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iOS-iPad-iPhone Quick and Dirty

 iPad, iPad, iPhone
iPad, iPad, iPhone



  • 11/10- Under Move Document from Mac/Computer to iOS Device section, added verbiage about dragging files from your Mac/computer into the iOS File Sharing Window. The "Add" button does not have to be used.
  • 10/17- Added verbage and section: My Phone won't Ring under the Troubleshooting iPhone Sounds section.
  • 10/15- Added blurb on adding custom ringtone for Contact under iPhone Section and iOS7 section.
  • 10/14- Updated Gesture Section. Added link for configuring Google Mail in the Mail Section and the Google Section.
  • 10/7- Added Gestures Section.Added iOS7 Section features.
  • 10/5- Added how to help iOS7 run faster on an older iPhone in the iOS7 section.
  • 9/26- Cleaned up turning off App description un App management. Added Control Center Section.
  • 9/24- Added iOS7 section. Added description for moving Quick Time movies to iPad in the Documents Management section.
  • 5/17/13- Reorganized iPhone Section Again adding info on troubleshooting iPhone sound issues.
  • 5/7/13- Reorganized iPhone Section. Added Contacts Section. Place Favorites under Contacts Section. Added negative blurb about "Group" management...there is none.
  • 2/9- Added Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Version- iPad link under Apps-Game section.
  • 2/5- Added Apple ID blurb under The Basics section.
  • 1/9-Added info about Silent Phone and Airplane Mode under Basics and iPhone sections. Added Plague Incorporated game link under Game Apps.
  • 1/5- Added blurb about Text Spam under iPhone section. Tweaked the format and some descriptions.
  • 1/4/13- Added Cell Phone Shop link and Ringtone App links under iPhone Section. In the App section, added info on how to install a ringtone using the Ringtone 500.000 App. Added Password Protection under Settings Section. Added iTune images under the App Section and Document Section.
  • 12/11- Added Apple Apps in Apps Section. Added Find My Friends link in iCloud section and in Apple Apps Section. Moved info previous listed under the Sync info into the iCloud section.
  • 11/30- Established a Kindle App section under books. Added info about making Kindle App purchases and lending Kindle books.
  • 11/24- Updated Misc Info Section to correct info about taking a screen shot. Reformatted the Books Section, includng formats compatible with the iOS devices, and info on Barnes and Noble/Nook content. Added expanded Restrictions section under Settings including Parental Controls.
  • 11/17- Clarified iPhoto vs Photos App in Photos section. In Photo section, clarified creating a new empty album, vs creating a new album with photos all ready selected for it. Updated Disclaimer in Introduction. Added blurb about Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit in Photo section.
  • 10//7/12- Established guide.


  • Magazine articles come and go. This guide is intended as a permanent compilation of quick tips for doing things on Mac iOS and troubleshooting problems. MaciOS Q&D Guide Link.
  • In compiling this guide, I have not verified what iOS functional differences exist in every App when using different iOS devices. Although most components and functions are the same, or similar, the appearance and layout of iOS Apps can be different depending on the app and the device. My point is that the descriptions of some features may be different if I used an iPhone while you are using an iPad or vice a versa, and I have not looked at iOS on iPods at all. I put some items under iPhone that I think are limited to the iPhone.
  • The guide was created when iOS 6 came out. As Apple's iOS is updated, functional descriptions are liable to change and may be outdated in this guide, and enclosed links may inadvertently (on my part)reference older articles applicable to older versions of iOS and may no longer be applicable. All links are perishable!
  • I am prone to errors. If you see one, please send me a PM- Huntn (Dave Peck) or post to this iOS6 MacRumors thread or this iOS7 Mac Rumors thread.

MacRumor Threads

Misc Links

iOS 7 Section

  • I'm going to start incorporating iOS 7 changes. -Huntn (Sept 2013)
  • iOS7 supports iPhones 4 and 5, and iPad2 or later.
  • Activation Lock- A thief who tries to disable the Find My iPhone feature or wipe the phone won't be able to do so without your Apple ID and password.
  • Air Drop- file transfer over Wifi or Bluetooth to other iOS devices works for iPhone 5 or later, forth generation iPad or later, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod touch. Details needed. It would be nice to transfer documents from Mac to iPad without a physical connection.
  • Calculator- New, located in Control Center.
  • Cloud Keychain- Keychain in the cloud!
  • Control Center- *iOS7 feature- Swipe up from bottom of screen to display the Control Center, quick reference to many settings like airplane mode, wifi on/off, blue tooth on/off, including a new timer and flashlight. See Control Center Section.
  • Facetime- Audo only Facetime. Details needed.
  • Flashlight- Now built in. Access from Control Center page.
  • Folders- now support multiple pages of apps. (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • iCloud Keychain- manage website, wifi logins, and some credit card info. (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • Maps- Turn by Turn Walking Directions and Night Mode . (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • Moments and Collections- a feature to organize photos based on metadata similar to Events in iPhoto. (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • Photo Sharing- Described as true two way photo sharing. Details needed.
  • Ringtones (Custom)- Under iOS 6, a Contact page would indicate "Default" Ringtone if a custom Ringtone had not been set. Under iOS7, no Ringtone info is displayed on the Contact page for the Default Ringtone. Ringtone info only appears on the Contact page after a Custom Ringtone is set, by Editing the Contact.
  • Swipe From Left- Return to last screen. (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • Safari Changes- Search and URL fields merged into one.
  • Turn Off Background Apps- A background App is one that is running in the background and not displayed on your screen. Double click the Home button to display any Apps that are running in the background along with a screen display of that App.. Swipe up on one of the screen display, not the App icon. Touching the App icon will pull it to the front.

iOS7 Camera/Photo Changes

  • Camera App- iOS7 has 4 modes, standard, square, panorama, and video camera. Swipe back and forth to different modes. (MacWorld Sep2013)
  • Camera Filters- Live camera filters work on iPhone5 or 5th generation iPod. Using filters after the picture is taken is an option for the iPhone4 or later, 3rd generation iPador later, iPad mini, and 5th generation of iPod touch. (MacWorld Sep2013)

How to Help iOS7 Run Faster on an iPhone 4 (USA Today, Oct2013)

  • USA Today link.
  • Stop iOS7 from checking for new data on behalf of third-party apps- Open Settings> General> Backround App Refresh. Apps can be turned off individually or collectively using the button at the top.
  • Leave Adequate Storage Space- Settings> General> Usage to check how much storage is left. If the phone is full, this might slow it down.
  • Turn off Background Apps- iOS is supposed to manage this, but if your phone is bogged down, turn off background apps by double clicking front button, will reveal all the apps running in the background. Swipe up on each window to really turn it off.
  • Reinstall Everything From Scratch- Connect iPhone ot computer running iTunes, do an encrypted backup, then restore the phone to factory settings. After this step, see how well the phone functions. Then decide to restore some or all of your apps and data.

The Basics/Misc

  • Airplane Mode (Settings>Airplane Mode) Disables your phone from communicating from the outside world, but does not turn it off. For takeoff and landings, flight attendants usually insist that your phone is powered down completely. (01/13)
  • AppleID- Establish and manage one at Although email address, password, phone numbers can be updated, as far as I know, AppleID names can't be changed. (added 2/13).
  • Apps- as in "Applications". Programs, smaller focused programs that populate iOS devices.
  • Appearance/App Tiles-To reduce clutter on the iOS screen, Apps can be organized into tiles by holding down your finger on an app until all the App icons on the iOS screen jiggle. They can then be dragged around to reorganize their order or if dragged on top of another App, they will combine into a tile, that can be named. At least 12 Apps can be combined into a single tile.
  • Contact- A person or company listed in your iPhone App.
  • Edit = Delete- Maybe not in every case, but on iOS devices, "edit" equates to "delete" when you are on a page of listed messages, documents, magazines in your favorite magazine App. Look for the "edit" button to delete unwanted items.
  • iOS6 Device/App Appearance, Functional Differences- Different Apps have different functional and appearances on different iOS devices. See the Disclaimer in the Introduction.
  • iPhone User Guide- For more tips, tricks, and instructions, tap the Bookmarks icon in Safari, then select iPhone User Guide.
  • iTunes- is the Mac/PC application on your computer which is used as a central hub to manage data on your iOS devices. Data on your iOS device can be synced to iTunes on your computer and vice a versa. iTunes includes both music and apps. Within the iOS device, iTunes is accessed through two different Apps, the App Store App to locate Apps for download and the Music App to access the iTunes Music store.
  • Log Out/Log In Apple ID on iOS Device- Settings>iTunes/App Store>tap on your AppleID.  Log out and log in with your new account info.
  • Parental Controls and General Restrictions- See Restrictions under "Settings".
  • Scroll Fast- In Safari, Mail, Contacts, and many other apps, tap the status bar — which displays the network information, time, and battery level — to scroll quickly to the top. Apple Quick Tips
  • Screen Orientation Lock- Double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar, then swipe from left to right. Now tap the portrait orientation lock once to turn it on and again to turn it off. Apple Quick Tips
  • Screen Shot- Press and hold the Home button (only button on front of iPad), then press the Sleep/Wake button (opposite end of iPad on side). Your screen flashes and the picture appears in your Camera Roll. (July2010).

