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How do I contribute to and the associated pages (Forums, Guides, etc.) are free for everyone to use.

However, users who enjoy using the site and want to support the site may contribute ($25/year). To contribute, click Paid Subscriptions in your User Control Panel (User CP in the toolbar). We accept Paypal.

In thanks for your $25/year contribution we offer you the following benefits:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping MacRumors (the primary reason to contribute)
  • Access to a private forum
  • Removal of most ads
  • A Demi-God, Demi-Goddess, or Contributor user title, if you want it
  • the ability to customize your profile page and photo album pages

How else can I support

  • Shop. Click ads of interest when you see them, to support our sponsors. Use the shopping links at the tops of pages. Save yourself money while helping MacRumors by purchasing software bundles from our promotional partners (example). Use the MacRumors Shop when you shop for hardware and software, electronics, office products, photographic equipment, and games. You can buy MacRumors logo merchandise at CafePress but it is not a fundraiser for MacRumors in order to keep prices down.
  • Set a good example in the forums by being helpful as well as tolerant of others' opinions. If you spot problems in the forums, report them to the moderators.
  • Visit our sister sites, listed on the left side of our home page. Participate in the Touch Arcade forums.
  • Spread the word. The ongoing success of this site depends on interested users, so we actively encourage you to tell others about the site. Link to MacRumors and its associated sites from your blogs and from other websites. Refer your friends and associates to MacRumors and encourage them to do all of the above.

How do I submit a news story or a rumor?

If you know of a news item or rumor that is suitable for the MacRumors Front Page or Mac Blog or iOS Blog, and it hasn't already appeared on those pages, you can submit it by clicking Got a tip for us? Share it... at the top of one of those pages. Not every story is chosen for publication.

The MacRumors editors are always on the lookout for newsworthy stories, and submissions help us recognize news quickly. When it is clear that a particular forum member first led us to a story, credit is given at the bottom of the story. If you have submitted a story that subsequently appears on the Front Page, Mac Blog, or iOS Blog you may not have been the first to submit it and our editors may have been writing up the story before you submitted or posted it.

Where are the RSS feeds?

Is MacRumors on Twitter and Facebook?



Are there different ways to view the site?

Using the links at the bottom left of any news or blog page you can choose among the

  • Mobile Version - suitable for a smart phone or other device with a small screen
  • Fixed Display - a standard width suitable for any computer or tablet.
  • Fluid Display - for columns that adjust to your window width. Suitable for a widescreen display.
  • Fluid HD Display - for the widest columns.

See the announcement for details.

I'm not interested in certain types of news stories

Practically everyone has an interest in some news and rumors. Only a small minority have an interest in them all.

The editors provide a selection of news stories and rumors, of many types. Which to read is always your choice. The division of stories into Front Page, Mac Blog, and iOS Blog tabs allows you to limit your viewing to only the most important news and rumors, if you so choose.

The Front Page is for the news and rumors that the editors think will have the most widespread interest. Stories of less importance or interest or that have fewer supporting details are posted on one of the blog tabs.

Why does a "Mac rumors" site have so many stories about iPhones and iPads? is an alias of this site, and more correctly describes the purpose of the site, to provide up-to-date news and rumors about Apple Inc. and its products.

MacRumors was established before Apple expanded its business from computers to the digital music, mobile phone, and tablet markets and added products and services as varied as Apple TV, the iTunes Store, and iCloud.

The site is still called MacRumors because the name is so well-known and "market branded" with millions of visitors every month.

Our news and rumors will continue to reflect Apple's business, wherever that takes us. We also cover stories of widespread interest to our regular readers, such as news and speculation about major software developers and third-party product and service vendors closely associated with Apple or competing with Apple.

Are news stories really advertising in disguise?

MacRumors does not post undisclosed paid stories. Promotional arrangements are always identified.

Routine stories about Mac apps, iOS apps, or commercial products, sites, or services are posted when the editors think they will be of sufficient interest. They are not posted for advertising purposes.

