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Created as a quick reference for those with short memories. See associated links for full guides- Dave Peck (Hunt'n).



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The Burning Crusade Expansion

Hellfire Citadel

  • Hellfire Citadel is located just West of Honor Hold on past the Alliance outpost tower and consists of 4 dungeons. Hellfire Citadel Overview. Map links and level info: Graphic that shows the entrances to these dungeons. Stay to the right, but don't fall down into the ravine, take the bridge to the right to the meeting stone. The Ramparts is just to the left of the stone (facing it). Shattered Halls is just to the right of the stone. Blood Furnace is up above- Instead of crossing the bridge to the stone, prior to the bridge, veer left, follow the high wall to a long set of stairs, go up, then hang a right to the entrance. Hellfire Ramparts Map L60-62 P5; Blood Furnace Map L61-63 P5; Shattered Halls Map L70-72 P5; Magtheridon's Lair Map L70 P25). See next paragraph for guides.


  • There is a hallway with bombs. Stay away from cicular bombs on floor if possible.
  • Watchkeeper Gargolmar - level 62 elite fel orc. Gargolmar has 2 casting companions, that can heal him. He also patrols so clear the mobs on the the groups end of his patrol pattern in advance of the fight. At 50% health, he will call for healing and be healed to 100%, therefore the choice is to kill the casters first or crowd control them (sheep, stun, etc) and kill Gargolmar first.
  • Omor the Unscarred - level 62 elite fiend. Two guards can be cleared prior to aggroing Omor. Omor will place a curse on individual players that does not hurt the player bu does hurt those around him, so spread out and stay away from cursed player. Be ready for Fell Hounds to appear and possibly go after healer. DPS members should be ready to take them down.
  • Vazruden - level 62 elite fel orc and his mount, a nether drake called Nazan. Most difficult fight with 2 phases- first part against Vazruden and second part against the drake, Nazan. The fight has two stages the first against Vazruden and the second against his mount Nazan. While in flight Nazan drops fire bombs, GET OUT OF THE FIRE. After landing Nazan has fire breath in his front arc. Tank should face him away from group. Fire resistance is good for this fight.

Part 1- Kill two guards at the entrance to their ring. Vazruden jumps off Nazan to attack. Tank should pick him up and move him near the center of the platform and party should spread around so there is space to maneuver as fire bombs fall. This will allow them to have space to move as required when Nazan starts dropping bombs. GET OUT OF FIRE. At this point other than avoiding bombs, a tank and spank fight.

Part 2- After Vazruden drops below 30% health Nazan will land and engage party. Immediately Tank needs to pick up Nazan and face him from the group so only he takes fire damage. Besides the healer who is keeping the tank alive, the entire group should finish off Vazruden. The Tank must move out of fire left on ground from Nazan's fire breath. Fire resistance is good for this fight. From Ten Ton Hammer Guide: This is the phase where most groups wipe since the flame does so much damage to cloth wearers if he gets away from the tank. The biggest trick is managing aggro and still doing enough damage to drop him before the healer runs out of mana.

Ten Ton Hammer Alternate Strategy – Some groups have reported success in this fight by focusing ranged damage on Nazan while he is still in flight. In this way when he lands you have to deal with him for a far shorter period of time, which is always the problem phase.

Blood Furnace

  • Bosses: The Maker, Broggok, Keli'dan the Breaker.
  • The Maker (62 Elite Demon): Tank & spank.
  • Broggok (63 Elite): Big brain. Clear out the room first. Trigger on floor starts event- 4 waves of 4 orcs, ending with Broggok. The first group of Orcs has no elites, 2nd group has 1 elite, 3rd group has 2 elites, etc. Waves are timed but next wave will come as soon as previous group is killed. Crowd control is helpfull. If group wipes on orcs, encounter resets from scratch. If group wipes on Broggok, only have to do him. When last orc of last group is killed Broggok attacks. It has been suggested that if group is in poor shape, sheep last orc and regenerate group prior to engaging Broggok. Most dangerous Broggok attack is green poison gas. GET OUT OF THE GAS!
  • Keli'dan the Breaker (63 Elite): Keli'dan is surrounded by 5 Warlocks. All warlocks aggro at same time. Keli'dan won't fight until they are gone. Warlocks use Shadow Damage. Crowd control is helpful in this part of the fight. Tank should face Keli'dan away from party due to a shadow bolt he fires in front arc. Several times during fight he yells something to the effect of "Come Close and Burn" preceding a ground zero AOE attack. Each time this happens, everyone including the tank should move away 20 yards, them move back in and attack until dead.

