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Accurate as of 06/13/12

This article will attempt to answer the most common questions about World of Warcraft (also known as 'WoW') by providing links to basic information about the game and providing information about playing World of Warcraft on the Macintosh platform. If you have any additional links you would like to add to the guide feel free to do so. Feel free to replace links that contain outdated information as well.

World of Warcraft is a computer game developed by Blizzard Inc. It is a 'MMORPG', or Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Taking place in a fictional online world, players interact with millions of other players worldwide. The game is fee-based and costs $14.99/month to play, $13.99 for a 3 month subscription, and if you are committed, the best deal offered is $12.99 for a six month subscription.

Want to know more? Click here for a more detailed overview of World of Warcraft.


Accurate as of 06/13/12

World of Warcraft is simultaneously developed for the Windows and Mac platforms, and the two versions are entirely interoperable.

World of Warcraft is NOT supported on PowerPC based Macs.

System Requirements

Accurate as of 06/13/12

These are the minimum system requirements for Mac as posted by Blizzard (link):

Mac® OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.8, or 10.7.X:
- Intel processor
- 2 GB RAM or higher
- 25.0 GB available HD space
- 4X DVD-ROM Drive
- Broadband Internet connection
- Keyboard/Mouse

These are the recommended system requirements as posted by Blizzard:

Mac® OS X 10.7.X:
- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor - NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT or ATI Radeon™ HD 4670 or better
- 4 GB system RAM
- Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel


Accurate as of 07/06/12

World of Warcraft performance is a highly debated and asked-about topic. Typically performance is broken down into two categories: in-city or raid performance, where there are many other players, and outdoor performance, where there are few other players encountered.

Assuming the graphics are set at medium or below and on a Mac running at least 10.5.8:
Poor: Expected average FPS(frames per second): Less than 20 outdoors, less than 5 in cities/raids.
Weak: Expected average FPS: At least 20 outdoors, at least 5 in cities/raids.
Decent: Expected average FPS: At least 30 outdoors, at least 10 in cities/raids.
Good: Expected average FPS: At least 40 outdoors, at least 20 in cities/raids.
Great: Expected average FPS At least 50 outdoors, at least 30 in cities/raids.
Excellent: Expected average FPS: 60 outdoors, greater than 40 in cities/raids.

Poor to Weak

- Any Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini built before 2008.

- Mac Pro with GeForce 7300 GT or ATI Radeon x1900.

Weak to Good

- iMacs built after 2008.

- Mac Mini and Macbook Air models built after 2010.

- 15" Macbook Pros built after 2008.

- Macbook built after 2008

- 13" Macbook Pro built after 2008

Good to Great

- iMacs built during or after 2010

- 15-17" Macbook Pros built during or after 2010

- Mac Pro with nVidia GeForce 8800GT, GT 120, or ATI Radeon 4870.

- Macbook Pros with Retina Display built in 2012 on maximum resolution

Great to Excellent

- Mac Pro with ATI Radeon 5770 or ATI Radeon 5870

- iMacs built during or after 2011.

- Macbook Pros with Retina Display built in 2012 below maximum resolution

- Macbook Pros with GT 650M without Retina Display built in 2012

    • Based on comparison of Mac hardware to the minimum and recommended system requirements posted by Blizzard. Should be accurate but your mileage may vary.

WoW on OS X

Accurate as of 06/13/12

  • "'Reinstalling WoW without DVD'" To reinstall World of Warcraft head over to In the upper right corner select "Login" and enter your information to log in. Once logged in select "Account" (located in the upper right corner). Select your World of Warcraft game listed under "Game Accounts" and select "Download Game Client". Next to "Full Game Client" select the option to download the Mac version of the game. Run the downloaded application to begin the download and installation of the game.

Well Known Issues Under OS X : None

WoW Links

Accurate as of 06/12/12

General WoW Links

  • Useful Information regarding quests, gear, NPC locations, and more. - All things WoW!
  • Useful Information regarding quests, gear, NPC locations, and more - All things WoW!
  • Basically Wikipedia for WoW - WoWWiki- All things WoW!
  • A cross between Thottbot and - Large WoW Database!
  • Forum Focused on MMORPG Media and Discussion - MMO-Champion- Basically MacRumors for MMORPG Players
  • WoW Server or "Realms" explanation.

