in your Library>Application Support>Steam Folder. If you have a teeny weenie hard drive and need to move Steam Game content out of your home drive/partition, see the next section.
  • Having Trouble Finding Your Mac's Library Folder? "Library" used to be located in the User's folder but as of MacOS7 and newer, it is now invisible. You can either unhide it or find it by typing "Library" in the Help window and that should make it temporarily appear as a selection in the "Go" menu.

Moving Steam Content

Specific Game Help

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

  • The game will not run under Mac Steam. For information on running this game under Bootcamp/Windows/Steam see Windows Gaming On A Mac FAQ and look for the Specific Game Help Section of that guide.