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Since the iPhone has launched, many people have asked the same questions over and over again. In order to prevent the endless parade of threads asking the same questions, please consult this FAQ. If a question you wish answered does not appear here or does not appear in a fourm search, feel free to ask the question in the forums. This will continue to grow, as more questions are asked.


About the iPhone

Why does sound only come out of one speaker?

The iPhone only contains one speaker. The other grill/hole is the microphone. This continues to apply to the iPhone 4S.

There are three (two) dots near the ear piece, are they normal?

The three dots are windows to allow for an IR emitter and receiver to gauge if the phone is being brought up to your ear, so the screen will shut off. The other one senses the ambient light to adjust the brightness of the screen. On the original iPhone, the screen shutoff relied on the light from the screen, which didn't always work as intended.

Can the iPhone be unlocked to work on Verizon/Sprint/Alltel/US Cellular?

Not on GSM only devices such as the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, or GSM iPhone 4. The hardware of these iPhones will only operate with GSM networks, the above networks currently only allow new activations of CDMA phones. Some of these carriers do have GSM networks, but they are only for the use of older customers and a source of income due to roaming from other carriers. The GSM iPhone can only be unlocked to work on GSM systems, which is a global standard, and the reason the technology was chosen.

Will the iPhone work in Japan?

The original iPhone will not work in Japan. Japan has already migrated to 3G cellular networks and shutdown their 2G networks. Japan also never had a wide spread EDGE (GSM 2.5) network. The iPhone 3G will work, as it is being sold there.

Will a software update allow the original iPhone to be 3G

No. The communication chip of the original iPhone only supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE. It cannot be upgraded to UMTS (3G) systems.

How do I transfer my music off an iPhone?

There is no simple way of transferring music off so you will need to rely on third party software. Some software is listed at Recovering Songs from an iPod.

Buying an iPhone

How Can I Pay for my iPhone 3G?

You must use a Credit or Debit Card; you cannot pay with cash in any country where it is available. If purchased at an Apple store, cash must be converted to an Apple gift card available at the genius bar.

Where Can I Buy an iPhone 3G, in Person?

Check out the Apple iPhone Website Here

Where Can I Buy an iPhone 3G, Online?

At present, neither Apple or any Carrier have agreed to online purchasing, instead opting for in-store activations and sales.

However, if you have a Premiere account with AT&T, you can order the iPhone online and have it shipped to you. You will then be able to activate it via iTunes.

Which Carriers, in which countries does the iPhone/iPhone 3G Operate?

Check out the Apple iPhone Website Here

Using an iPhone

Can I use all the features on EDGE/WiFi/GPRS?

Feature WiFi 3G EDGE GPRS
Speed Highest High Moderate Slow
Youtube Yes Yes Yes, lower quality No
iTunes Store Yes Yes Yes Unknown
App Store Yes Yes < 20MB Yes < 20MB Unknown
Other Features Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • NOTE: iTunes Store downloads over cellular are allowed starting in 2009