Blizzard WoW Links

  • Official site of Blizzard, developer of World of Warcraft.
  • Cataclysm (Current World of Warcraft Expansion Information)

WoW PVP Links

WoW Add Ons

Accurate as of 06/13/12

Recommended Add-ons

  • Lightheaded Constantly updated add-on for finding information about quests and reading player's comments about quests. Use with TomTom for simple questing
  • CTMod- Buff Mod shows buffs on party members.
  • Healium Useful addon for easy healing.
  • Deadly Boss Mods - Gives dungeon and raid notifications and warnings for Cataclysm Content

WoW Keybindings & Macros

Accurate as of 06/13/12

Keybindings are used to enhance and simplify how players use their abilities. Recommended for advanced users but helpful to all. For an excellent tutorial on Keybindings please visit WoW Keybindings Guide or Noxxic Keybinding Guide

Macros are also intended to make it easier for players to use their abilities. Recommended for advanced users. See Noxxic Macros Guide for an excellent guide.

  • Still confused? Interested in learning more? Ask for help at World of Warcraft's official UI/Macro Forums

WoW Expansions

  • Also see NPC/Quest Info Section for TBC and WoTLK related links.


World of Warcraft features three expansions: The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. They should be bought in that order. However, since patch 4.2.0, The Burning Crusade is free and once you buy or own World of Warcraft, your account will be upgraded to this expansion as well. The Burning Crusade offers Outland, a continent that lets you level your characters from 60 to 70, two new races and respective starting zones: Draenei (Alliance) and Blood Elf (Horde), as well as additional dungeons and raids. Wrath of the Lich King offers Northrend, a Nordic continent that lets your characters level from 70 to 80, one new hero-class: Death-Knight, as well as additional dungeons and raids. To start playing a Death Knight, you need at least one character at level 55 or beyond on that realm. Cataclysm offers a revamped Azeroth, additional high-level zones for characters up to level 85, two new races: Worgen (Alliance) and Goblins (Horde), a new glyph system, revamped talent trees, new race/class combinations, and extra dungeons and raids for level 85 characters. Much of the content is available for all players, including those who have not bought the Cataclysm expansion, like the revamped Azeroth and new race/class combinations.

For more information on World of Warcraft expansions in general and specific expansions click here

The Burning Crusade Links

  • Honor Hold NPCs- (Hellfire Penninsula)- list of all NPCs, includes trainers and quest givers.
  • Shattrath City NPCs- (Terokkar Forest, Major Hub of Outlands)-list of all NPCs, includes trainers, quest givers, and other good info.
  • Shattrath City NPCs- (Terokkar Forest, Major Hub of Outlands)-list of all NPCs, includes trainers, quest givers, and other good info.

TBC Factions

  • Individual faction links to be posted in future. For now the easiest way to get a handle on TBC Factions is to visit the WoWHead Faction List or for Quartermaster/Gear relationships, see this WoWWiki Quartermaster Link scroll down to the The Burning Crusade Section and Quartermaster faction links will be posted.

TBC Instances

  • INCOMPLETE LIST; L= Player Level, P5= 5 player party, P25= 25 player raid
  • Hellfire Citadel consists of 4 dungeons. Hellfire Citadel Overview. Map links and level info: Graphic that shows the entrances to these dungeons. Ride out of the West entrance of Honor Hold, just to the right of the guard tower. Stay to the right, but don't fall down into the ravine, take the bridge to the right to the meeting stone. The Ramparts is just to the left of the stone (facing it). Shattered Halls is just to the right of the stone. Blood Furnace is up above- Instead of crossing the bridge to the stone, prior to the bridge, veer left, follow the high wall to a long set of stairs, go up, then hang a right to the entrance. Hellfire Ramparts Map L60-62 P5; Blood Furnace Map L61-63 P5; Shattered Halls Map L70-72 P5; Magtheridon's Lair Map L70 P25). See next paragraph for guides.

Wrath of the Lich King

  • new [1]- Wraith of the Lich King Guide at
  • Drakkari Offerings- Don't pass these up as they give you buffs for Gundrak, Drak'Tharon, and Zul'Drak.

WotLK Factions

WotLK Instances

  • Northrend Instances- at This link has a good representation of where the instances are located.
  • Borean Tundra Nexus Guide- at located adjacent to Borean Tundra. (5 player L70-73]
  • Borean Tundra The Oculus Guide at World of Strats. Instance is designed for L80 players, is located above the Nexus and is unique in that players control drakes during combat. (5 player L80).
  • DragonBlight Azjol-Nerub Guide- at located in Dragbonblight, same location as Ahn'kahet, just North of Star's Rest. (5 player L72-74).
  • Grizzly Hills Drak'Tharon Keep Guide- at located North Western Grizzly Hills near border with Zul'Drak. (5Player 74-76, min 72).
  • Howling Fjord Utgard Pinnacle Guide- at Second five man dungeon designed for level 80 players located at Utgard Keep in Howling Fjord. Meeting stone at 57.1, 46.2. Utgarde Keep Guide- at UP Guide at
  • Zul'Drak Gundrak Guide- at Gundrak Guide- at Gundrak is located in North Eastern Zul'Drak. (5 player 76-78)

WoW Maps

World Maps

Accurate as of 06/13/12

Interactive "Google" Map for WoW available here

Complete in-depth World of Warcraft Map Database here

Instance Maps (1-60)

Tired of getting lost in Dungeons? (name, location, level range, PL=player limit)

WoW Class Info

GEAR, Baby!