Wraith of the Lich King Expansion

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

  • The Old Kingdom Bosses: Elder Nadox (preying mantis looking bug), Prince Taldaram (Blood Elf), Jedoga Shadowseeker, Herald Volazj (final boss).
  • Elder Nadox: former Nerubian (bug) Elder who is now an undead serving the Lich King. When fighting it, guardians will spawn which will make the boss and adds invulnerable. They must be killed immediately. Area of Effect (AOE) can be used to eliminate the smaller nuisance mobs. DPS must be looking for attacks on Healer.
  • Prince Taldaram: Darkfallen Blood Elf protected by shield. Orbs must be activated on two smaller platforms nearby (accessed via spiderweb ramp) and protected by spiders. Pull spiders onto ramp to kill, activate orbs and then engage the Prince. The Prince uses a fire orb (fire damage- Palladins consider Fire Resistance?) During fight he will vanish, then reappear next to a player using Vampiric Drain to do Shadow Damage. (Paladin's consider Shadow Resistance?) This attack is broken by pummeling Prince with as much damage as possible. WoWWiki suggests that when he vanishes everyone groups together so that when he appears to suck the life out of someone he can be attacked immediately. On Heroic- shoots 3 flame orbs. If Tank fights on side of platform, when orbs shot, party can move to other side of platform? Face boss away from party?
  • Jedoga Shadowseeker: This is a floating boss with minions. Kill the minions, then boss drops for attack. If she casts a circle of light on ground, move away. Try to move away if Cyclone Strike is used. During fight she will become immune and float back up. During this time a minion will move forward to sacrifice themselves and heal her. Kill minion before he/she gets to the circle of light under her to prevent healing of the boss.
  • Amanitar- Heroic Mode. See the WoWWiki description This boss uses a spell called "Mini" a debuff which reduces damage by 75% and reduces Defense by 500. Paladins can use Divine Shield to remove by after being hit, click Divine Shield On, then Off to remove. And something about moving to a healthy mushroom and killing it as Hammer of Righteous is used? Death Knight Tanks should use Anti-Magic Shell to become immune. See link. There are both healthy and poisonous mushroom that spawn once fight starts. Tank area should be AOEd to kill poison mushrooms. If Tank is hit by Mini debuff, killing a healthy mushroom will fix you.
  • Herald Volzzj: Uses Insanity at 66% and 33% health. Party members see hostile copies of themselves, each must be killed. After you kill yours, help kill others. The WoWWiki links says to remove your weapon(s) prior to the completion of Insanity being cast to reduce damage during insanity. This is because your shadow clone will then not be armed and not do as much damage. Then re-equip weapon and kill them. Other Wiki Notes: Priest can kill Insanity mobs by casting Mind Control and then immediately breaking it. Pally Tank can kill clones with Consecration, Judgement and Shield of Righteousness.


