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iWeb is an application included with iLife, used for sharing photos, movies, music, blogs and other content over the internet. It was introduced in iLife '06. As part of the iLife suite, it is tightly integrated with iLife's other applications; iTunes, GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie.


On January 5th, 2006, Apple's website revealed a new product called iWeb to be included in its iLife '06 Suite of applications, prompting much speculation. At Macworld San Francisco 2006, 5 days later, it was officially announced.

iWeb was updated to version 2.0 as part of iLife '08.


  • Templates
  • Media browser
  • One click publishing to .Mac
  • Themes
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Slideshow viewer using AJAX technology
  • Drag and drop zones and alignment guides