  • These links may also be posted in appropriate class sections below.
  • A Must Resource WoWArmory- an indispensable database of WoW Gear organized in by category, by dungeon, by gear type, etc. Select a category of items such as Weapon> 1 handed mace. Turn on the "Item Filter" if it does not come on automatically and search.
  • A Must Resource Most excellent site to look up your character and evaluate your gear. It shows gear ratings and even makes suggestions for upgrades.
  • A Must Resource Valuable Gear is available from QuarterMasters based on Reputation. This is something that can be overlooked. For whatever faction you are currently increasing you rep through questing, see if there is a quartermaster and the gear they have for sale. Outside of dungeons, it is the easiest way to gain access to some nice gear...

Misc Gear Tank Oriented Ivory Reinforced ChestGuards- Honored with Kalu'ak (Sairuk) in Dragonblight; Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions and Sabatons of Draconic Vigor- Honored with Wyrmrest Accord, Reins of the Red Drake revered with the Wyrmrest Accord, see (Ceilstrasza Quartermaster) in Wyrmrest Temple. Don't overlook Inscriptions that can be purchased such as the Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle that can be purchased from The Sons of Hodir in Storm Peaks. More items may be posted. Check the quartermaster link, then pick an individual Quartermaster to see the list of gear they offer. For more reputation and gear, also check out dailies and gear available through The Argent Crusade in Dragon Blight, Zul'Drak, and Icecrown (Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard). See this Daily Quest link at WoWWiki for all of the Daily quests that can be used to increase reputation by faction.

  • Tabbards- Don't over look tabbards which can be purchased from quartermasters. When worn in a L80 dungeon you get rep with that particular faction.
  • A Must Resource for Pally Tanks Protection Palladin Field Manual- at Very worthwhile reading. Includes gear that any Plate wearing character would want.
  • Socketable Gear- When you have gear with a socket, get those gems installed! See Jewel Crafting for what gems give which attributes.

Class & Spec Info

  • Fast Leveling - A blog with helpful tips&tricks about leveling different WoW classes.
  • There appear to be no Class Trainers locted in Expansion Areas, TBC or WotLK. See Profession section for location of Grand Master Profession trainers in Northrend.
  • Also see Quest/Locations Section.
  • See Tailor section for good farming locations for first aid cloth.
  • Note: Master Trainers are located on Hellfire Penninsula. You may find your character has maxed his/her's professions skill level at 300 Artisan. However until your toon has reached level 58, you won't be allowed through the dark portal (found in the Blasted Lands). See this quest: Through The Dark Portal.

Death Knight

  • If you are an aspiring TANK, see the Paladin section for some Tank links. Nothing against DKs, printing it once is enough. :); DK Talents at TenTonHammer; DK Tanking Guide at; Tips for New Death Knights Part1 at WoWInsider; Part2 link.

  • See the Gear, Baby! section.
  • DK Tank Info- at (not an endorsement for buying gold).
  • Death Knight- at Includes info on attack rotations.
  • Corpse Dust is found at Reagent Vendors. Hellfire Peninsula: Magus Zabraxis in Honor Hold in the tower up on the hill (53,65)


  • If you are an aspiring TANK, see the Paladin section for some Tank links. Nothing against druids, printing it once is enough. It's a good source for info, just remember you are wearing leather. :)


  • Pet Statistics- A listing of Pets categories, High Armor vs High DPS including what they can learn and their diets.

Hunter Vendors

  • Arrow Quick Reference:; Terrokar Forest/Allerian Stronghold- Fabian Lanzonelli (General Goods & Bags) Sells both Wicked and Blackflight Arrows; Terrokar Forest/Shattrath City- Eral General Goods; Howling Fjord/Valgarde Wink Sprinklesprank (General Goods and Trade Supplies) at the Valgarde Inn.
  • Blackflight Arrows- 32dps rated arrow at These arrows are found in Outlands (TBC) and in Northrend (WotLK). The link shows all the vendors who sell this arrow. (Select show all at the bottom of the list). Sold by Wink Sprinklesprank (General Goods and Trade Supplies) located in the Inn at Howling Fjord.
  • Wicked Arrows- Location of Wicked Arrow Vendors at
  • Iron Forge and Arrows- check out Bryllia IronBrand General Goods for Jagged and Wicked arrows. Facing the Bank the store is two doors to the right and to the right of the narrow corridor that leads to the Forge. The sign outside says Fizzlespinner's General Goods. It's a second story store (entrance at 39,37).