Silencing the iPhone- If you iPhone becomes completely silent and you have no idea why, you probably inadvertently moved the small switch on the top left side of the phone, that move back and forth. You don't press it. I accidentally moved mine when I was putting on a new phone case. And in my case, the switch is covered by a little access flap. Another easy way to disable your phone while watching a movie at the theater is to put it into Airplane Mode (Settings>Airplane Mode), however the important distinction is that this setting disables your phone from communicating from the outside world. (01/13)

  • Prevent In-App Purchases- See Restrictions Section. This is really important if you have children using your iOS device.


  • Camera- On Sign-In page, a dim camera icon at lower right can be swiped up to turn on the camera.
  • Access Notification Center- Swipe Down from top edge.
  • Return to Last Screen- Swipe Right from left edge.
  • Search function- Swipe Down from middle of screen.
  • Access Control Center- Swipe Up from bottom edge.
  • Turn off Background Apps- Double press front button to pull up Apps running in background. Swipe up on the individual app screen to make it scroll off page and turn off.


  • The Gear icon called Settings is where you'll find all the settings for your iOS device. *Note- there are Settings info scattered throughout this article.
  • See theApps and Management Section for info on Third Party Apps.
  • Airplane Mode (Settings>Airplane Mode) Disables your phone from communicating from the outside world, but does not turn it off. For takeoff and landings, flight attendants usually insist that your phone is powered down completely. (01/13)
  • App Notifications- (Settings> General> Notifications) Suffering from annoying App notifications? Navigate to Notifications, then locate the App in the list and modify the notification settings for it.
  • Default Calendar Alerts- (Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Calendars Section: Default Alert Times) To generate a default Alert for Calendar Events- Birthdays, Events, and All Day Events. Note that the earliest a default alert can be set up, depending on the cateogry is 1 day-1 week before. CNET-Set Up Default Alerts.
  • iCloud Settings- Settings>iCloud>Storage and Backup>Backup>iCloud Backup- On.

iOS Software Up To Date?- Go to Settings>General>Software Update. When a new version of iOS comes out this is where you'll update it.

  • Find My Phone- If you’ve lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help you locate it. Just go to Settings > iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone feature.
  • Log Out/Log In Apple ID on iOS Device- Settings>iTunes/App Store>tap on your AppleID.  Log out and log in with your new account info.
  • Password Protect Your iPHone- You phone is loaded with financial data? Tun on password protection. Every time you slide the "unlock" slider, you'll have to enter a 4 digit code: Settings>General>Password Lock- Turn On.


  • Your Get Out of Jail Free Card or How to Ensure Young Loved One Does Not Buy $500 in Donuts. My donut reference comes from the Simpson's Game "Tapped Out", which to speed the game along, instead of earning donuts, allows donuts to be purchased for real cash, $10-20 a pop. My wife violated one of the primary "child rules" by letting our Grandson know our Mac account password. In his defense, he maintains he thought he was using game money that he had earned to make the purchases, although it required him to enter our Mac Account log in to do it. Regardless, better if it did not happen in the first place.
  • Two Get Out of Jail Free Cards- If unauthorized purchasing occurs, you can call The Apple Store (800-692-7753) and request a "one time" refund. This worked for me. Apple will probably maintain this policy but no guarantees. Secondly and more importantly, a Restrictions password sets up a secondary barrier that restricts a vast variety of settings on the iOS device.- Huntn
  • Restrictions- (Settings> General> Restrictions) Turn on Restrictions and set a 4 digit password. Guard it with your life! ; ) Inside the Restrictions section is a very long list of items that can be restricted including App purchases, In-App purchases, and Parental Controls for TV, movies, and books. If an item has an On/Off button, "ON" is enabled.
  • The Purchase Grace Period- (Settings> General> Restrictions> Allowed Content Category> Require Passwords: Immediate or 15 minutes.) Your Mac Account Password is required to make App purchases in iTunes. Depending on how your iOS device is set up, there can be a grace period of 15 minutes where future purchases can be made without a password. Whether the Grace Period is dreaded or not might depend on the wee-ones who have access to your iOS device. ;) If you are a solo operator, the grace period is very handy for making multiple purchases. Restrictions should be turned on and a Restrictions password set.
  • Turn Off In-Game Purchases- (Settings> General> Restrictions (password to access)> Allowed Content section> In-App Purchases: OFF) Protected by the Restrictions password, this best described as "child protection" prevents In-Game purchases using real cash.
  • iBooks and Parental Controls in iOS6- (Settings> General> Restrictions (password to access)> Allowed Content Section> Books> Explicit Sexual Content: OFF) Is there adult reading material on your shared iOS device that you don't want little ones to see? With iBooks 2.2 and higher, if you turn on Parental Controls, books in your library marked as containing sexually explicit content will be hidden. You cannot open, read, or download these books again with Parental Controls active. In iOS 6, if you turn on Parental Controls, books marked as containing sexually explicit content in the iBookstore will be disabled from purchase, preview, and sharing. When you turn on Parental Controls, if you try to view books marked as containing explicit sexual content in the iBookstore: This message will appear: "This book contains explicit sexual content. To download it, you must first go to Settings and edit your restrictions." The Buy and sample buttons will be disabled. No sharing link will appear. A generic book's image will appear on the product page and in search results, rather than the original book's image. iBooks and Parental Controls in iOS6 (, (added Nov 2012).


  • Airplay.
  • With AirPlay Mirroring, you can share exactly what’s on your iPhone 5 with your HDTV connected to an Apple TV. Just double-click the Home button, swipe all the way to the right, and select AirPlay Mirroring. Apple Quick Tips


  • AirPrint makes it easy to print email and web pages from your iPhone to your AirPrint-enabled printer. To print an email, just tap the Reply icon and select Print. To print a web page, tap the Share button and select Print. You can also print photos, documents, and more. Apple Quick Tips

Apps and Management

 Apps in iTunes
  • The image shows how Apps appear within the iTunes interface on your computer.
  • All software on iOS devices other than the iOS itself, are Apps (mini-applications). This section describes how to interact with all Apps.
  • App Accessibility- Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines explicitly state that content subscriptions must be “available to the user from all of their iOS devices.” Oct2012.
  • Delete an App- Pressing and holding down on an App icon will cause all of the Apps to jiggle with an display an "x". Press the "x" to delete the App from your device. All purchased Apps can be downloaded at a future time for free from the App Store.
  • Folders in iOS- See Reorganize Apps on iOS Screen section below.
  • Guided Access in a particular App- Launch Settings, then tap on General. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility, then scroll again to the Learning section. Tap on Guided Access, and toggle it to ON. Tap on Set Passcode to require a code to get out of Guided Access mode. When in the app you want to use with Guided Access, say a math app for a student in school, triple-click the Home button to bring up the Guided Access option. Tap Options to set the Hardware buttons to OFF, and toggle Touch or Motion controls. Circle areas on the screen with a fingertip or stylus to restrict access to that section. Tap Start to begin and the restricted areas will dim. Triple click the Home button to disable Guided Access and enter your password if you set one up. Ten Killer Tips Sept 12.
  • iOS Games can be fun but are definitely casual. There maybe great games found here, but nothing that can compete with what I would describe as serious games found on Mac/PC laptop/desktop environments, great games such as Borderlands, GuildWars2, World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Planetside, Call of Duty, etc. Simplified controls are often found on the screen. Tilting your iOS device may be used to control in-game action. Fighting often consists of furiously swiping at your iPad screen. Multiplayer games are available on iOS devices. -Huntn. Oct12.
  • Notifications for App- Annoying game notifications? Go to Settings > Notifications, then locate the app in the list and you can modify the notification settings for it.
  • iOS Multi-Tasking- Apps don't shutdown when their window is closed by pressing the "Home" button (only button on front of iPad). So when you reopen an App previously closed, it should return to where it left off. The iOS should auto control the number of apps that are running in the background to prevent sluggish performance.
  • Reorganize Apps on iOS Screen- Hold finger on an icon until all of the icons on the screen jiggle. Then drag them around as you please including to the next or previous page. When dragged to the side of a screen, the page should shift to the next/previous page. To cut down on clutter, folders can be created by dragging an icon on top of another. They will combine and a windows opens that allows the folder to be named, example- "Utilities". Multiple Apps can be dragged into a single folder.
  • Turn off Background Apps (IOS6 and before) A background App is one that is running in the background and not displayed on your screen. Apps can be manually turned off by double-clicking the Home button to view recently used apps, running in the background, which appear in a row along the bottom. Touch & hold an app icon of the app until it starts to wiggle and then touch the "minus sign" on the icon to turn it off.
  • Turn Off Background Apps (iOS7)- Double click the Home button to display any Apps that are running in the background along with a screen display of that App.. Swipe up on the screen display to turn it off. Touching the App icon will pull it to the front.