Most routine product reports are on the blog sites. You can choose whether to follow all stories or just those on the Front Page by clicking the tabs of interest or by using the appropriate RSS feed or Twitter feed.

What do I do about annoying ads?

MacRumors uses an advertising service that supplies ads from a pool. We do not select the specific ads shown or the specific advertisers who participate.

If you find a particular ad especially annoying (e.g., an ad that is oversized, obscures the page, moves around, or has sound), let us know by posting a screenshot in our Site and Forum Feedback forum and telling us the URL it links to. Using this information we can ask to have it removed from the ad pool.

If you find all ads annoying, remember that ads support the site and allow us to provide free news, rumors, and discussion, and that ads are suppressed for paid members. See How do I contribute to above.

Why does MacRumors still use Flash on its website?

The content we produce is Flash-free.

When our news stories link to videos hosted elsewhere, they may use Flash. We use Flash-free versions when available but we do not own the rights to content so we are not authorized to republish it in an iPad/iPhone-friendly format.

The use of Flash content in ads is up to each advertiser. If it will benefit them to stop using Flash, we presume they eventually will.

Why are some Apple products missing from the Buyer's Guide?

Advice in the Buyer's Guide about the timing of purchases is based on the history of intervals between previous releases or upgrades. First-generation Apple products do not have such a history so we cannot make purchase timing recommendations on that basis. Once products start having regular updates we can add them to the Buyer's Guide.

The second generation Apple TV, released in September 2010, is a different type of product than the original 2007 Apple TV, so the time interval between their releases is not a suitable basis for predicting future updates.

MacRumors Forums

How do I register?

MacRumors registration is free to those age 13 and over. The rule is one person, one account. Registration allows you to participate in the MacRumors forums and our associated sites. You must agree to the Registration Agreement and observe all Forum Rules.

To register:

  1. If you use email that has a junk/spam filter, add to your address book, approved senders, or other whitelist so you'll receive our email.
  2. Fill out the registration forms starting at the Registration page. Pick a unique User Name that will become your forum identity. Don't use your real name if it will be a concern for your privacy. Provide your real email address, which will be protected by our Privacy Policy (we never send ads or share your address). Do not use a disposable email service; such accounts may be canceled.
  3. Look for an activation message in your email inbox. It was sent to the email address you provided. If you don't get the email, see Activation troubleshooting below.
  4. Click the link in the email to activate your MacRumors account. If you are an AOL user, use the separate link for AOL users.
  5. If activation fails, see Activation troubleshooting below.
  6. You should now be able to log into the MacRumors forums.

Activation troubleshooting

These steps will solve account activation problems.

  1. Did you receive the activation email? If so, skip to Step 6.
  2. Did you complete all registration web pages? If not, start the registration process again.
  3. Has it been less than 15 minutes since you registered? If so, wait for the email in case it simply didn't arrive yet, then return to Step 1.
  4. The activation email was sent to you but you didn't receive it. Check if your email program, web-based email service, or ISP has filed the message in another folder or has quarantined it as potential spam. If you find it, click the activation link, then skip to Step 6.
  5. Double-check if your email program is set to allow email from If so, skip to Step 11. If not, fix your email settings, then skip to Step 11.
  6. Did the activation link in the email work? If so, you are done.
  7. Did you get the error message "We could not activate your account because this web address is not valid"? If not (i.e., you encountered some other type of error), skip to Step 11.
  8. Has it been more than 24 hours since you registered? If so, the Activation ID timed out, so skip to Step 11.
  9. Check if your email program wrapped the activation URL onto multiple lines, so that clicking the URL gave you only a partial URL. If so, paste the whole URL together and use it in your web browser. It works, you are done.
  10. Go to the Manual Activation Page. Copy and paste your User Name and Activation ID from the activation email into the web page, and click the button. If it works, you are done.
  11. If this is the first time you have reached this step, have another activation email sent to you, with a fresh Activation ID, using the Email Activation Codes page. Fill in the email address that you used to register for MacRumors, click the button, and return to Step 1.
  12. If you have still not received the requested activation email, check if people who don't share your ISP can send email to you. When your email is rejected because your mailbox is full or your mail server can't deliver your mail for any other reason, MacRumors activation messages bounce back to MacRumors. Even if you contact us, we can't reply to you because our messages to you bounce as well. To check for this possibility, ask a friend who has a different email domain to send you email. If you don't receive it, you'll need to solve that problem with your ISP before coming back to MacRumors and repeating Step 11. Some ISPs, including AT&T, SBC Global and Pac Bell, use spam filters that block email from some forum systems like ours. If so, you may need to use another email address such as a work address or a web-based service like Gmail, not the email account provided by your ISP.
  13. If these troubleshooting steps have failed to solve the problem, use the Contact Us page to contact the administrators for assistance. Please provide your User Name, the email address you used for registration, and tell us what happened when you followed these steps.

