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iPod Hi-Fi was introduced at a press gathering at Apple's Headquarters on Tuesday, Febuary 28th 2006 at 10am PST in Apple's Town Hall. Dubbed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as the home stereo, reinvented, the hi-fi is marketed as a home stereo replacement, producing room-filling sounds in a compact footprint. Initial retail price was set at $349.



  • Runs off of AC or DC power (6 D-Cell batteries for DC power mode)
  • Apple Remote included
  • Integrated power supply (no brick)
  • 130mm dual voice coil woofer, ported bass reflex design
  • Two 80mm mid-range drivers in sealed acoustic suspension
  • iPod Integration

Tech Specs

  • Frequency response: 53 Hz to 16 kHz ± 3 dB (human hearing is 20 Hz to 20 kHz)


In an initial review, MacWorld editors gave the Hi-Fi a mixed rating. The test environment was Apple's demo rooms (a kitchen, dorm room, bedroom) that the press was allowed to visit after its announcement to see how the Hi-Fi performed. The editors felt that the Hi-Fi did not adequately separate sounds (especially with classical music) and occasionally distorted despite Apple's claims to the contrary. For the money, the reviewers felt that there are better third party alternatives. The review can be found by listening to their podcast here.

Playlist provides a comprehensive review of the iPod Hi-Fi, exposing all the subtleties of both the sound and the design.

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