App Titles

Apple Apps

Fitness Apps

Game Apps

  • The best games I've seen on iOS- Huntn.
  • Angry Birds-$.99. Check out the free version first. Incredibly popular game. Fling angry birds at smirking pigs. Might love it, might not. (Oct12).
  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Version- iPad $9.99 Solid retro gaming. Check out the IGN Review, (9 min) or the longer Extended Tutorial (32 min). (Feb13).
  • Infinity Blade II-$2.99. Great graphics, the question is will you like the controls?- Huntn. (Oct12).
  • Plague Inc-$.99. Interesting Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, might become repetitive after a while. You are a disease, have the ability to control its development. The goal? Wipe out all human life on the planet. Fun! ;) (Jan13)
  • Plants Vs Zombies- Possibly the Best RTS (Real Time Strategy), possibly the best game period for both the iPad and iPhone- $2.99. A new HD version is available for $6.99. (Oct12)

Misc Apps

  • Comic File Readers- Oct12.
  • Weather Apps- AccuWeather vs TWC- Free! Very close in features. Both have maps and both will push weather alerts to you. I give AccuWeather the edge for a better main page that includes more info such as temp, vis, sunrise, sunset, UV, etc. However TWC has a dedicated Hurricane Central Section if you care about such things.

Phone Apps

  • Ringtone 500.000 App- Just because you downloaded a ringtone, without additional steps you'll not find it in your available selection of ringtones, for use on the phone. For the Ringtone 500.000 App, I had to move the ringtone into iTunes and then Sync my phone with iTunes before the new ringtone appears ready for use. If you are familiar with file sharing (see Document Section), you won't find downloaded ringtones in this location. There may be another way to do this, but here is what I did: Open the Ringtone App, and select the Downloaded Tab. A list of your downloaded ringtones will appear. Click the Right Arrow and choose Send Via Email to your email address. Once you have it on your computer. Open it with iTunes, then hook up your iPhone to your computer with it's cable and synch your phone. This should place the new usable ringtone on your iPhone.

Photo/Image Manipulation Apps

Adva-Soft Anticrop- $1 (Oct12)

  • Image Blender- $2.
  • PhotoSync- $1.99. An App that allows the transfer of photos between Mac, PC, iOS Devices, and Web Services.

Productivity Apps

  • GoodReader- $4.99. Works with text, iWork, and Office Docs.


  • Parental Controls- See Restrictions Section: iBooks and Parental Controls in iOS6.

iOS Compatible Formats

Nook and Kindle Apps have own sub sections. ePub - this open ebook format is used by many online stores. You can also convert other formats to ePub and then sync them to the iPad via iTunes. What eBook formats does iPad Support. PDF - PDF is the reigning downloading document format on the website, so you're likely to find ebooks in this format. The iPad lets you load PDFs onto your iPad and read them via third-party apps. iBooks - the books purchased through the iBooks Store are actually in ePub format, but include DRM to prevent unauthorized sharing or copying. See iBook sub-section below.

Amazon- Kindle App

Amazon's Kindle isn't just an ereader that competes with the iPad, it's also an ebook format. Though you can't read Kindle books through the iBooks apps, you can read them on the iPad using the free Amazon Kindle App. Kindle App Review @ Amazon Link, About Kindle for iPad. Books must be purchased at Purchase the Kindle version. For purchases to appear Kindle App, the App may have to be restarted. (Close the App. Double click home button and all of the active iOS Device Apps appear. Hold down finger on Home button until they all jiggle. Touch the minus sign, to turn off each App, including the Kindle App.) Then relaunch the Kindle App. Kindle Book Lending- Kindle books can be loaned to another reader for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle -- Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Not all books are lendable -- it is up to the publisher or rights holder to determine which titles are eligible for lending. The lender will not be able to read the book during the loan period. Books can only be loaned once, and subscription content is not currently available for lending. To discover if a book is lendable, find it at, in the Kindle store, and check the product details page. If lendable, it will say "Lending:Enabled". If a book is not lendable, and someone in your immediate family has a device capable of using the Kindle App, you should be able to download the Kindle App and log into their account to gain access to the book for reading. Note: use caution on who you share your login credentials with.

Barnes & Noble- Nook App

  • Just like with Amazon, Barnes & Noble has an app that lets you buy read books purchased from their online store on the iPad. (Nook- "epub")

How to Purchase a Book through Barnes and Noble- No in-app purchases. If you have a Nook, you can use it to make purchases. If you don't have a Nook, purchases of B&N books must take place at their web site after you have established a Barnes and Noble account. After the purchase is made, the ebook, should appear in your Nook App library. How to manually load a free Nook- EPUB book onto your iPad- Find a free "epub" book for download. In this example I used the free version of On Basilisk Station by David Weber. I downloaded the "EPUB/Nook/Stanza format Zip file from the previous link. If you have not yet installed the iPad compatible Nook App, go get it in the App Store on your iOS device. Establish a new account or log in with your Nook Account. Plug your iPad into your Mac/PC. If using a PC be sure to have iTunes installed. If iTunes does not auto launch, launch it, then click on your iPad icon in the left column. Near the top of the iTunes page you'll see a category list. Select "Apps", and then scroll down to File Sharing. Find the Nook App in the left column and in the right column, select the "add" button, then navigate to the saved epub document you downloaded. Then select "Sync" at the bottom right of the iTunes page. In your iOS device, open the Nook App and you should find this new book in your Nook library. However, if you log out of a B&N/Nook Account, manually loaded content is erased. It may have to be reloaded from iTunes as previously described. If you want to try manually loading an ebook into the iBooks App, you won't find it listed in the iTunes Fire Sharing section to transfer any files to. It appears that Apple keeps a pretty tight lid on iBooks. Sharing B&N Content- If sharing Nook content with another person, to see their content, in your Nook App, log out of your Barnes and Noble account and into their account. Doing so will temporarily unregister your iOS device and erase all downloaded content from the logged-out account including any books you have manually loaded (as described above). I'm not completely sure, but if you have manually loaded a book into your Nook App library, (one not purchased/registered through B&N), it may have to be reloaded using the steps described above in the "manually loading" a book section. Steps may include having to turn off you Nook App and restarting it to see a manually loaded book. Note, to turn off the Nook App (or any App), double click the Home Button, on front of iPad. All recent apps will appear in a separate window. Hold your finger on an App until they all start jiggling, then press the minus sign to turn it off. Press the Home button again to get out of the edit page. Relaunch Nook App and check for content. Free Books on B&N- Checked on Nov 2012, there were 1,800,000+ free titles available including a large collection of classic titles.


Regular iBooks vs enhanced eBook info is spread through this section. Handles both basic books with text and images and newer optimized eBooks which include multimedia. (MacWorld April 2012 p26) MacWorld iBooks link.

  • PDF- From a Mail message or a web page, touch and hold the PDF icon or link, then select “Open in iBooks.”
  • Pages Remaining in Chapter- Only available in standard iBooks. (MacWorld, Optimized Ebooks Impress in iBooks2, April 2012 p27) Corrected in iOS6?- Huntn.

