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Example of how to create a new page at Mac Guides (click to enlarge)
Example of how to create a new page at Mac Guides (click to enlarge)

Creating a new page is very easy. New pages are automatically created by choosing a name for a page that doesn't yet exist. Simply choose a descriptive title for your topic ("Your Page Name") and point your browser to:

Be sure to replace spaces with underscores ( _ ). These will be parsed out by the software when displaying the title.

When you visit your new page, there will be no content in it. Simply click on "edit" near the top of the page to start adding content.

Naming Conventions

Please be very descriptive about your new page names. They should provide unique information about the topic, but avoid unnecessary modifiers.

  • Please do not include "How To" or "Guide To" modifiers. Instead for tutorials and guides simply use a descriptive title.
  • For Product pages, please start the title with the formal name of the product and then include version or release year following it. This will ensure the name of the product appears in the proper order in alphabetical listings.

Acceptable Content

Please review our Posting Guidelines for our policies on acceptable content.

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