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This article or section is based on a forum post written by coastertux.

Here is a list of some free games available for Mac OS X from various places on the internet. All of them are full games that are free. Both Universal and non-Universal freeware games tend to run well on Intel Macs.

Game Name/Website Universal? Description
0 A.D. No 0 A.D. is a strategy game in the spirit of Age of Empires. It's in early stages, but already nice to play (inofficial binary build)
Alex the Allegator 4 No A 2D side-scrolling platform game that imitates the look and feel of the green screen Gameboy.
Angband Yes Tolkien-inspired classic RPG based on Moria (similar to Rogue or Nethack), with graphics optional.
Armagetron Advanced Yes A tron game in 3D
AsteroidsQC No A Quartz Composer asteroid game as a developer example, requires the Mac OS X developer tools to be installed.
Avert Fate Yes Short concept first-person shooter with high-end 3D graphics.
Battleground Europe No WW2 Combined Arms MMORPG (Inf, Armor, Aircraft, and ships), 4 sides to play. Free Play limited to a few units.
The Battle for Wesnoth Yes A turn based strategy game
Beyond the Red Line Yes Single and multiplayer space combat game using the Freespace 2 engine, based on the new Battlestar Galactica TV series.
Big Box of Blox No Set of Tetris-style color-matching games, similar to Columns, in several different themes.
Bitfighter Yes 2D multiplayer retro shooter set in space. Customize your ship with weapons and modules. Create your own levels in an unique level editor. Runs best with Rosetta.
BZFlag Yes Multiplayer 3D game where tanks battle each other.
Cave Story Yes A platform game also known as Doukutsu, z is jump (and select menu option), tab is fullscreen and the arrow keys move, down goes through doors. The latest Mac version can be downloaded here. Be sure to patch the game to display text in english.
Chess Yes The only game supplied free with Mac OS X.
Chopper Yes Chopper is an Action packed side-scrolling helicopter game, winner in uDevGame 2003.
Dr. Blob's Organism No Circular 2D arcade shooter.
Enigma Yes Puzzle game inspired by Oxyd.
Exolon DX No A remake of the ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC/Commodore 64 side-scrolling platform game, Exolon.
Extreme Tux Racer Yes 3D downhill racing game starring Tux, the Linux penguin.
Freeciv Yes A highly customisable civilization game based on Civilization 2
Freecol Yes a turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization, and similar to Civilization
FreedroidRPG Yes A diablo like rpg/adventure game featuring Tux who has to free the planet from evil droids. Get the mac bundle of version 0.13 from here
Frozen Bubble No A puzzle game where you have to group bubbles of the same colour together.
Glider Pro No An arcade paper aeroplane simulator.
GLTron No A tron game
Goban Yes A Go game.
Head Over Heels No An isometric platform game, based on the Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond original.
Humphrey No A platform game, remade from the Spanish language ZX Spectrum original.
Jet Set Willy PC No A flip screen platform remake of the 1980s original.
Jumping Jack: Further Adventures No A simple game of timing, remade from the 1980s original.
Jumping Jack 2: Worryingly Familiar No A simple game of timing, identical to Jumping Jack: Further Adventures but for the addition of one enemy.
Liquid War 5 No A completely unique multiplayer game in which you, controlling an army of liquid, try to eat other armies. The Mac port is one version out of date — Mac version 5.6.2 can be downloaded here.
Lunar Jetman No A 2D arcade game, remade from the Ultimate Play The Game original.
Manic Miner PC No A 2D platform game remake of the 1980s original.
Marathon Trilogy No The Original FPS Trilogy from Bungie Studios. Runs on Mac OS X via Aleph One project.
Mine Swept Yes An improved minesweeper clone for Mac OS X.
Nethack No NetHack is a single-player roguelike computer game.
Neverball No ¹ A 3D platform game similar to Super Monkey Ball, and including Neverputt, a 3D miniature golf game.
Nexuiz Yes Multiplayer first-person deathmatch game using the Darkplaces engine. (Windows, Mac and Linux in one download.)
Oolite Yes A space simulator inspired by, and very similar to, Elite.
Openclonk No The remake of Clonk, a medley from Lemmings, Worms and The Settlers with high replay value. (inofficial binary build)
OpenLieroX Yes Mac version of Liero, a Worms-like 2D "deathmatch" game for one or more players.
Open TTD Yes An improved version of transport tycoon deluxe, the original graphics are required.
Pac the Man X Yes A Pacman game for Mac OS X.
Plasma Pong Yes One- or two-player Pong-like game with fluid and physics effects, plus a sandbox mode.
Pogo Sticker No A 2D platform game with an original and unique control scheme.
Quinn Yes A version of Tetris that includes network play.
Redline Racing Yes A Racing Simulation for MAC
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul No A High-end FPS, RTS and RPG game with a fantasy/sci-fi theme and cooperative online team play.
Scorched 3D Yes A 3d variant on Scorched Earth.
Second Life Yes 3D multi-user community with some game areas.
Solitaire XL Yes A solitaire game.
Stunt Playground Yes 3D physics-based stunt racing game, with editor to place ramps, jumps and other obstacles (scroll down to find Mac version).
Stair Dismount No Push a guy down some stairs and watch the results. Uses advanced ragdoll physics.
Styx No A remake of Matthew Smith's first game, before he went on to produce Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.
Swarm Racer No A game of speed and coordination in which you attempt to collect diamonds as a swarm of bees.
Tile World Yes A puzzle game based on Chip's Challenge.
TORCS Yes The Open Racing Car Simulator: car racing with AI drivers.
Tremulous Yes A free open source game that blends FPS and RTS gaming.
Tunnel Yes A game using the Sudden Motion Sensor on laptops, similar to the arcade game one can play on an hp48 calculator.
UFO AI Yes A turn-based tactical strategy game in the tradition of the old X-COM games.
VDrift Yes A cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind.
Warzone 2100 Yes An RTS game similar to Total Annihilation originally commercial but released to GPL in 2001.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Yes Enemy Territory is a first person class-based shooter set in World War II and based on the Return To Castle Wolfenstein Engine (Quake 3)
WolfQuest Yes Single- and multi-player educational game, simulating life as a wolf in 3D.
World of Padman Yes Comic-style multiplayer first-person shooter with bots, modern graphics, and several game types.
X-Moto Yes A 2D motocross platform game based on real physics.
Zebulon No 3D Mac clone of the classic game Nebulus or Tower Toppler: a platformer that takes place around cylindrical towers.

Dashboard Widget Games

Games are also available to download for the Dashboard. These are all Universal


¹ A Universal Binary build of Neverball is available but is not an official release