Highlight and Notes

  • Tap and drag over text to highlight. (MacWorld, Optimized Ebooks Impress in iBooks2, April 2012 p27)
  • When reading a regular book, tap and drag selects text, at which point an option is offered to highlight.
  • Tap highlighted text to change it's color.
  • Notes- When text selected, Notes can be added that appear in the page's margin.

Optimized eBooks

  • Don't function on iPhones? Maybe this has been corrected with iOS6?-Huntn. (MacWorld, Optimized Ebooks Impress in iBooks2, April 2012 p27)
  • Selection Interface- Double tap or tap and hold until the Selection Interface appears. (MacWorld, Optimized Ebooks Impress in iBooks2, April 2012 p27)
  • Word Definitions- By selecting text, an option appears to show a word's inline definition.
  • Notecard View- Creates a study aid with virtual notecards allowing highlighted text on one side and notes on other side. Glossary terms can also be included with word on one side and definition on other. They can be shuffled to test knowledge.


  • Optimized Books- Two finger pinch returns to Chapter Overview which includes subsections within the Chapter. (MacWorld, Optimized Ebooks Impress in iBooks2, April 2012 p27)
  • Regular Books- Tap brings up menu, tap Navigation icon, tap Table of Contents.


  • About Subscribed Calendars- How to keep calendars syched up between your Mac and iOS devices.
  • Setup Google Synch with iOS Calendar, Oct2012.
  • Default Calendar Alerts- (Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Calendars Section: Default Alert Times) To generate a default Alert for Calendar Events- Birthdays, Events, and All Day Events. Note that the earliest a default alert can be set up, depending on the cateogry is 1 day-1 week before. CNET-Set Up Default Alerts.
  • iCal vs Calendar Events- Based on Snow Leopard which I am running, iCal has more functionality with Event alerts than iOS Calendar. With an iCal Event, alerts can be set up in advance of the event date, weeks or months early. in iOS the earliest an alert can be setup up is 1 day-1 week before, depending on the alert type. If working a schedule that is submitted weeks in advance, iCal alerts are a better choice.- In iOS Calendar, if you want a warning more than 2 days early, you have to set up a false date for the event, say a month early and then program repeats every day or week. If you have a Mac, iCal is better and events can be pushed to your iOS devices. See Subscribed Calendars above. -Huntn Oct2012.
  • Events- Touch the plus sign to create an event. To change your schedule, just drag events around. Tap for day, month, or list view. And rotate to landscape to see an entire week. Apple Quick Tips

Control Center

  • iOS7 feature- Swipe up from bottom of screen to display the Control Center.
  • Includes a variety of quick access settings such as Airplane Mode, Wifi On-Off, Bluetooth On-Off, Do Not Disturb, Portrait (screen) Orientation lock, Brightness and Sound controls, new built in Flashlight, new Timer, Calculater, Camera Access.


  • Synch Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Bookmarks, and Notes.
  • Enable on Mac- Preference>iCloud (Macworld April 2012) Requires Lion (MacOS7)
  • Bookmarks can only be synched between Safari on the Mac and on the iOS version of Safari on iCloud.
  • iCloud Setup.
  • iCloud Settings- Settings>iCloud>Storage and Backup>Backup>iCloud Backup- On.

Want both iCloud and iTunes (on your computer) Backup?- Navigate to iCloud (see above) and have iCloud Backup turned "On" for an iCloud backup. For an iTunes backup kept on your computer, when phone is connected to your computer and iTunes is turned on, right click on your phone icon in the device list, (left side iTunes window) and select "backup. This will give you the old style iTunes backup and iCloud at the same time. To restore your phone from such a backup (instead of from iCloud), with phone hooked up to your computer and iTunes turned on, you would right-click your phone's icon and select "restore from backup". This works with both iPhone and iPad. iPod has not been verified. (contributed by Weaselboy Oct2012).


  • iPhone 4S and newer, iPad3.
  • Write Messages, take notes, update Facebook, tweet, and more.
  • Instead of typing an email, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and start talking. Tap Done, and your words will appear as text. Apple Quick Tips

Document Management

File Sharing and Management

  • Basically iOS devices, in the name of simplicity, users have no control over the iOS file structure, therefore every file has to be associated with, attached to an App. So .pdfs have to be associated with a PDF reader like Adobe Reader, Page documents attached to Pages, etc. The described process accomplishes this relationship- Huntn (Oct12).
  • Where is iPad File Sharing?- With you iPad physically connected to your Mac, launch iTunes (on your Mac) if it does not launch itself. In iTunes on your Mac, select Apps and scroll down to File Sharing. Follow the steps described below to move files to and from your iPad.*iOS File Sharing- 7/12.
 File Sharing in iTunes
  • The image shows how Files are linked to Apps within the iTunes interface on your computer.
  • Delete Document from File Sharing Window in iTunes- After you have shared documents, at some point you may want to remove them. On your Mac, in iTunes, select Apps and scroll down to File Sharing. Select the file you want to delete, then hit the "Delete" keyboard button. iTunes will make you confirm you want to delete the document. Simple, but not intuitive.
  • DropBox can be used to move files between Mac and iPad/iPhone without a physical connection, but requires internet access. Install Dropbox on both devices. The Dropbox App offers to transfer Photos to your camera roll.
  • Delete a File on your iOS Device- Open the App where the file resides and navigate to its documents page. Hold down on the document until it jiggles. A menu appears on the top of the page that with a trash can to delete.

Move Document From Mac to iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad using iTunes10

  • Could be applicable to other versions of iTunes!
  • Requires a physical connection. Connect your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to your computer.
  • In iTunes (on your Mac), select your device (iPad, etc) , and click the Apps Button and scroll down..
  • Below File Sharing, select an app from the list, and click "Add" (or you can simply drag the file(s) from your Mac into the iTunes File Sharing Window).
  • (This step is not required if you dragged files into the file sharing window for the previous step.) In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and click Choose. The file is transferred to your device, and can be opened in the app you selected for it.
  • In iTunes, select "Sync".
  • While your iOS device is still connected to your computer, check your iOS device to verify that the new files appear in the appropriate App's library.
  • If Using Pages- Open Pages, on the document page, press the "+" button and select "Copy from iTunes". This will move the document to your iPad.

Move Document From iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad to Mac using iTunes10

  • Requires a physical connection. Connect your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to your computer.
  • On your iOS device, open App that the document belongs to and pull up the documents page. In this example, a Pages document. Select Edit Button (top right) and all the documents will jiggle. Tap the applicable document to select it. Tap the Sharing Button (box with arrow, top left on iPad), and select "Copy to iTunes".
  • In iTunes, select your device (below Devices), and click the Apps button.
  • Below File Sharing, from the list on the left, select the app on your device to transfer from.
  • From the list of documents, select the file you want to transfer, and click “Save to.”

In the window that appears, select the destination to save the file, and click Choose or simply drag it to the desktop or any open finder window.

Move Quicktime (QT) Movie from computer to iPad

What can be confusing about this process is there is the iTunes Library on your Mac, then there is the iPad content which may have some or all of your iTunes content on it. This section written for iTunes v11, Sept 2013.

  • Two parts- place the QT movie in your iTunes Library, then transfer it over to your iPad, which depending on your settings might happen automatically.
  • Connect your iPad to your Mac using the USB connector cable that came with the iPad.
  • iTunes should launch. If iPhoto launches you can turn that off.

Image:ITunes Launch.jpg

  • In iTunes, in the category selection top left, select "Movies". If you all ready have movies in the iTunes Library but don't see them, you might have to select the different categories, such as Unwatched, Movies, Genres, Home Videos, or List.

Image:iTunes Movies.jpg

  • Navigate to the QT file on your computer, then drag it into the iTunes Movie Window where it will be imported.
  • Click on the "iPad" button, top right of the iTunes Interface, then on the page that says Dave's (your name) iPad, select "Movies" in the top center. If you have "Sync Movies" and "Automatically" checked, then the movie might appear on your iPad. Go check.

Image:Dave Pecks iPad 2.jpg

  • In you iPad, open the Video App and it should be there. If it's not, back in iTunes on your computer, select the "Sync" button lower right of that same User iPad Movie page and that will move it to your iPad. Note that you need to have the Sync Movies check mark, checked along with the movies you want to sync with your iPad.