  • Azjol-Nerub Bosses: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Hadronox, Anub'arak.
  • Krik'thir the Gatewatcher: First Boss who... guards the gate! Three groups of spider in front of the boss. Each group includes a main spider and two adds. Once the first group is pulled, the event has started and each group comes in sequence, with breaks long enough to drink between attacks if they are killed fast enough. Have the tank pull the left group back into the hallway to maximize time between groups. However, after the last group comes, the boss follows immediately after the last group is killed. If possible it is best to tank the 3 spider groups facing them away from your party due to attacks that can hit party members standing in front of the mobs. Assign one DPS member to attack any party members who are encased in silk to release them. Tank and DPS members should look out for Anub'ar Skirmisher which will drop aggro and attack a party member. The WoWWiki guide specifically says don't turn your back to a Anub'ar Skirmisher because it can use a Backstab attack for over 10k. The right group includes a "dual wielding" bug with high damage. Healer should be prepared to keep tank up. When you finally get to the boss, he will summon groups of AOEable insects. He has small radius attacks that can effect multiple party members so everyone should stay spread out around him. No significant notes for fighting on Heroic. After the fight, head to the right and down and around the webs to Hadronox.
  • Hadronox: You need a party member who can clean poison. SHAMAN with Cleansing Totem makes the fight much easier. Paladin can Cleanse or Purify, Druid can Cure or Abolish Poison. After winding down through the webs, Hardonox, a really big spider who will all ready be under attack by other bugs. (Note, on heroic, there is an achievement for killing him before he kills the attacking bugs as he moves to attack your group. If you decide to do this, you can't let him kill mobs because he regains health as a result of it. And the mobs may attack your party. ) Once the encounter is started, it continues to the boss. Start first by pulling the first Crusher groups, others will follow, then the boss. Party should remain up on the webbing near wall. DPS should be ready to protect healer from adds and attack anyone encased in silk. If not going for the achievement, wait up on the webbing and allow Hadronox to kill all the bugs that are attacking him, then he will get to you. Hadronox makes liberal use of Leech Poision. It effects a large area and while it poisons multiple party members, it HEALS Hadronox. And note that if you heal someone while poisoned, this process heals the boss. It is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE if you have someone who can clean poison from party members. If someone dies, this gives Harronox health. Move out of green poison clouds. After the fight head to the right and down jumping into a really big hole where you will land in water, them make your way to last boss.
  • Anub'arak: The Big Beetle. All party members must be on the platform when encounter starts or they will be locked out. At 75%, 50%, and 25% he burrows and can shoot up spikes. When you see the ground start to be disturbed, move away from it to avoid. When submerged all dps and tank can focus on adds that drop in, but Tank should be watching for Anub to resurface. WoWwiki mentions a trick: If healer is low mana, you can keep Anub submerged by delaying the killing of the last guardian until the Healer has his mana back up. WoWWiki also mentions that Feral Druids can use Innervate on healer, Rebirth on dead party members, heal party with Tranquility, and Abolish Poison too! Heroic Mode- Anub'arak has a 3 second cast called Pound, 18k damage on plate and includes 4 second stun. When it starts to be cast he can't turn so Tanks should either run behind him or away from him to avoid. There are more adds. This is the more difficult aspect of the fight. Tank should handle elites that come down the ramp from where party entered. Healers and casters should stay close to tank so he can pick up elite adds. DPS should handle non-elite adds. Poisons should be cleansed. Rogues can use Tricks of the Trade to transfer threat to tank.


  • Drak'Tharon Bosses: Trollgore, Novos the Summoner, King Dred, The Prophet Tharon'ja.
  • Trollgore: Will be found at top of a large flight of stairs fighting other mobs that come in waves. One technique is to wait for him to finish with a wave and then pull him down the stairs. (The times I've been there, we have not waited for him to finish a wave but I've not really noticed if the mobs he's fighting attack us.- Hunt'n)
  • Novos the Summoner: Located at the bottom of a large flight of stairs. Enter the room and move left around the edge to the stairs. Party should split for this fight. When attacked Novos initially creates an impenetrable shield then calls for help. Trash mobs come from above. High level casters enter the room from the bottom. Tank with healer support (plus depending on makeup of team possibly one DPS class) should handle the casters below. Rest of party should handle mobs from above. Once they are defeated, the shield will disappear and the entire party will take on Novos.
  • King Dred: Giant TRex. Tank should pull the adds in the same room with Dred when he patrols to the other end. Dred uses Bellowing Roar (AOE fear), healers should stay back to avoid. Dred uses Grievous Bite which can be debuffed using Lay on Hands. More adds may show up. See WoWWiki's King Dred tactic on how other heavy armor DPSer can taunt Dred when the message "King Dred raises claws menacingly" (indicating special attacks coming) so he attacks them instead to spread damage around, then Tank taunts and recaptures aggro.
  • The Prophet Tharon'ja: When engaged, periodically turns party into undead skeletons who have their own set of attacks and buffs. Use Bone Armor buff on self. Use the two attacks Slaying Strike and Touch of Life against him. The tank should be using Taunt regularly to keep him focused on the tank.


