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If you are looking to give someone an iPhone for the holidays, you have come to the right place. At the moment, this is only for the United States (AT&T) Discussion of this guide can be found here.

Important Things To Know

The iPhone is a highly valued device. Currently it sells at Apple and AT&T stores for $199 and $299, and comes in 8GB, or 16GB respectfully. This is a subsidized deal. Basically, a service provider will lower the price of the phone to get you to buy it, but in a way you are paying for secretly in your monthly bill. AT&T uses a 2 year contract on the iPhone, so once you buy the iPhone, whoever is paying the bill will have to pay for the bill for 2 years unless they cancel the contract, which costs $175. If you recall, the previous iPhone that came out was $499 and $599. This wasn't a subsidized priced, and users weren't tied to a contract.

Why did you need to know that? Well, say if whoever you are giving the phone to loses it, it breaks, it gets stolen, or it gets sucked up in a tornado, they won't be able to buy another phone for the same price. They would have to cancel their contract and re buy the phone. I would highly recommend telling the person you are giving the iPhone to consider getting it insured by their homeowners insurance. If the insurance company won't cover the iPhone, then the user will just have to be careful. If the iPhone was to break, and it wasn't the users fault (ie. the iPhone can't get a signal anymore) then they should call Apple and schedule a genius appointment, and they will swap the iPhone for them.

Purchasing the iPhone 3G

The iPhone can be purchased at your local AT&T or Apple stores. If you go to an AT&T store (I'll use them as there are many more of them than Apple stores), the store should have an iPhone on display. Just simply ask one of the employees that you would like to purchase one. Keep in mind, the iPhone is only sold at authorized iPhone retailers. If it is in a strip mall, then it's more than likely authorized. The AT&T stores that usually aren't authorized are the kiosks inside malls. If your nearest store isn't exactly up the road, it would be a smart idea to call AT&T up to see if they have the iPhone, and if they are in stock.

iPhone 3G Rates

All the following rates include data. If the person you are giving the iPhone already has a wireless account, they can add a line for $10, and they would add another $30 for the data plan. Texting plans are optional, but highly recommended if you are getting the iPhone for a teenager.

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If you have any questions about the iPhone, freely ask in the forums in the iPhone section. There will be a lot more updated iPhone guides just like this one to come.