Delete Movie from iPad and/or iTunes on Your Mac

  • On your iPad launch the Video App.
  • On the top right press the "Edit" button, then touch the small "x" on the video you want to remove. Hit done when finished. Note this does not remove the movie from iTunes on your Mac.
  • To remove a movie from iTunes Library on your Mac, navigate to the Movies page, right-click on the movie to be deleted and select "delete".
  • Note that when the iPad is connected to your Mac, that you can also delete movies from the iPad by deleting it from your iTunes Library (on your Mac) first, select the "ipad" button at the top right (iTunes on your Mac) and press the "Sync" button lower right. This will sync your iPad movies to your Mac iTunes library.

Security and Secure Documents on iPad

  • How to Use Your iPad Securely article dated: Jun11.
  • Best Secure File Locker Apps added Oct12. Good for App related documents?- Huntn.
  • Simple PassCode vs Long PassCode- Apple considers that password protection built into the iPad (Settings>General>Passcode) to be adequate for protecting the device. Therefore it's not necessarily easy to maintain a password for an individual file associated with an App like Apple's Pages. If you want a longer passcode, turn off "Simple Passcodes".
  • Apple Pages on your Mac allows the use of document passwords. Select Documents (far left) and select "Require Password To Open" at bottom of window. Apple uses 128-bit AES encryption. However when you transfer this document to your iPad, after typing in the password to open it, a warning appears that the password will be erased and it is! See PassCode section above.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (a relatively expensive program for what it does), you can assign password security to any .pdf document which remains after document is transferred to your iOS6 device.
  • The Vault- The Vault is a free application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that can securely store all your passwords, login credentials, but not application documents. Free and Paid versions of an iPad Security App.

tials and any other confidential information.

  • Guided Access in a particular App- Not sure how applicable this is but may apply to password protecting Apps. Four digit code only. More research needed- Huntn. Launch Settings, then tap on General. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility, then scroll again to the Learning section. Tap on Guided Access, and toggle it to ON. Tap on Set Passcode to require a code to get out of Guided Access mode. When in the app you want to use with Guided Access, say a math app for a student in school, triple-click the Home button to bring up the Guided Access option. Tap Options to set the Hardware buttons to OFF, and toggle Touch or Motion controls. Circle areas on the screen with a fingertip or stylus to restrict access to that section. Tap Start to begin and the restricted areas will dim. Triple click the Home button to disable Guided Access and enter your password if you set one up. Ten Killer Tips Sept 12. Locking Up, Locking Down Hands On With iOS6 Enterprise Management.


  • Facebook App should be included with iOS6.
  • Sign in once under Settings, and you can tweet or update your Facebook status directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, and Maps. Or ask Siri to do it for you. Apple Quick Tips
  • Share Apps and songs found on Facebook Launch Settings with a tap and tap into the General settings section. Scroll down to the social networks area, and tap on Facebook. You may be prompted to install the Facebook app; go ahead and do so. Once that’s done, head back into the Facebook settings and tap on Account. Enter your credentials for logging into Facebook there. Once done with that, back out one screen and set the toggles for all the apps you want to allow to use the Facebook account, including the App Store, Calendar, Contacts, and Podcasts–if you want to be able to share these via Facebook easily from your iOS device as well. Ten Killer Tips.



Setup Google Account on iOS

  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account.
  • Select Gmail. iOS will use IMAP to fetch email. It will offer to synch Gmail Calendars but will not synch Gmail Contacts. If message asks what to do with local calendar, choose, Keep On My iPhone.

Synch Contacts between Gmail and Mac

  • On Mac- open Address Book and choose Address Book>Prefs, and click on Accounts. *Select On My Mac in the Accounts list, click Synchronize With Google, and follow the prompts.
  • Google Contacts synch only with Address Book's local (ON My Mac) contacts. This option does not synch contacts stored in iCloud.
  • Apple warns against synching Google Contacts with Address Book on Your Mac if also synching Contacts with iCloud.
  • To Merge Local and Server based Contacts consider Playa Apps' Contact Synch $3.

Synch Google Calendar

  • To synch iCal Calendar with Google Calendars see help page: Huh? Is this separate from below? I think so.
  • Configure iCal to connect to Google Calendar choose iCal>Prefs, click Accounts, click + sign. Choose Google from Account Type menu, enter Google Credentials, and click Create.
  • Limitiation: You can synch an existing Google Calendar with iCal, but you can't synch an existing iCal Calendar with Google Calendar. What does this mean?

Google Notes

  • When you sync notes with Google, they appear in the Notes App on the iOS device, but they show up as email messages with the label "Notes" in Gmail, and appear as messages in a Notes mailbox in your Gmail Account in Mail on MacOSX.


  • Airplane Mode (Settings>Airplane Mode) Disables your phone from communicating from the outside world, but does not turn it off. For takeoff and landings, flight attendants usually insist that your phone is powered down completely. (01/13)
  • IPhone Accessories at a bargain price: CellPhoneShop. When it comes to cables and 3rd party chargers for Apple devices, the old axiom, you get what you pay for rings true. However I have had good luck with the CellPhoneShop.- Huntn.
  • Apple iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks
  • Alert Sounds- Assign a specific tone or create a custom vibration for new mail, Calendar alerts, tweets, and reminders. In Settings, tap Sounds to assign each a tone or vibration.
  • Custom Text Shortcuts- Create your own personal dictionary, including shortcuts for each word. So your keyboard not only autocorrects, it knows exactly what you want to say as you type. In Settings, tap General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. From there you can add new phrases and assign optional shortcuts to them. Apple Quick Tips
  • Do Not Disturb. For instance, a handy new "Do Not Disturb" setting lets you silence your device between specified hours, while allowing you to note who should be allowed through, and under what terms. If you receive a call when you're in a meeting or otherwise engaged? A finger-flick sends an automatic can't-talk-now text.
  • Find My Phone- If you’ve lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help you locate it. Just go to Settings > iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone feature.
  • Reply to Call With Message- When a call comes in, a window pops up with the following options: Decline, Answer, Reply with Message, Remind Me Later. Ten Killer Tips.
  • Custom Ringtones for Contacts Phone App> Contact> Edit, to give a caller, located in your Contact list a custom ringtone. For iOS7 the classic iPhone ringtones are located at the bottom of the list under the "classic" category. No Ringtone info is displayed on a Contact page until a custom Ringtone has been set.
  • More Ringtones- The iPhone has a good selection of Ring and Alert Tones, but if this is not enough check out Top 6 iPhone Ringtone Apps. In the App Store search for a Ringtones 500.000 App which allows 10 free ringtone downloads prior to purchase. See Ringtone in the App Section for more info on how to install a ringtone. (01/13)
  • Spam Text- I've listed it in this article, but so far in my self education, this is not an issue that can be addressed within iOS. Currently searching for applicable apps, if there are any. If you use Sprint, there is a way to block phone numbers and email addresses. See this Reference Article. Go to, log in, select My Preferences>Limits and Preferences>Block Text. You will be allowed to block phone numbers or email addresses. No this is not very convenient.- Huntn (01/13)


  • Contacts- Are found through the Phone App. Click on the Phone App and the Contacts list appears.
  • Contact Groups- At the top left of the Contact Page is a button called "Groups". As of April 2013, IOS6, there is no way, I've found to organize Groups. Apparently IOS makes up it's own groups and decides what contacts goes into what group. A failure of Apple. Please send me a heads-up if this blurb is in error.

Favorites (Favorite Contacts)

  • Tap the phone icon from the iPhone's the home screen.
  • Tap the Favorites icon at the bottom left.
  • Click the "plus" icon at the top right to add favorites.
  • This will bring up your full contacts list. Scroll through it or jump to a letter to find the contact you want. When you've found the name, tap it.
  • This will bring up the contact's information, including all their phone numbers. Tap the phone number you want to make a favorite.
  • That name and phone number are now listed in your "Favorites" menu. Next to the person's name is a small note indicating whether the number is work, home, mobile, etc.
  • To rearrange the order of your Favorites, go to the phone app and tap the "Edit" button in the top left.
  • This will bring up a screen with red icons to the left of the favorites and an icon that looks like a small stack of three lines on the right.
  • Tap the three-line icon and hold it. The Favorite you've selected will become active (when active, it appears to be slightly above the other Favorites).
  • Drag the Favorite to the position in the list you want it to have and let it go.
  • Click "done" in the top left and your favorites will be reordered.

iPhone Keyboard Tips

  • Tap the space bar twice, and iPhone adds a period and capitalizes the next word. Apple Quick Tips
  • To enter a number or symbol quickly, touch and hold the 123 Button, then select the key you want. Lifting your finger returns you to the alphabet keyboard. Apple Quick Tips
  • Touch and hold a letter to reveal a list of special characters. Apple Quick Tips


  • See Mail Section.
  • See Google Section.

iPhone Sound

  • Silencing the iPhone- If your iPhone becomes completely silent and you have no idea why, you probably inadvertently moved the small switch on the top left side of the phone, that move back and forth. You don't press it. I accidentally moved mine when I was putting on a new phone case. And in my case, the switch is covered by a little access flap. Another easy way to disable your phone while watching a movie at the theater is to put it into Airplane Mode (Settings>Airplane Mode), however the important distinction is that this setting disables your phone from communicating from the outside world. (01/13)
  • iPhone No Longer Rings- Troubleshoot iPhone with No Sound Section.
  • Speaker Not Working- Troubleshoot iPhone With No Sound Section. The symptom maybe a phone that no longer rings, but only vibrates.

Troubleshooting iPhone with No Sound

  • 2 Volume Buttons Press the two volume buttons on the right side of phone while on the Home screen to test volume. If using the built-in speaker, the "ringer" icon appears on the screen and the volume can be adjusted up and down. If you're using headphones, the "ringer (headphones)" icon appears on the screen when you adjust the phone's volume. If the "ringer (headphones)" icon appears on the screen without the headphone plugged in, the headset jack may be clogged with debris or an object that tricks the phone into thinking a headphone is plugged in.
  • Mute Slider- located on the top right side of the iPhone. A slider the moves forward and back. Some protective cases have a flap that covers it. In the front position, towards the face of the phone, sound/speaker is enabled. The phone will ring. If pushed towards the back of the phone, an orange strip will appear by the switch, the phone speaker will be off, and a bell icon with a slash will momentarily appear on the screen.
  • Sound Settings- In the Settings App (Gear Icon), select Settings>Sound and verify the volume slider in the "Ringer and Alerts" section is in the mid to right side of the slider. Farther right is more volume.
  • Using Bluetooth- Settings>Bluetooth. If on, turn off for troubleshooting purposes. If turning off Bluetooth fixes issue, consider resetting any Bluetooth connections.
  • Is Speaker Working? Can you make calls and hear the person you are talking to in the top speaker (small slit at top face of phone), the one you normally put your ear to? This can be adjusted using the volume buttons if in Settings>Sound> Change With Buttons is On. To check the main speaker, (the slit on the very bottom of the phone), open the Music App and play a song to see see if can be heard coming from the speaker. The slider along the bottom of the Music Play page controls speaker volume. If no sound, the speaker can be replaced at the Apple Store or through Apple Phone Support.
  • Using a Headset- Clean the headset pin with a clean lint-free cloth and inspect the headset jack. If it's blocked, remove obstruction or take the iPhone to an Apple retail store for service.
  • Inspect Speaker Mesh- On bottom of phone, an elongated slit, check that it is clear of obstructions.
  • 'Restart iPhone- Restart the iPhone by press and holding the "Sleep/Wake" button for a few seconds until the Red Slider appears and slide to the right to turn off phone. Then restart by holding the Sleep/Wake button.
  • Soft Reset- Press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons together for approx 10 seconds until the Apple icon appears on the screen and the phone restarts. This may fix.
  • Continue to "Restore iPhone to Factory Settings" section that follows. If this does not correct the problem, take phone to Apple for troubleshooting/repair.
My Phone Won't Ring!
  • Or how to stop your phone from ringing. Check these items:
  • The mute slider on the top left side of the iphone, if it is down, a narrow strip of red will show, and while the phone can still receive calls, it will vibrate, but it will not ring.
  • Check Settings App> Sounds- and check the Ringer and Alerts volume setting. It might be slid to the left in the muted position.
  • Finally another way to stop incoming calls and rings is to put the phone into Airplane Mode by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the Control Center and touch the airplane icon to put the phone into airplane mode. Airplane Mode can also be accessed by Settings App> Airplane Mode.

Restore the iPhone to Factory Settings

  • These steps will erase iPhone's content, but it can be backed up before hand. Backup will backup ringtones, desktop images, photos, device settings, app data, Home Screen and App organization. See this Apple iCloud Backup Article. Note that under Settings>iCloud there is a Storage and Backup button that will allow you to manage what exactly you want backed up to iCloud. Or you can choose to backup iPhone to your computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. The process as described will backup your photos, but when plugged into your computer, iPhoto will start and offer to import your iPhone's pics into the iPhoto library. Consider doing this.
  • Launch iTunes (iTunes 11 current when this section written) and click the iPhone icon on the top right of the iTunes page. Click the "Summary" tab. This page includes options to Restore, auto backup to iCloud or to computer options.
  • Click the "Restore" Button and iTunes will offer to backup your phone- do so. After the iPhone is restored to factory settings, restore the previously saved Backup from the choice on the iTunes Summary tab.


  • Content to be added.


  • With iOS6 Apple moved away from Google Maps to their own product. Oct 12.
  • Give Apple Maps a Chance- 10/7/12.
  • Flyover- Switch to Flyover view in Maps by tapping the 3D button. Now you can explore cities from the air as you zoom, pan, and rotate around landmarks. Apple Quick Tips
  • Head north in a tap- Rotate a map a few times, and you could lose your north-south orientation. But it’s easy to get it back. Just tap the compass icon in the upper-right corner. Apple Quick Tips
  • Map Page Interface- On a map page, bottom left are 3 icons. Arrow pointing to NE zooms on your location, 3D tilts the map display (isometric), 3 Horizontal lines takes you to a turn by turn text description of the route.
  • Pin Drop- In Maps, touch and hold anywhere on a map to drop a pin so you can find an address, get directions, see street view for that location, or share it with a friend for a meet-up. Apple Quick Tips Added 10Oct12.
  • Quick Route- When Maps drops a pin on a location, you can get turn-by-turn directions to that location almost instantly. Just tap the Quick Route button next to the location’s name. Apple Quick Tips
  • Roads- Blue vs Green- Road names that you're turning onto are in blue, street names you can turn onto are in green. Apple Quick Tips 10Oct12.
  • Road- Current- The road you are on is under your position in blue. MacRumors Thread Added 10Oct12.
  • Satellite View Restrictions- You can't have hybrid (satellite + road names) or satellite map tiles while navigating (turn by turn). MacRumors Thread Added 10Oct12.
  • Tilt and rotate map with two fingers- As you’re looking at a map, use two fingers to tilt or rotate the view. Maps keeps the names of the streets and places where they belong. So everything’s easy to read, and you won’t get lost. Apple Quick Tips

Map Route Planning

  • Launch the Map App. (added Oct12)
  • Search for a destination by tapping in the insert window at the top of the map page. Either type a name or use dictation (microphone appears at bottom of page in keyboard layout). For dictation you have to turn the microphone on, and then off when finished.
  • One or several Red Pins will appear on map identifying potential destinations. Tap on the red pin you want, then in the destination name, tap the blue circle that loads a new page showing its address and a button to get "directions to here".
  • A new window pops up with a "Start" and "End" insert window. The "End" window should show your desired destination and the "Start" insert window should indicate your "Current Location".
  • Now either hit, "Route" or "Cancel" buttons at the top of the page. If you select "Route", the route will appear on the map with possibly several route choices. Tap on the most desirable route to highlight it.
  • To see turn by turn directions, tap the 3 horizontal lines at the left bottom of the map page. Tap "Done" and you will return to the map.
  • When ready to navigate, tap the "Start" button at the top right of the map page.
  • Alter a route- A suggestion to alter a route... After seeing what route Apple Maps will create, the route can be indirectly changed by touching the map along the way you really want to go, which will cause a purple pin to drop on the map. Now you can navigate to the new point and then from there navigate to your destination. Note, even with dedicated GPS units you have to be careful about setting waypoints and I rarely use them. For example if you use a larger city that includes a beltway, you would not want to have downtown set as a waypoint, unless you specifically want to see downtown.- Huntn.


