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The iBook is Apple's consumer laptop. When originally introduced, they were essentially a "portable iMac." They had the same chipset, and features as their desk-bound counterpart. Towards the end of the iBook's life it became a low-end version of the PowerBook. It features a much older processor than the iMac, and seems intentionally crippled so that it does not cannibilize sales of the PowerBook.

Over the last few years, Apple users have experienced persistent problems with the logic boards on some iBooks. Apple instituted extended logic board replacements past the normal warranty period for many of these iBooks, allowing for free repairs as long as the computer is less than 3 years old.


G3 iBooks

The G3 iBooks used the G3 CPU constructed by IBM.

12" Clamshell


12/14" White


G4 iBooks


The G4 iBooks used the G4 CPU constructed by Motorola.



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