  • Located in Zul'Drak, Gundrak is a 5 player dungeon for L76-78 players. It is not a dungeon that can be waltzed through without some boss knowledge. See these guides: WoWWiki (click on the bosses sublink) and Both guides include heroic strategy.
  • Gundrak Bosses: Slad'ran, Drakkari Colossus, Moorabi, Gal'darah, Eck the Ferocious (heroic).
  • Slad'ran, a serpant that resides in a small side room to the right of first large room you'll enter with patrolling snakes. See the link for a dungeon layout. This boss uses Poison Nova, when cast DPS players should move away to avoid. Snakes appear as adds, assign one player to deal with them. Snakes have the ability to attack with Snake Wrap, an attack that immobilizes a player. Other players should attack the wrap to release immobilized player. See the WowWiki Slad'ran link for heroic strategy.
  • Drakkari Colossus, is a challenging large elemental surrounded by small Living Mojo mobs. Once the fight starts the small mobs enter the Colossus. Both the links provided give an excellent description of fighting this boss. On the WowWiki link, look for the bosses sublink, where you will find this info on the Colossus.
Colossus 4 Part Fight- Standard fight until:
Colossus at 50% health a large blue Elemental emerges from the Colossus. The tank must be aware and attack the Elemental. It will be spewing Purple Mojo poison on players. Besides the immediate damage, players will continue to take heavy damage if they stand in these pools so they should be constantly moving/hopping. Elemental Surge, charges players damaging anyone it passes. Move to the side of it's path in attempt to avoid. Priest should be using group healing. Pally healer can use Beacon of Light (party heal).
At 50% Elemental Health merges with Colossus and soon after will cast an undispellable debuff for -900 damage. Healers should be using their heavy duty healing spells in anticipation of this event.
At 20% Colossus health large Elemental emerges from Colossus and is fought until killed.
  • Moorabi, an Ice Troll which can transform into a Mammoth increasing damage by 25%, but is the most straight forward fight in this instance. Reported at WoWiki that transformation can be interrupted. Classes with cast-interruption attacks should use them. WorldofStrats Guide mentions that Rogues can use Mind Numbing Poision to make interruption easier. Uses AOE attack, Ground Tremors that stuns party for 3 sec. Healers, take into account your healing will be interrupted at times.
  • Eck The Ferocious- on Heroic, after Moorabi is defeated a passage opens to Eck. Tank stands in front of Eck, others behind. See WorldOfStrat link for more.
  • Gal'darah, an Ice Troll. After defeating Moorabi, jump off his alter into the water, then swim to shore and cross the bridge to take on Gal'darah.
Four part fight- troll turns into rhino at 75% health, troll at 50% health, and rhino at 25% health. Rhino can charge and knock back players 30' so the tank should range pull and back against wall. Melee should attack hind quarters but move away when troll executes Whirling Slash. He can be disarmed (Rogue?) If disarmed his Whirling Slash does much less damage. WoWWiki mentions an Alternate Strategy of tanking the boss in the middle of the room and the tank and other party members moves away during the Whirling Slash.
Rino at 75% health- All party members should move next to tank against wall to minimize knock back. Players can be impaled on horn for approx 5 sec (approx 3750 DOT-Damage Over Time)which prevents them from attacking or casting. If they can Healers should keep HOT (Heal Over Time Spell) on themselves in case they are impaled.


  • Nexus Guide- at Instance located adjacent to Borean Tundra. (5 player L70-73]
  • Nexus Bosses: 4 Bosses (L72 elites)- Grand Magus Telestra (humanoid), Anomalus (Elemental), Ormorok (Elemental), Keristrasza (Dragon).
  • Grand Magus Telestra: AOE attacks, group healer helpful; uses Gravity Well interrupting cast time healing; beat her down until at 50% health splits into 3 clones, fire, arcane, and frost. Arcane clone can sheep player. If necessary kill Arcane clone to eliminate "sheep effect" first, otherwise kill Frost first (it deals AOE damage), Arcane 2nd, and Fire Last. After clones eliminated she reappears, kill her.
  • Anomalus: Elemental will periodically becomes immune and summons Chaotic Rifts (they look like swirling sparkles). Switch focus and kill these quickly or additional Rifts will appear.
  • Ormorok: Elemental will cast Crystal Spikes that grow out of ground. Stay away from them. Casts Spell Reflection. In response casters in group should use lower damage spells until shield dissipates (4 hits).
  • Keristrasza (Dragon): Deals in cold damage. Tank should stand in front of. Other party members click 3 orbs to activate her. Tank engages, other party members stay away from head and tail. Players must move to remove Intense Cold debuff she uses on them. Melee- hop and slash. Casters- cast spell then move. Healers dispel Crystal Chains on players or they will get frozen for a period of time.