  • Configure Gmail with your iPhone 5- I believe this should work for older iphones and all ipads. (added Oct 13)
  • Refresh Inbox- Refresh mailboxes with Down Swipe. Apple Quick Tips
  • Message Drafts- In Mail, touch and hold the Compose button to switch to your list of saved message drafts.
  • VIP- Open an email from the user you want to add to the VIP list, tap and hold on their email address in the header at the top, tap Add to VIP. Open Mail, go to Mailboxes, tap on the right facing arrow, scroll to the bottom and tap Add VIP… Choose the person you want to add from your Contacts list. Tap VIP Alerts at the bottom to create a custom alert style, including Notification Center, visual alert, app icon, specific sound, and whether to Show Preview or not. You can also get to this screen via Settings > Notifications > Mail > VIP Ten Killer Tips. Sept 12.


  • iOS Messages- added Oct12. iPad owners are able to send text, picture and video messages through Apple's new iMessage application. These are not true SMS or MMS messages, as they can be sent only to other iOS device owners (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). iPad Guide.
  • To view a message, open theMessage App. A list of your messages will appear.
  • Select (tap) an individual message to see a conversation.
  • Edit Conversation- Within a conversation, at the top of the page, select (tap) theEdit Button to delete individual parts of a conversation.
  • Small circles appear on the left side of the page by each exchange. Tap to put a check mark in each circle, then hit theDelete Button at the bottom of the page.
  • Note- When the Conversation Edit Button is selected, on the top left of the page, there is a button toClear All". This will erase all of the conversation contents, but the conversation will still remain on the main Message Page.
  • Delete Message- On the Message List page, tap the Edit Button (top left). A Minus Sign appears by each message in the list. Select the Minus Sign by a message you want to remove. A Delete button appears on the right. Select it to delete the message in it's entirety.
  • Text Character Count- In Settings, tap Messages, then tap the Character Count switch. The count appears as you type when your message exceeds two lines. You may want to do this when carrier fees apply. Apple Quick Tips


  • Apple's Magazine Subscription App which is available on both iPad and iPhone, however be warned that the availability of subscriptions is relatively limited on the iPhone as compared to the iPad. For example as of Oct 2012, there is no Macworld, PC World, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly (although there is a Entertainment Weekly Must List App that does not appear in Newsstand), Popular Science (although there is a App that does not appear in Newsstand), and some subscriptions expect you to pay extra for the digital version of their rag. Not all magazine subscriptions, example:Atlantic magazine will appear in the Newsstand App, but appear as a stand alone App.
  • iPhone vs iPad- To find what is available for Newsstand on your iPhone, open Newsstand and select "Store" to see Newsstand specific Apps. In the App Store, (with the iPhone), select Categories>Newsstand. Functionality of the iPad is the same except the Newsstand category should always be displayed along the top of the App Store page.
  • Subscriptions: Itunes Account vs Device- Essentially, Newsstand applications work in the same manner as any other iOS app and use Apple’s in-app purchasing system (IAP) to buy individual issues or subscriptions which are then delivered over-the-air from the publisher’s servers. As with any other iOS app, your purchased are tied to your iTunes Store account and not your individual device, and you can install a Newsstand app on any supported iOS device that shares the same iTunes Store account. Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines explicitly state that content subscriptions must be “available to the user from all of their iOS devices.” Using Newsstand Subscriptions on Multiple Devices Oct2012.
  • Do Subscriptions Auto Synch? No. By default, you won’t necessarily see your Newsstand subscriptions or purchases when you first install a Newsstand app on a different device. Most apps will require you to either sign in to the publisher’s own service or provide a Restore Purchases/Subscriptions button somewhere in the app to allow you to sync up your subscription and previously purchased content. The exact method for handling this varies slightly from app to app, with some apps actually prompting you to restore your purchases as soon as you open the app, while others bury a button under the “Store” or “Account Info” pages. Using Newsstand Subscriptions on Multiple Devices Oct2012.

Notification Center

  • Notification Center lets you know about missed messages, calendar invitations, friend requests, and more. New notifications appear on top of the screen. Swipe down to see a summary of recent notifications.
  • To access Notification Center, Swipe Down from main page.
  • Share from Notification Center- Notification Center not only shows you what’s up with you, it can tell your social circle what’s up with you. Tweet or update your Facebook status right from Notification Center.


  • iPhoto vs Photos App- There is MaciPhoto, Apple's photo management program for Apple desktops and laptops, there isiPhoto iOS App for Apple's iOS devices, and there is the basicPhotos App that comes standard with iOS. iPhoto iOS is a separate purchase of $4.99 on iOS devices. When moving pictures from your camera to your iOS device, they will always appear in thePhotos App.iPhoto allows standard photo manipulation like brightness and contrast, and includes some impressive manipulation of photos like lightening or darkening specific areas of a photo using a finger swipe. Note, I am not an iPhoto expert- Huntn.
  • Fast Camera Access- On the iphone lock screen is a camera icon for fast access. Swipe up to open camera. Apple Quick Tips
  • Focus Image- While shooting video or photos, tap the screen where you want to focus. iPhone also adjusts the exposure and white balance automatically. Apple Quick Tips Oct2012.
  • Panorama- Turn on Camera>Option>Panorama. Switch direction of panorama by tapping arrow. When panning keep the arrow on the line.

Manage Albums

  • Albums on IOS devices are like "smart folders". Putting photos in an album does not physically move a photo from it's starting location, like the Camera Roll or All Imported. Items like Camera Roll, Last Import, All Imported, are listed under "Albums" but they can't be deleted. As far as I know, photo albums , can't be created in theiPhoto IOS App. Once they are created in thePhotos App, they will appear as albums iniPhoto IOS. - Huntn (Nov2012).
  • Create Album Before Adding Content- To create an album, openPhotos App, select "Album" at top of page, tap the "+" button to create and name a new album.
  • Create Album after selecting photos for new Album- Tap onPhotos App (normally found on home screen, unless you moved it). 2-Tap on "Albums" and select whatever source you want to pick out photos for the new album. For this example, select "All Imported" to see all photos that have been imported on your iOS device. 3- Select "Edit" (top right), then a "Select Photos" label should appear at top of screen. 4. Select photos for new album by tapping them, creating a checkmark on each photo. 5- Tap the "Add To" button (top right of screen) and choose "Existing or New Album". 6- Select "New Album", enter a name, and save. The new album is created with the photos you just selected in it (Nov2012).
  • Move Photos- Starting with the Album, photos can be moved into it, or by navigating to the individual photos they can be saved to an album. See examples below (Oct2012).
  • To Move Photos into a Selected Album- Open the album, select "edit", select "add", and select the source, which can be from "Albums or Photo Stream" (bottom of page). For this example, choose, "Photo Stream", and select the photos by tapping on them, creating a checkmark on each photo. Tap "done" to move selected photos to the album (Oct2012).
  • Choose Photos to be Moved Before Selecting an Album- For this example use your Photo Stream. On the iPhone, three choices at the bottom of the page, are "Albums", "Photo Stream", and "Places". Open Photos>Photo Stream Photo Stream to see a page full of thumbnails. Select "edit", then tap the thumbnail of each picture to be selected, which places a checkmark on them. Select "save" and then select "Save to Existing Album" or "Save to a New Album". Oct2012.

iPhoto iOS Version

  • Content to be added.

