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Continuous updates to game. As of this posting 1.30 went live, a mid term patch to fix bugs in works.

1.30 includes extensive tutorials which go a long way to understand this very sophisticated game.


World War II Online: Battleground Europe is a historically based Combined Arms (Land, Sea, and Air) MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set in northern Europe at the start of the German "Blitzkrieg" offensive. More like a Simulation then a game, it has by far the largest "single zone" playing area where missions can easily be over 2 hours long (or as short as 2 minutes), and one can shoot at targets as far as 5 kilometers. To manage a wall-less terrain, "eye candy" is sacrificed for practically limitless terrain and movement (It would take hours to "fly off the edge of the world". Unlike most MMO's, this game has almost no character (simply points to rank up) or team management, and is all about team play (players help each other to learn the game and play together).

This MMO has a large international presence, with a large number from Europe and Australia/NZ, with additional players from nearly every sizable country on earth.

Forum posting for discussion and comment:


WW2 OL: BGE is simultaneously developed for the Windows and Mac platforms (Linux support pending), both work on common server.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements:

Mac® OS X 10.4 (possible 10.3):
G5 or Intel processor (G4 barely possible)
1 GB RAM or higher; DDR RAM recommended
ATI or NVIDIA® video hardware with 128 MB VRAM or more
1.0 GB available HD space
4x CD-Rom drive
56k or better Internet connection

These are the recommended system requirements:

Mac® OS X 10.4 or newer:
2 GB RAM or higher; DDR RAM recommended
ATI or NVIDIA® video hardware with 256 MB VRAM or more
2.0 GB available HD space
Broadband Internet connection


Big cities and very intense combat areas are far more performance hit then the game environment in general. Avoiding those areas (or flying well above them), even a G4 can play the game. RAM is also a major factor, more the better. A better CPU is more important then the GPU, so even consumer Mac's will do well running the game. The developers goal is larger computer base over eye candy.

Issues on Your Mac

Help is easily available if need be. There is only 1 download, maybe a patch or 2 for it, there is no 2ed or 3ed party additions, so it is very straight forward.


Home page

Download (You can install the and play in OFFLINE mode COMPLETELY FREE only when you got online will you need to sign up.)

Free Trial info (Tell them "Frantishek" sent you  ;) ):

Game Wiki:


World Info

Old comparison map image, it is now MUCH bigger then this: