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Image From Your Computer

  • At MacRumors, select "Guides" from any page.
  • On the MacRumors Guide Page in the left column there is a section called ToolBox. A choice is marked upload file for uploading an image to the MacRumors Guide Image Database.
  • After selecting upload file, hit the Browse button to locate an image on your computer. JPEG is a good file format to use. When selected, its name will appear under the Source Filename space. It will be the same name as the "Destination Filename" unless you change the destination name. Note the exact name and image type (.jpg) and then select Upload File button. It is now in the MacRumor's Guide Image Database.
  • Navigate to the MacRumors Guide where the image is to be placed and click the Edit Button to put the Guide into "Edit Mode".
  • Select the location for the image to appear by placing the cursor in the text of the guide. Select the button that looks like a landscape named embedded file and it will create a generic link called Image:Example.jpg with double brackets on both sides.
  • Change the name of the generic link to Image:ActualName.jpg using the actual name of the image.
  • Check it out with the Show Preview button to see if the image appears properly. Then save the page by selecting Save Page.
  • Check out these links for more on how to format an image: Wikipedia:Picture Tutorial and Wikipedia Extended Image Syntax. For example to make an image appear on the right side of the page use this syntax: Image:ActualName.jpg|right using a vertical slash "|right".

Check it out in preview mode before saving.

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