Stable Master Locations

  • Howling Fjord (Horatio the Stable Boy, outside the Inn (58,63).
  • Shattrath City: Oruhe (Neutral, outside Inn on Aldor Rise Loc 28,47).


  • Stats Mage Guide - Guide of the most important stats and attributes for Mages
  • StormWind City Reagent Vendor by main entrance in the Apothicary shop; Iron Forge by the Inn at Barim's Reagents; Arathi Highlands- Deneb Walker (vendor) in Stromgarde Keep who also sells First Aid Books.
  • new Vendor List- Look for Reagent Vendors in this list for Teleportation Reagents.
  • Rune of Teleportation- this Thottbot link shows a list of Mage Teleport Reagents and vendors/locations who sell them.


  • Paladin Epic Horse Quest- Before you start it read: The Paladin Epic Horse Quest is no longer required and is a huge waste of time. As a Paladin, all you have to do is get expert horse training from the Horse Trainer at Eastvale Logging Camp in East Elwynn Forest (about 450 gold) and then see the Paladin Trainer (StormWind Cathedral) to purchase the upgrade.






  • If you are an aspiring TANK, see the Paladin section for some Tank links. Nothing against warriors, printing it once is enough. :)
  • New Warrior Guide - Guide to master Warriors on

WoW Professions


  • Note: Blacksmith and Mining are two separate professions but as they are related, I have lumped these professions together. -Huntn.
  • Shattrath City Forge and Armorsmith Trainer Zula Slagfury- Lower city (69,42).
  • An excellent WoW Addon for mining is Carbonite. Not only does it include extensive quest/vendor info but you can pull up its databse for known zone locations for gathering.
  • Silver- Arathi Highlands? The link says yes but I found more tin/silver in The Wetlands. Arathi is good for mostly iron and some mithril.
  • Wetlands- Mostly Tin, some copper and iron, and Incendicite Ore (Spider Cave to West of road near mountain pass to Dun Algaz.)
  • Coal- for smelting steel with iron is sold by vendors. See link.
  • new Thorium Ore- Ungoro Crater and Silithius. Don't overlook the bug holes in Silithius.



  • Tough if not toughest profession to make money.

First Aid

  • See Tailor Section for cloth locations.
  • First Aid Reference at Allakhazam on First Aid progression. However as this is a post it could be perishable.
  • First Aid Trainers- at
  • Reference Wowwiki First Aid- lots of info here.
  • The basic First Aid Trainers up to 150 skill are located at the big cities. For Alliance it's Stormwind City, Iron Forge, Thunderbluff and Undercity (+other locations, see the Allakhazam Profession Trainer List.
  • For First Aid up to 225 there is the Expert First Aid book (1 gold) located at Stromgarde (Arathi Highlands, Deneb Walker) and BrackenWall City (Dustwallow Marsh, Balai Lok'Wein).
  • MageWeave Bandage- requires 210 First Aid. Sold by Deneb Walker located at Stromgarde (Arathi Highlands).
  • Training for Heavy Silk Bandage is also sold by Deneb Walker (for when you are at 170 trying to figure out how you'll ever get to 210...
  • For Artisan First Aid (300) there are *quests- Alliance Trauma (Theramore, Alliance) & Horde Trauma (Hammerfall, Horde). *You must be at First Aid level 225 to get the quests. Note: for Alliance you pick up the quest at the First Aid Trainer in Iron Forge before heading to Theramore.
  • 240-Heavy Mageweave Bandage (from Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor (Horde)
  • 260-Runecloth Bandage (from Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor)
  • 290-Heavy Runecloth (from Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen/Doctor Gregory Victor)
  • For Master First Aid (375) there is the Master First Aid Doctor in the House book (5 gold) located at Temple of Telhamat (Alliance) and Falcon Watch (Horde).
  • For Grandmaster (450) see the Allakhazam First Aid Trainer Link.
  • 300 Neatherweave Bandage- Burko, Temple of Telhamat (22,39) Hellfire Penninsula.
  • 325 Heavy Neatherweave Bandage- Burko, Temple of Telhamat (22,39) Hellfire Penninsula.


