iPod shuffle (2G)

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iPod shuffle (2G)
iPod shuffle (2G)
The new iPod shuffle dock (included with iPod purchase).
The new iPod shuffle dock (included with iPod purchase).

The iPod shuffle (2nd Generation) was introduced on September 12, 2006.


The iPod shuffle (2G) was initially offered in a single capacity at a single price point of 1 GB (240 songs) for $79 USD. On February 19, 2008, Apple dropped the price of the 1 GB iPod shuffle to $49 USD and introduced a new 2 GB model (offered in the same colors as the 1 GB model) priced at $69 USD.

On January 30, 2007, Apple launched new colors for the iPod Shuffle. In addition to the standard silver model, blue, green, orange and pink colors were added at the same existing price point and capacity.

Apple replaced the previous colors of the iPod shuffle with silver, emerald, turquoise, purple and a PRODUCT (RED) version on September 5, 2007. Though this update only refreshes the colors, these new iPod shuffles nevertheless require Tiger.


The iPod shuffle (2G) features an all new aluminum body and according to Steve Jobs is the world's smallest MP3 player. Like the original iPod shuffle, it has no screen and features two modes of play; shuffle and playlist. Designed with wearability in mind, the new iPod shuffle features a clip which can be attached to clothes.

The iPod shuffle (2G) loses the iPod shuffle's (1G) integrated USB interface and now uses the headphone port and the bundled dock for syncing to iTunes and charging. Despite this change, the iPod shuffle can still store files alongside music.

Early packages of the iPod shuffle (2G) included the old style iPod earphones; however, current packages include the new style iPod earphones. This was presumably done in order to allow Apple to use up their existing stock of old style earphones.

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