Importing/Sharing Photos

  • Traveling With Camera and iPad- An Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, $29, is a must. It allows you to use a USB cable to connect your camera directly to iPad to transfer photos.
  • PhotoSync- $1.99. An App that allows the transfer of photos between Mac, PC, iOS Devices, and Web Services.
  • Importing Photos and Videos from iOS to Your Computer This link includes instructions for Mac, Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Sept2012.
  • Beam- Sharing Photos using iPhoto iOS between iOS Devices- Use iPhoto iOS's Beam feature. Once iPhoto is installed on your iOS device, open iPhoto on both your iPhone and iPad. Tap on Settings and set Wireless Beaming to ON for both the iPad and iPhone. Select the iOS with the photos to be shared. In iPhoto, tap the "Share" button (box with arrow), tap "Beam", select "Choose", select the images to beam and tap "Next". A message appears about "Include Photo Location", allow this. A new window appears with "iOS Devices Found". Choose the device you want to share with and tap the "Beam Photos" button. How to Share Photos Using iPhoto on iOS Devices Sept2012.
  • Transfer Photos from Mac to iOS Device without iPhoto iOS- In this example you have a photo sitting on your Mac's hard drive and want to transfer it to your iPad that does not include iPhoto iOS. Connect iPad to Mac with USB chord. Launch iTunes on your Mac, and click on iPad icon in left column. Along the top of the page, select "Photos". Put a check mark in the Synch Photos and use the drop down menu to change the selection from the default "iPhoto", to "Choose Folder". Navigate to the folder on your Mac and select it. Then on the bottom right of the iTunes page, select the Synch button. All photos within the selected folder will transfer to the iPad. If you only want selected photos, the only way I know of using this method, is to create a new subfolder with just the photos you want transferred. -Huntn, Oct2012. YouTube:How to Copy Pictures from Your Mac to Your iPad with iTunes (Oct2012).
  • Transfer Photos from iOS Device to Mac iPhoto- In this example, iPhoto is not installed on your iOS device. Connect iPhone to Mac with USB chord (that came with phone). If iPhoto (on Mac) does not auto open, manually open it. It will categorize photos on iPhone/iPad/(iPod?) and offer to import them and a choice to keep photos on phone or erase them from phone after import is complete. How to Get Photos from Mac iPhone to iPhoto (Oct2012).
  • Share Photo Streams- In Settings, Photos & Camera, tap ON the Shared Photo Streams. Then you’ll be able to send and receive sharing invitations from other iOS 6 users. Tap Edit in the upper right corner of the Photos app, then tap all the photos you want to add to the shared Photo Stream. Tap the Share button in the upper left corner, and then tap Photo Stream. Choose New Photo Stream… and then type in the email address of the person you want to share it with. Give the Photo Stream a name, and then decide whether it can be publicly seen on or not. Toggle the Public Website to ON if so. Ten Killer Tips Sept 2012.
  • Upload Photos from iOS Device to MacRumor forums- Navigate to the desired forum thread. At the bottom of the page, tap the "Full Desktop" icon (small square icon with arrows pointing at or away from each other), then tap the "Reply" button. There will be an "Edit Attachments" button. Select this, tap the "Choose File" button, and you will be given a choice to "Take Photo or Choose Existing". Choose "Existing" and navigate to your Camera Roll to select the desired picture, then select "Upload". Back in your reply, type in your comment and tap "Submit". MacRumors Thread Reply No.15.

Power Gestures

  • Dismiss Banner- Swipe Right to Left or from Down to Up.
  • Open Banner- Tap.
  • Notification Center- Swipe Down from main page.


  • Download Passbook-enabled apps from the App Store, and any passes or tickets you buy from those apps show up in Passbook.
  • Example- I used Passbook to store a ticket to a San Francisco Giants baseball game by clicking on an emailed link. When I arrived at AT&T Park, my iPhone recognized where I was and displayed a message on the lock screen prompting me to display the ticket. At the turnstile, the electronic ticket was scanned, and I was in. Easy. Apple Moves Towards Google Free Future, Oct12.

Reminders App

  • Location Based Reminders- appear on the iphone, but don't appear with the same reminder on the iPad. I guess Apples does not think you will be traveling with your iPad.-Huntn.
  • Apple Reminders for iOS6 Huge Improvement- 52Tigernet- Oct12.
  • Assign due dates to items on your to-do list and Reminders will send you alerts. Add locations, and you’ll get alerts when you leave or when you arrive. Choose priority levels and write notes. Apple Quick Tips
  • Use Siri: "Remind me to take out the garbage when I get home." (MacWorld, Setting Location-Based Reminders in iOS5, April 2012 p28)
  • As an alternative, consider usingiCal to set up alert events with multiple flexible reminders in advance. Allows setting up multiple alerts counting down to an event. This is not possible in the Reminder App unless you set up a suedo event time in advance of the real event.- Huntn.


  • Hands On With iOS6:Safari. Oct2012.
  • Full Screen Website- Turn iPhone to landscape and tap full screen icon. Apple Quick Tips
  • iCloud Tabs- This feature syncs any open tabs among your Macs and iOS devices configured with the same iCloud account. Instead of going through the hassle of emailing one or more URLs to yourself, you can quickly view—on the device you’re currently using—any tab open on any of your iCloud-synced devices. To access this feature, you first need to ensure that all your devices are configured with the same iCloud account. On  devices running iOS 6, you configure your iCloud account in the iCloud screen of the Settings app; on Macs running Mountain Lion, you use the iCloud pane of System Preferences. On both platforms, be sure that Safari is enabled in the list of data to sync. Hands On With iOS6:Safari
  • Offline Reading List- Sometimes it’s just not convenient to read a long-form article on the web when you actually receive the link. Services like Instapaper and Readability fill the void, as well as the Reading List option in iOS’s Safari app. To use the feature, tap the little Share button in the lower right of Safari’s screen and then tap the Reading List icon with the glasses on it. To access the Reading list when you have no data connection, simply open Safari and hit the Bookmarks button to get to the list of sites you’ve added. Ten Killer Tips.
  • Save Images from Safari- In Safari, touch and hold an image to save it to your Camera Roll or copy it to paste into an MMS or email. Apple Quick Tips
  • Toolbar Icon- Located on top left of web page, it looks like a rectangle with an arrow. This opens options to send web pages to Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook, Add to Home Screen, Print, Copy, Bookmark, and Add to Reading List.
  • Upload Images to Web- Until now, anyone needing to upload a picture or other media to a website such as WordPress or Shutterfly was out of luck. IOS 6, however, now allows media uploading via Safari’s broader support for HTML media uploads. To use this feature, head to any site that you can upload media to, like Flickr, for example, and click on the Choose File button. You’ll have a chance to take a new photo or use one from the Camera Roll. Tap through, choose your photo, and hit Upload. Ten Killer Tips.
  • Web Clips- To add a website to your Home screen, visit the page in Safari and tap the Share button at the bottom of the Safari window. Then tap Add to Home Screen.

BookMarks Management

  • Show the Bookmarks Bar in Safari on iPad. July2012. From the home screen, open Settings and tap on “Safari”. Find “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” under General settings and turn ON. The bookmarks bar should be visible in Safari.
  • Create Bookmark Folders in iOS Oct2012?- Select BookMark icon (book) at top left of Safari page. Once the bookmark window is open, select "edit", then select "new folder" button. The new folder can be placed on the bookmark bar.
  • Add Bookmarks in iOS Safari- Open Safari and navigate to the desired web page. Select theToolbar icon (box with arrow, top left of browser page) and when it opens, choose "Bookmark" to open the "Add Bookmark" window. On this page, you can edit the name, the URL (although you would not normally change that) and choose where the bookmark will appear, in the bookmark bar, a list of bookmarks, or a bookmark folder you have created. Finish by Saving. On the top left of the Safari page, tap the bookmark icon (an open book) to see the newly created bookmark.


  • iPhone and iPad3 using iOS6.
  • Launch Siri- When you press and hold the Home button, Siri asks, "What can I help you with?" Tap the "i" button to see a detailed list of the ways Siri can help you get things done. Apple Quick Tips
  • App Launch- "Launch Angry Birds."
  • Dinner Reservations- Siri can do this through Open Table. Apple Moves Towards Google Free Future, Oct12.
  • Directions with music music playing- Siri gives directions if music/podcasts/audio is playing (volume is lowered slightly and she is REALLY loud) MacRumors Thread Added 10Oct12.
  • Email Reply- You can dictate a quick response to an email. Just say “Reply,” then tell Siri your message. Apple Quick Tips
  • Locations Set- Be sure to enter your home and work addresses in Contacts. That way, Siri can remind you to do things when you leave or arrive at either place. Apple Quick Tips
  • Personal Relationships- Tell Siri about your relationships, such as “Erin is my wife” or “Rick is my dad.” Then you can say “Text my wife” or “Call dad” and Siri knows who you mean. Apple Quick Tips
  • Reminders- "Remind me to take out the garbage when I get home." (MacWorld, Setting Location-Based Reminders in iOS5, April 2012 p28). See Reminder App section.
  • Sports Updates- Ask Siri. Apple Moves Towards Google Free Future, Oct12.
  • Take Me Home- Say, "take me home" have Siri navigate to your home address. You really don't need to touch it at all. MacRumors Thread Added 10Oct12.

Sync Data

  • See Google Section.
  • See iCloud Section.