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All pages in the Mac Guides area of MacRumors are editable by qualified users. See Help:How to Register and Login for more details on successfully registering on this site.

Once you have an account and log into the Mac Guide pages, you have the ability to edit almost any of the pages.

Simply click on the "Edit" tab at the top of any of the pages, and you will be able to make modifications to the text. In some cases, there will be "Edit" links throughout the text of the article, allowing you to edit only a small section of the page.

To practice making article edits without fear of damaging an existing article, use the sandbox.


Minor Edits

Small grammatical errors, or other corrections should be classified as a "Minor Edit" by checking the appropriate box on the Edit screen. This simply tells the software and other users that your edit did not add any additional content or otherwise significantly alter the content.

Markup Language and Examples

The MediaWiki software which runs the Mac Guides portion of the site utilizes its own custom set of markup language tags. While similar to HTML tags, they differ significantly. Here we've included a few important examples, but for a full treatment, see Wikipedia's How to Edit a Page article].

Wiki Markup Output
Link to internal page:
Link to internal page with different name:
[[Dashboard|Other name]]
Other name
Link to Wikipedia or other wiki:
[[Wikipedia:Mac OS X|Mac OS X on Wikipedia]]
Mac OS X on Wikipedia
Link to external url:
[ Google]
Inline image:
Inline image, Thumbnail, Caption:
'''Bold''' Bold
''Italics'' Italics
* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2
  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
# Bullet 1
# Bullet 2
  1. Bullet 1
  2. Bullet 2
!Initial Price
|Mac 128k
|Jan 1984
|Oct 1985
|Mac II||Mar 1987||Jan 1990||$5,500
|Mac IIx||Sep 1988||Oct 1990||$7,769
|Mac Quadra 700||Oct 1991||Sep 1994||$6,000
!Model!!Released!!Discontinued!!Initial Price
ModelReleasedDiscontinuedInitial Price
Mac 128kJan 1984 Oct 1985$2,495
Mac IIMar 1987Jan 1990$5,500
Mac IIxOct 1985Oct 1990$7,769
Mac Quadra 700Oct 1991Sep 1994$6,000

More information on creating tables with Wiki markup.

Assigning Categories

To assign an article to a category, simply add the following markup to the bottom of the article


This will automatically assign the article to the Category_Name.

Potential Problems

The MediaWiki has no "locking" or "checkout" mechanism for editing articles. This means that if two people are start editing the same article at the same time, they will not be aware of the other person's edits.

If two people start editing an article at the same time: The first person will save their article with their changes. Then the second person will save their version but this will destroy any changes made by the first person.

This may be a significant issue with popular articles. Fortunately, the MediaWiki software keeps all changes logged under the "History" tab. This means that even if some changes were removed from the final version of the article, no changes were actually "lost". The best way to handle this situation is to manually apply the "lost" changes to the newest version of the article.

Acceptable Content

Please review our Posting Guidelines for our policies on acceptable content.

Commenting on Changes

Please try to leave a short comment on why you made changes or edited an existing wiki page. With the editing tab open fill in the 'Summary:' box with a short reason before you click save or preview. It helps to make the history clearer and users can see at a glance what the edit was for. Examples include:

  • Added image
  • Fixed images
  • General spelling corrections
  • Removed user signature - signatures should not be included on wiki pages
  • etc

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