Halls of Lightning

  • Halls of Lightning located in Uldar in the Storm Peaks. Halls of Stone Guide (5 player 77-79].
  • Halls of Lightning Bosses: General Bjarngrim, Volkhan, Ionar, Loken.
  • General Bjarngrim- Platforms connected by bridges, General Bjarngrim is the tall fellow usually being electrically charged by three helpers. Watch for patrols in this area. Don't engage the General while he is charged (full of electricty), unless you have a very strong party and want an associated achievement. If you have beams of electricity around your feet, you've been hit by an Arc Weld attack (10 sec) from a Stormforged Tactician that causes damage if you attempt to move. Don't move! World of Strats Advice- Assigning labels 1-5 counterclockwise, clear platforms 1,2,3 before engaging the General. When General is half way between 2 and 3 (heading for 3), platform 2 can be cleared, then move on to 3. If patrols between 2 and 3 are cleared, General can be engaged on platform 2.

Battle Notes: The General's helpers can be crowd controlled in normal mode. The Stormforged Lieutenant, a helper, can use both Arc Wield attack and Renew Steel to repair the General. Helpers should be crowd controlled or killed by DPS party members. Tank should keep back to wall. Don't move when effected by Arc Weld. DPS move away from General during Cleave (Battle Stance) and Whirlwind (Berserker Stance). Casters stop casting when Spell Reflection cast (Defensive Stance). Casters may have healing interrupted so Tanks should use any abilites that lower damage, DPS party members who can heal should be ready to backup healer, healing the tank.

  • Room Full of Elementals- Not a boss, they replenish so the room can't be cleared. The technique is to run through the room to the stairs on the opposite side. Tank stays on stairs and fights. Rest of party moves to top of stairs. Healer focuses solely on tank. DPS can range attack and AOE if tank has enough aggro (how do u tell?).
  • Volkhan.- Fire Giant. Every 20% health he runs to anvil and summons molten golems. When attacked the golems become brittle and inactive at low health. At 25% health, he uses Shattering Stomp which damages party members. In addition, golems shatter and anyone standing close to golem, takes additional damage. World of Strats Strategy mentions two strategies.

Strategy 1- The Tank kites the boss in a circle ignoring the adds. Everyone focuses only on the boss and does not use AOE attacks to avoid brittle golems. Or strong groups, the Tank can just stand by the anvil and burn the boss down while not attacking the golems, no AOE attacks to avoid damaging the golems.

Strategy 2- Plate wearing DPS gathers golems in a corner away from boss so when they shatter, only he takes damage.

  • Hall of Watchers- Not bosses, a long room with frozen statues. As you progress through this room, some of them wake up and attack.
  • Ionar- A Lightning Revenant who uses Ball Lightning (avoid), Static Overload (can be dispelled or cleansed,players should move away from player hit by Static Overload), and Disperse. Disperse is static electricity that moves across the room seriously damaging anyone who is hit by it. Every 25% of health Ionar disperses. When this happens, all party members should run to the opposite end of the room (where they entered). After it fades, run back and attack Lonar.
  • Thundering Overlook mobs- Stormfury Revenant- electric attack; Molten Golem- fire damage; Storming Vortex- lightning attack.
  • Terestrial Watchtower- Clear room- Stormforged Construct- Nature Damage (hunters), Lightning; Titanium Vanguard- Charge, Poison spear; Stormforged Sentinel- can heal in addition to attack; Stormforged Giant- electric attacks; Stormforged Runeshaper- most dangerous spinning attack, move away.
  • Loken- Last Boss. Uses Arc Lightning that can jump to multiple party members. If hit move about 10 yards from other party members. To take the least damage, the fight with Loken requires the Party to move next to Loken's feet for Pulsing Shockwave which does more damage the farther you are from Loken. And Lightning Nova which requires the group to move away about 20 yards before it is cast. Group can either move to bottom of steps, tank there, for next Nova, move back to original position and tank there. The other option is to move back and forth perpendicular to steps. Whichever direction the group decides, move to the new position at the beginning of a Nova cast. When Pulsing Shockwave cast move under Loken's feet.

