iPod shuffle (1G)

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Apple released the original iPod shuffle on January 11th, 2005.




  • 512MB (Holds approx. 120 songs); Retail cost $69
  • 1GB (Holds approx. 240 songs); Retail cost $99 (as of February 2006, the original cost was $149, but was later lowered by Apple, first to $129)

New Features

  • First iPod to use flash memory
  • No screen

Box Contents

  • iPod (with plastic cellophane wrap. Some people use this as a temporary case before purchasing a hard cover.)
  • Instruction and CD pack. Includes iTunes for Mac/PC and Windows drivers.
  • Standard Apple Earphones and two sets of foam covers.
  • Lanyard (neck strap) with cap.
  • This iPod does NOT come with a mains powered USB charger.


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