It says my email address has been banned

Due to abusive registrations we block registrations from particular email services. Supply an alternate email address to successfully register. We disallow disposable email addresses because they do not give us a way to contact you if there is a problem with your account and because it can be a sign that you won't take responsibility for your posts. Under our Privacy Policy it is safe to use your real email address; you will not receive ads, promotions, or spam from MacRumors and we will not share your address.

How do I post?

To start a new thread or post a reply in an existing thread you must first be logged into the forums. To log in, enter your user name and password at the top right of any forum page.

You cannot post from the main forum page. You must be in a particular forum to start a thread and in a particular thread to post a reply.

How do I start a new thread?

To start a new thread:

  1. Browse or search the forums to see if there is already a thread on the topic. If so, post there instead of creating a new thread.
  2. Start at the main forum page.
  3. Click the name of one of the forums, e.g., Mac Basics and Help.
  4. Click the New Thread button at the top or bottom of the page.
  5. Type a thread title in the Title box and your post in the Message box.
  6. Click the Preview Post button to check if your post came out as you want it.
  7. Click the Submit New Thread button.

How do I post a reply?

To post a reply in a forum thread:

  1. While viewing the thread, click the Post Reply button at the top or bottom of the page.
  2. Type your post in the Message box.
  3. Click the Preview Post button to check if your post came out as you want it.
  4. Click the Submit Reply button.

To reply to somebody else's post and show a quote of their post in your reply:

  1. Click the Quote button at the bottom of their post.
  2. Type your post in the Message box after the quote that will appear there.
  3. Click the Preview Post button to check if your post came out as you want it.
  4. Click the Submit Reply button.

To quote more than one previous post:

  1. Click the multi-quote icon (it looks like a double quote mark) next to each post you would like to quote.
  2. Click the Post Reply button at the top or bottom of the page.
  3. Type your post in the Message box, which will contain all of the quoted posts.
  4. Click the Preview Post button to check if your post came out as you want it.
  5. Click the Submit Reply button.

I can't post

In order to post in the forums you need to have a registered user account, have activated your account by clicking on the activation link in your email, and be logged in.

To start a new thread you must be on a particular forum page, not the main forum page. To reply to a thread, you must be viewing that thread.

If you are certain that all of these conditions are true, there are a few other considerations.

Regular users cannot post new threads in the News and Article Discussion forums:

Only MacRumors can create new threads in these forums but all registered users can reply to existing threads.

The following forums have a minimum post count requirement:

Only users with a history of 250 posts (user title 6502 or higher) and membership for at least 6 months can access the Marketplace forum. Only users with a history of 100 posts can post in the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum. If you start a "for sale" thread or political thread in another forum to avoid this rule, your thread will be deleted. Once you reach 100 or 250 posts, you may not immediately be able to post in these forums. The privilege is added automatically when the forum system does routine processing, so check again in a few hours. The delay is normal, so please do not contact us to report it as a problem on the same day that you reach 100 or 250 posts. When you first gain access to the Marketplace forum, you will see it in the Community section of the forums.

Where is the Marketplace forum?

You will not see the Marketplace forum until you qualify to use it. See the previous paragraph.

Once you qualify, it will appear in the Mac Community section.