  • Expert Fishing Book requires fishing skill 125 teaches, enables fishing xp up to 225. Located at vendor in Booty Bay (lowest level ramp under Inn, coord: 27,77).


Harvest Guide by Herbalism skill:

  • Info mostly from with additions added.
  • 1 - 50 Earthroot, Peacebloom and Silverleaf located in all starter zones.
  • Learn Herbalism Journeyman (75-150)
  • 50 - 100 Briarthorn, Mageroyal, and Stranglekelp located in Barrens, Loch Modan, Silverpine Forest, Red Ridge, Westfall.
  • 100 - 170 Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Kingsblood, Liferoot, Stranglekelp, and Wild Steelbloom located in Hillsbrad Foothills, Stonetalon Mountains, Wetlands.
  • Learn Herbalism Expert (150-225)
  • 170 - 210 Kingsblood, Liferoot, Fadeleaf, Khadgar's Whisker, Goldthorn, Wild Steelbloom located in Arathi Highlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Learn Herbalism Artisan (226-300).
  • 210 - 270 Purple Lotus, Sungrass located in The Hinterlands.
  • 270 - 300 Sungrass, Gromsblood, Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Plaguebloom located in Azsahara and Felwood.
  • Learn Herbalism Master (301-350) trainer in Outlands.
  • 300 - 325 Felweed, Dreaming Glory located in Hellfire Penninsula. (TBC)
  • 325 - 350 Ragveil, Flame Cap, Terrocone, Felweed, Dreaming Glory located in Zangarmarsh and Terrokar Forest.(TBC)
  • Learn Herbalism Grand Master (351-400) in Northrend.
  • 350 - 400 Goldclover located in Howling Fjord (and Borean Tundra?).(WoTLK)


  • See Herbalism section for related info.

Inscription Mats

  • Hunter's Ink (Verdant Pigment obtianed in Westfall (toon level 7-22) rarely obtained when milling Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp).
  • Ivory Ink (Alabaster Pigment obtained in Ellyn Forest(toon level 1-10) from Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot) used to make basic scrolls.
  • Lions Ink Golden Pigment obtained in Duskwood (toon level 20-30) and Wetlands, Ashenvale, and Hillsbrad Foothills from Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, and Liferoot."
  • Moonglow Ink (Alabaster Pigment obtained in Ellyn Forest (toon level 1-10) from Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot) used to make basic scrolls.
  • Midnight Ink (Dusky Pigment obtained in Westfall (toon level 7-22) from Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp)- used to make basic glyphs and second tier scrolls.
  • Burnt Pigment- (content being added)- Kingsblood, Wild Steelbloom, same plants that produce Golden Pigment.
  • Emerald and Indego Pigment- Gold Thorn, Khadgar's Whiskers, Wintersbite.

Jewelcrafting (Profession)

  • Jewelcrafting Recipes at Since Jewelcrafting trainers can be hard to come by if you are leveling a DeathKnight in classic WoW areas (Mining for raw materials), this recipe list is a must reference to know if you should return to the trainer or not.
  • Tatiana (trainer)- Hellfire Penninsula, in the Inn at Honor Hold on the left as you go in.


  • new Frost Saber Boots- Qia- vendor located in Winter Spring sells a variety of tailor items including Runecloth Bag pattern (tailor skill 260), Mooncloth pattern (tailor skill 250), and Frostsaber Boots (leatherworking 275).


  • Mageweave- Furbolgs in Southern Felwood, Dwarves in Searing Gorge, Trolls in Hinterlands (specifically the large number of trolls located at Jintha'Alor in South Eastern Hinterlands.
  • Netherweave Cloth- lots of it in The Burning Crusade zones such as Terokkar Forest in The Shadow Tomb (loc 31, 52)
  • new Runecloth Bag- Qia- vendor located in Winter Spring sells a variety of tailor items including Runecloth Bag pattern (tailor skill 260) and Mooncloth pattern (tailor skill 250). Note: Items cycle and are of limited availability. According to user entries, you may have to camp out there for up to 1.5 hours to get Runecloth bag pattern. It took me about 40 min for the pattern to show up in the vendor's inventory.- Hunt'n
  • RuneCloth- Thottbot reference. Stratholme is a good instance to find it. Black Rock Depths at Black Rock Mountain, Burning Steppes- lots of Runecloth on mobs.
  • Silk- Strangletorn Vale, Scarlet Monestary (Instance), and kill Syndicate in the north-east of the Alterac Mountains zone.
  • Wool- Lots of wool in the Stormwind City Stockades.