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Apple released the iPod nano on September 7th, 2005. The iPod nano is the replacement for Apple's popular, and best-selling, iPod mini. The mini, which came in 4 colors (originally five), was initially replaced by the nano's iPod white and a glossy black finish, but for the second revision, Apple reverted back to colored aluminium cases. The iPod nano (3G) offered lighter colors when compared to its predecessor.




As with all clickwheel iPods, you can reset this iPod by first toggling the hold switch on and off and then simultaneously pressing the select (center) and menu buttons for approximately 5-10 seconds. This is a common fix should your iPod behave unexpectedly or lock up. Once reset, the iPod should display an Apple logo for a few seconds before showing the main menu. This procedure is similar to rebooting a computer and damages none of your music or data.




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