How do I edit or delete my post?

To edit a post you have already made:

  1. Click the Edit button below your post.
  2. Edit the text in the Message box.
  3. If you would like to preview your changes or use the full set of editing features, click the Go Advanced button.
  4. Click the Save or Save Changes button.

As a courtesy to other members, we ask that you not change posts in a way that interferes with a discussion by other members.

You cannot delete your own posts, but you are welcome to use the Report Post icon (Image:Report.gif) to request that the moderators remove a post you have made. They will do so in most cases, as long as it won't interfere with a discussion by other members.

How do I find my own posts?

To find your own posts, click on your user name next to a post and select Find More Posts by (yourname).

You can also find your posts by clicking either Find all posts by (yourname) or Find all threads started by (yourname) in your User Profile. To go to your User Profile, click on your user name and select View Public Profile, or click Quick Links in the toolbar and select My Profile.

You can create a bookmark to find the threads in which you have posted as follows.

To create a bookmark to find your posts, e.g., My MacRumors Posts, do the same but start with this string:

How do I know if someone replies to my post?

To see replies that quote your post, look on your Quote Notifications page.

To follow the discussion in a particular thread, which will include replies that quote you, replies to you that don't quote you, and replies to other users, subscribe to that thread. See How do I use thread subscriptions? below. You can ask for email notifications of new posts in subscribed threads or you can go to the main page of your User Control Panel to see a list of your subscribed threads in which there have been new posts.

You can also identify threads you have subscribed to by a checkmark in the New Posts display or the Forum Spy.

I think that my post count is wrong

If you posted to a thread that was moved to the Wasteland or deleted, those posts will be removed from your total. Individual posts deleted by moderators are also excluded from your post count.

Posts made to the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum, the Console Games forum, the Code Sharing and Software Promos forum, and the Marketplace forum are not counted.

If your post count reaches a total that entitles you to a new forum privilege, such as uploading and avatar or using the Marketplace forum, the new privilege may not take effect immediately. It will work by the following day at the latest.

How do I get help with a hardware or software problem?

Getting and giving help with hardware or software problems is one of the purposes of our forums. When you have a technical problem the following tips can help you get advice or find a solution:

  1. Search. Your question may have already been answered. Search the forums, perhaps limiting your search to specific forums or to words in thread titles. Also search the Mac Guides.
  2. Post. If you don't find what you need by searching, post your question in the most appropriate or most specific forum. (Posting in multiple forums is not permitted.) If you can't decide which forum is best, post in the Mac Basics and Help forum.
  3. Thread title. Use a thread title that indicates the subject of the thread, not a generic title such as "Need help", so that people who might know the answer will read your thread.
  4. Details. Give specific details about your problem and the software, computer, or device you are using. What version? What configuration? Did it used to work? What changed? How did you try to fix it? The more relevant information you can provide, the more likely it is that someone can help you.
  5. Patience. Answers don't always appear quickly. Sometimes nobody knows the answer so you'll get no replies. You may need to answer questions from users who are trying to help you. "Bumping" a thread by posting again just to attract attention is not permitted but you can post again if you have new information to provide.
  6. Common sense. Answers come from other forum members, usually strangers to you. It's free assistance but may not always be on-target. Even well-meaning users may misunderstand or misdiagnose what's wrong. Work with the people who are trying to help you and you may find a solution.
  7. Return the favor. If you get help from the forum community, pay it back by helping someone else when you know an answer.
  8. FAQ and Rules. Read this FAQ and the Forum Rules. Look around the forums and read some threads. You'll soon learn how things work and how to maximize the usefulness of the forums.

How do I mark my thread to show that the problem has been solved?

You can mark a thread as "Resolved" only if you started the thread. To do so:

  1. Click the Edit button next to the first post in the thread.
  2. Click the Go Advanced button.
  3. Change the drop-down in front of the thread title to [Resolved].
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

Marking a thread as Resolved is a hint to others that a solution or explanation was found or that you no longer need help or advice. It does not close the thread or prevent others from making comments if the subject is still of interest to them.

How do I use thread and forum subscriptions?

Thread subscriptions are used to track new posts in threads of interest. You can identify them using your User Control Panel, with email notifications, in the New Posts display, and/or in the Forum Spy. Forum subscriptions let you track new and updated threads in particular forums. Both can be used to notify you of new activity by email or to show you a record of recent activity when you ask for it.

Thread and forum subscriptions are viewed and controlled using the

For details see Forum tip: how to use subscriptions

How do I send email or Private Messages to other forum members?

You can communicate with other forum members publicly by posting in the forums. You may also be able to send private communications to other forum members. MacRumors supports both Private Messages and email initiated within the forum system.

Private Messages (PMs) are like email but stored within the forum system and addressed by User Name. They do not reveal any personal information beyond your User Name. In contrast, if you send email to another member via the forum system, your email address (which MacRumors would otherwise never release to anyone else) will be revealed to the recipient of your message. You will learn their email address only if they choose to reply to you by email.

The Private Message is not available to the newest forum members. See Why can't I send a Private Message? below.

When you receive a Private Message, it will be noted under the Welcome message at the top right of a forum page. When you send a Private Message, you have no guarantee that the other member will notice your message. Each member can choose, in their User Options, whether to be notified when a Private Message is sent to them. The options are named Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages and Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up and we recommend that you enable them.

You can send or view messages on your Private Messages page. You can send or receive an unlimited number of Private Messages, although you can store a maximum of 150 at one time. You can delete or save your stored Private Messages using choices at the bottom right of the Private Messages page. Email initiated at MacRumors is not stored.

Private Messages and email sent via the forum system must obey all forum rules, including those against advertising and against sending unsolicited unwanted messages.

Why can't I send a Private Message?

You may not be eligible to use this feature yet.

Before you can send a Private Message or email to another forum member, these conditions must apply:

  1. You must have a post count of at least 5, as shown in your user profile.
  2. You must have been a forum member at least one day.
  3. The recipient must have enabled receipt of Private Messages or email in their User Options. The options are named Enable Private Messaging and Receive Email from Other Members.

The first two eligibility requirements are necessary to prevent spammers, advertisers, or "bots" from joining MacRumors merely to send spam by Private Message. They are a slight inconvenience for new members but are for the benefit of all members. The third requirement is a matter of personal privacy. If a forum member chooses not to enable receipt of Private Messages or email, the moderators will not send them a message on your behalf. However, members should enable receipt of Private Messages when posting in the Marketplace forum.

Forum accounts

How do user titles work?

User titles are based on post counts:

  • Newbie => 0 - 29 posts
  • Member => 30 posts
  • Regular => 100 posts (minimum required to post in the Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum)
  • 6502 => 250 posts (minimum required for access to the Marketplace forum)
  • 6502a => 500 posts (minimum required to have an avatar)
  • 65816 => 1,000 posts
  • 65832 => 1,500 posts
  • 68000 => 1,505 posts
  • 68010 => 2,000 posts
  • 68020 => 2,005 posts
  • 68030 => 2,500 posts
  • 68040 => 3,000 posts
  • 601 => 4,000 posts
  • 603 => 5,000 posts
  • 604 => 6,500 posts
  • G3 => 8,000 posts
  • G4 => 10,000 posts
  • G5 => 12,000 posts
  • Demi-Goddess, Demi-God or Contributor => Member who has contributed to the site and has chosen to use one of those three titles.
  • (Moderator) suffix => Member who is also a moderator
  • (Moderator emeritus) suffix => Member who is a former moderator
  • macrumors god => administrator

The numbers come from the increasingly powerful microprocessors used in Apple computers over the years. The 6502 and 658xx are from the Apple II family, 680x0 were used in early Macintosh systems, 601 and beyond are PowerPC chips.

How do I set my avatar?

Avatars are small images that display alongside a user's name. This is a feature that is reserved for established users on the MacRumors Forums. We require a 500 post minimum (user title 6502a or higher) before you are given the opportunity to upload your own custom avatar. A few users were given avatar privileges before this milestone because they won a forum contest.

