iOS 6 Changelog

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iOS 6 Changelog


  • Time since Last Full Charge for iPod and iPad.

Siri (iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd Generation Only)

  • New Languages: Canadian English, Spanish (Spain/Mexico), Italian, Switzerland (Italian), Korean, Mandarin (Mainland China/Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong/Mainland China)
  • Siri for iPad (3rd generation)
  • Siri can now provide information on Sports leagues such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, WNBA, English Premier League, MLS, and more. Ask for player stats, team rosters, game schedules and team standings.
  • Siri can provide information on movies like find movie reviews, ask about actors and actresses, play a movie trailer, get showtimes for movies and find a theater.
  • Yelp! built-in reviews and launch to open up more information and create reservations with OpenTable.
  • Restaurants are listed by reviews and nearest with more information
  • Apps can be launched by saying "run <app name>" or "open <app name>"
  • Facebook updates and Twitter tweets can be posted from Siri.
  • Have Siri read your Notification Center updates.
  • "Eyes Free", allowing for cars to integrate with Siri with a mic button on steering wheel and for launching Siri functions. Screen is disabled during Eyes Free mode
  • Local Search now works around the world.

Facebook Integration

  • Facebook integrated into core applications on iOS 6; similar to Twitter integration in iOS 5
  • Integrated into Notification Center
  • Integrated in Siri and APIs for third-party apps
  • Address book can sync contact information from friends on Facebook
  • Facebook Events and birthdays in Calendar
  • Like button on apps and content from the App Store and iTunes Store.


  • New app that manages a user's boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, etc. in one app. Similar to Newsstand.
  • Store coupons and gift cards in a wallet-like app (Starbucks, Target, Apple Store)
  • Airplane boarding passes for flights; updates boarding pass information in real time if changes are made
  • Passes are location and time-based. They appear on the lock screen when necessary

Notification Center

  • Update Facebook status or tweet from new widget
  • Message previews can now be toggled off and on for alerts


  • Shared Photo Streams. Photos can be shared with other contacts. Photos shared can be commented on and liked. Notifications are enabled for when a contact shares a photo with the user


  • New streamlined UI with white and black themes with silver slider controls that change their shine angle based on accelorotmeter data. (iPhone/iPod touch only)
  • Late Night Mode equalizer.


  • "Bluetooth" moved to top of Settings list
  • Added "Do Not Disturb" mode, allowing users to avoid calls and notifications unless calling parties are on the user's Favorites group
  • Added in Notifications: Government warnings and AMBER alerts can be toggled on and off
  • Privacy Controls
  • A slightly changed Icon.


  • Adds phone icon on lock screen for additional ignoring options, similar to the camera sliding icon on the lock screen in iOS 5.1
  • When ignoring a call, the user can message the caller or set a Reminder to call them back later
  • Phone call doesn't take up the entire lock screen when a call is incoming
  • New white themed UI for dial pad.


  • Turn-by-turn Navigation with Siri Voice powered by Tom Tom (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later, voice directions for iPhone 4S and 3rd generation iPad only)
  • Maps are now Apple-sourced instead of using Google sources.
  • 3D overview (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later)
  • Satellite view
  • Flyover view for maps gives 3D satellite view (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later)
  • New Map icon
  • Lock Screen integration for turn-by-turn navigation (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later, voice directions for iPhone 4S and 3rd generation iPad only)
  • Yelp! integration available for businesses near the user gives provides reviews and information on the business. Allows the user to launch Yelp! from Maps
  • Info cards of businesses
  • Traffic crowd sourcing with anonymous data sent from all iPhones also adds events of traffic slow down


  • Make FaceTime calls over 3G or LTE cellular connection (iPhone 4S & 3rd generation iPad only)


  • VIP inbox stars important emails from user defined VIP group members
  • Flag emails
  • Attach photos and videos quickly with a tap
  • Open password-protected Microsoft Office documents
  • Added Pull-to-Refresh to update Mail accounts
  • Per Account Signatures


  • Search All Fields
  • Custom Vibrations for Ringtones & Text Message Notifications


  • Manual Reader
  • Manual location based reminders
  • Location based reminders


  • Fullscreen landscape activated with a tap
  • iCloud tab syncing across devices
  • Offline reading list caches the user's reading list for later use, even when not connected to the Internet
  • Smart App Banners: Banners on mobile webpages prompt users to download the website's native App Store counterpart in the App Store
  • Faster JavaScript engine
  • Apps in search results
  • Support for photo upload via Camera Roll
  • Support up to 24 open tabs on iPad.

App Store

  • New UI
  • Darker theme
  • Applications can be purchased from within apps.
  • Installing an app no longer returns the user to the home screen the app will download and install while continuing to browse the store
  • Updating an app no longer requires the iTunes password to be entered


  • New UI
  • Darker theme
  • Content can be purchased from within apps.


  • Guided Access:
  • Allows user to lock exiting of the app in Single App Mode.
  • Allows users to disable certain controls within a specific app.


  • Personal Dictionary synchronization.


  • Alarm can be set to any song in Music app
  • Clock app added to iPad.
  • A slightly changed Icon.


  • A cleaner and slick new UI.

Game Center

  • Game Center challenges
  • Facebook friends integration


  • HDR improvements
  • Darker theme


  • Kernel ASLR added


  • Lost Mode: If iPhone is lost, Lost Mode triggers an attention grabbing sound, and prompts the person that finds the iPhone to call a specific number set by the owner remotely
  • Additional features for China
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Custom Vibrations for Alerts
  • Global Network proxy for HTTP
  • IPv6 support for Wi-Fi and LTE
  • Word highlights for speech support
  • Auto Correction for every keyboard
  • Bluetooth Map support
  • Improved keyboard layouts
  • New Thai Keyboard (Full Keyboard)
  • French, German, and Spanish Dictionaries
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids
  • A blue "New" ribbon over freshly installed apps
  • Status bar reflects the colour of the top-most banner in 3rd Party apps
  • Spotlight lists name of folder an app is located in
  • Support for US Government Wireless Emergency Alerts