Once you reach 500 posts you may not immediately be able to upload an avatar. The privilege is added automatically when the forum system does routine processing, so check again in a few hours. The delay is normal so please do not contact us to report it as a problem on the same day that you reach 500 posts.

I forgot my forum user name or password

If you know the email address you registered with and can still receive email at that address, go to the Lost Password Recovery Form and fill in that email address. You will be sent your user name and instructions for resetting your password. If you are sure of your email address but get "The email address you entered is not in our database" it means there is no MacRumors account with that email address. Either you used a different email address for your MacRumors account or you have us confused with another Mac-related forum site.

After you reset your password, you can use the Edit Email & Password page to change your password to one you can remember. You can change your account's email address there as well.

If you have forgotten your password and either forgotten your registration email address or can no longer receive email at that email address, contact us for assistance. Tell us your forum user name, current email address, and any other information you remember about your MacRumors account so we can look up your account.

See Forum tip: keep your email address up to date

Can I change my user name?

The forum software does not let you change your user name.

If you mistyped your user name while registering, typed a user name longer than 15 characters that was then truncated, or mistakenly tried to put your email address in the user name field, promptly ask for it to be corrected using the Contact form.

If you are simply tired of your user name, consider the following problems that can result if your user name is changed:

  • Other forum members will be confused, wondering where you went or how an apparently new member appeared.
  • Your new user name will be shown next to each of your posts, but posts that mention you by name will still show your old user name, causing further confusion.
  • In particular, posts that quote your posts will say Originally Posted by (oldusername) while the linked-to post will not match that name.
  • If you have participated in editing any of the MacRumors Guides, the edit history will show the wrong information, listing the old user name as page author and in edit histories.
  • If you use the Marketplace forum, your records of successful transactions will probably be missed by other users.
  • If you use the same name at multiple websites and think that your user name at MacRumors should match, remember that making yourself easier to find across websites can have disadvantages as well. Using different user names adds to your privacy.
  • If you have been mentioned in lists or forum announcements or been given kudos for achievements, e.g., contest winners, member directories, top poster reports, or credit for news story submissions, they will reflect the wrong user name.
  • User names can be changed only manually by the administrators. While we understand that it is sometimes necessary, handling such requests, including the required recordkeeping, takes time away from work that benefits all forum users.

If you think that your case represents an exception to these cautions, use the Contact form to request a change of user name and explain the circumstances. You must mention that you have read this FAQ section; otherwise we will refer you to it. We will consider your request and grant it, deny it, or ask for more information.

We have found that this policy strikes the right balance between members with user name concerns and the forum community as a whole.

We prohibit user name changes made for the purpose of "hiding" from previously made posts, covering up a bad reputation, or to trick other users. You may not change user names by re-registering since re-registration violates forum rules.

The quality of your posts defines you more than your user name, but once you've established a presence in the forums people tend to recognize you by your user name and your avatar if you have one. It benefits the community for you to keep your user name, which is why we discourage user name changes. If you are itching for a change and have an avatar, we suggest that you upload a new avatar!

How do I cancel my account?

There is normally no need to cancel a MacRumors account. If you expect not to need to post at MacRumors, you can simply stop visiting our site. There is nothing you need us to do. Under our Privacy Policy, we won't email you or release your contact information. Inactive accounts are of little consequence. The advantage is that if you change your mind, perhaps because you have an Apple-related question, you can return to MacRumors, log in, and post.

For additional privacy, you are welcome to remove the information in your User Profile (Instant Messaging names, Location, etc.) since this information is visible to the public for both active and inactive MacRumors accounts.

If you have subscribed to any forums or threads, have asked for email notifications, and are no longer interested in receiving those messages, delete the subscriptions on your List Subscriptions page.

If there are exceptional circumstances, such as an employment contract, that require that your account be canceled to prevent you from logging in, use the Contact Form to let us know. We'll probably direct you to this FAQ section unless you tell us you've already read it!

Canceling an account does not remove previously made posts from the forums, nor quotes of those posts by other members. If you are concerned about information in one of your previous posts (e.g., it contains too much personal information), you can edit the post yourself or report it to the moderators and ask that it be deleted. We strongly discourage you from editing or deleting large numbers of previous posts, since that may leave thread discussions "broken" or confusing to those who read them in the future.

Forum rules and moderation

What are the rules?

All forum users are responsible for observing the following rules:

Rules for specific forums:

How are the forums moderated?

The MacRumors forums are moderated by a team of carefully selected volunteer Forum Moderators. In addition to helping us manage the site, they edit, move, merge, or remove threads or posts that do not comply with the Forum Rules, remind users about the rules, and apply forum discipline where necessary.

This is a busy bulletin board exceeding 10000 forum posts per day. The moderators cannot read them all so they rely on members to report problem posts that they encounter. The point of moderation is not to limit discussion, promote or suppress points of view, or any other secret agenda. The goal of moderation is to keep the forums enjoyable and free from problems that detract from the experiences of our users.

More information:

  • For full details about moderation, including what to do if your posts are moderated, see the Moderation FAQ.

Forum Tips and Tricks

Avoiding session timeout

When you log in, checking the Remember Me? checkbox will prevent your session from being timed out after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you are on a shared or public computer, either leave the checkbox unchecked or be sure to log out of MacRumors before anyone else uses the computer.

Finding the posts you want

The New Posts link at the top of each forum page shows you the latest new threads and posts. By bookmarking the appropriate URL, you can exclude particular forums from the New Posts display. Forum Spy constantly updates, showing you all the new posts as they are added. You can configure it to exclude certain forums by using the Preferences option at the top of the forum spy page.

The 'Vote Now' bug

If you edit a post and the button labels are wrong, it's a Safari bug that Apple knows about but has yet to fix. The bug applies to some versions of Chrome as well. Most commonly, there will be a Vote Now button where the Save button should be, and other buttons may be out of place too. If you encounter this bug, either reload the page or click the middle of the three buttons, no matter what label it has. That's the Go Advanced button and it will take you to the full edit screen where the buttons will be correct.

The 'Missing Security Token' bug

If you get a message about a missing security token when you are trying to search or post, it's because the forum system is confused about your login status. This occurs when you have two windows or tabs open at MacRumors with only one of them logged in. To fix it, reload the pages.

The 'Breadcrumb' bug

If you keep going back to the main forum page when you click on the forum path above the thread title (e.g., Mac Forums > Mac Community > Site and Forum Feedback), the problem is a Safari extension or a Firefox plug-in. Disable your extensions or plug-ins and re-enable them selectively.

Viewing MacRumors on a mobile device

You can use the MacRumors mobile edition or select the iPhone Friendly display format using the drop-down at the bottom left of a forum page. The mobile edition does not include access to the Marketplace forum.

Forum features

General information about the vBulletin forum software (not necessarily reflecting the way MacRumors has customized it):

Who are the MacRumors staff?

Arnold Kim (user arn) is site owner and Editorial Director. Eric Slivka (user WildCowboy) is Editor in Chief. Editors and contributing writers include Jordan Golson (user jlgolson), Marianne Schultz (user r6girl), and users chrberni and longofest.

Users annk, Doctor Q, Knox, Mudbug, r6girl, WildCowboy and xUKHCx assist arn as administrators, managing the site and forums and overseeing moderation. User kcingram assists with the Contact Us system.

The forums are moderated by a team of selected volunteer Forum Moderators.

See the Forum Leaders page for the list of Forum Administrators and Forum Moderators.

More Questions?

Technical questions (computers, peripherals, software, etc.) should be posted in the most appropriate forum, or in the catch-all Mac Basics and Help forum. If you ask technical questions about Apple hardware or software via the Contact form, we'll direct you back to the forums.

General questions, comments, and suggestions about the forum system can be posted publicly in the Site and Forum Feedback Forum.

Private questions, and questions about specific instances of moderation or member discipline, should be submitted via the Contact form.