Halls of Stone

  • Halls of Stone located in Uldar in the Storm Peaks. Halls of Stone Guide (5 player 77-79].
  • Halls of Stone Bosses: Maiden of Grief, Krystallus, Sjonnier the Ironshaper. Encountered non-lineal.
  • Maiden of Grief Relies on Storm of Grief, a void zone appearing on floor, and casts Pillar of Woe, a magical debuff shadow damage. Move out of void when created to avoid damage. Shock of Sorrow casts shadow damage and stuns everyone for 10 sec. Heroic: SoG, POW SoS, plus Parting Sorrow: mana burn. suggests the tank should kite the Maiden in a circle around outside of room with casters in the middle. When Maiden starts to cast Shock of Sorrow, tank should taunt Maiden so they are hit first by her breaking the SoS stun effect. If in close proximity to void zone, Healer can jump in to avoid stun.
  • Gruul Dragonkiller- Knocks back party members and eventually turns them to stone, then breaks them. Stay away from each other while turning to stone to avoid damaging each other?
  • Sjonnir The Ironshaper- Has Lightning Shield which appears as 10 balls of lightning. When attacked there's a 50% chance attacker will take 1000 (3000 in Heroic) nature damage consuming a ball. This shield should be dispelled or spellstolen. (priest dispel, shamans purge, warriors shield slam, mages spellsteal). When he uses Lighting Ring- EVERYONE move away. Oz blob adds join fight in middle they form into more powerful blobs. AOE tank such as Pally should be able to hold elite-adds and continue firing at boss. DPS protect healer and kill little blobs before they get big. DPS can be stationed on left and right to pick up adds as they appear. "Sjonnir Bottom Line:" Tank boss in middle of room, EVERYONE avoid lightning ring, DPS members protect healer and kill little blob adds before they turn into big blobs. Tank picks up Elite Adds. After blobs start appearing everyone focus on boss.
Halls of Stone Quest
  • For more info on this quest see Tribunal of Ages at Talk to Brann Bronzebeard inside the dungeon and escort him to a circular room with 3 faces.
  • Part1- The face to the right, Kaddrak, activates and shoots Glare of the Tribunal, Arcane damage dealing approx 500 Arcane damage at random party member every 3 sec for remainder of fight. Waves of groups appear approximately every 45 seconds. Each group = 3 elites, 2 melee and one caster (3 melee on heroic). Brann must be protected.
  • Part 2- Brann will yell and turn to face on left side of entrance. Shadowy orb hits ground effecting one player with debuff increase damage (50% on normal and 100% on heroic) for short time. Waves of mobs come every 30 seconds, with two non-elite casters included in every 2nd wave.
  • Part3- Brann yells and faces face opposite of the entrance. Searing Gaze, fired on floor (500 dps, 2000 dps heroic, to anyone within 10 yard.) Move out of these beams! Eventually, Iron Golem Custodian appears with a wave. Focus on survival of group, use crowd control and AoE stuns (i.e. Shadowfury, Hungering Cold, etc.). Crowd Control/Kite any Adds not picked up by tank. After approx 3 minutes, Brann yells last time. At this point faces turn on mobs, destroying them. A Tribunal Chest with loot appear in the center of the room. Talk to Brann after fight to get credit for quest.
  • Part 3 Bottom Line- Keep the mobs clustered by the stairs while Brann works on the machine. Keep Adds away from Brann. Tanks must manage aggro while trying to pick up every add. Running out of mana is a danger for tank. Other party members use AOE liberally AoE (i.e. Shadowfury, Hungering Cold, etc.), Crowd Control/Kite any Adds not picked up by tank. Stay out of the beams! Brann is healable!

Trial of Champion

Trial of Champion is a L80 5 player dungeon located in the Crusader's Coliseum in the Argent Tournament Grounds, Northern Ice Crown.

  • The first encounter is a jousting event and is an easy encounter for most groups. Remember to set the dungeon to heroic if needed prior to entering. Inside the Coliseum, equip a lance from one of the racks, equip a mount, and get familiar with your joust controls. Build up your shields with the goal of keeping them green all of the time. Attack with Shield Breaker (ranged), Charge (ranged), and Thrust (for close up fighting). If your horse dies, go run and get another. Remember in this dungeon, if you die, "release" and return quickly to the Coliseum and continue the fight!
  • TOC Bosses: More info to follow

Utgarde Keep

  • Bosses- Prince Keleseth, Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller, and finally Ingvar the Pluderer. The bosses in this dungeon deal a lot of shadow damage. If you have a Paladin and your party is on the low end for the instance, consider using the Paladin's Shadow Resistance.
  • Prince Keleseth- Shadow Damage.
  • Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller- Shadow Damage. Whoever is killed first comes back as an invinible ghost so in essence you end up fighting both of them until the end. I've seen suggestions for focusing on either one of them first, however, in our group the best method seemed to be to tank Dalronn down to about 15% health, then switch to Skarvald, until his health is low then split your party with the tank working Skarvald and DPS members working Dalronn to kill them both about the same time.
  • Ingvar the Pluderer- Part 1- Tank should face him away from party. Ingvar has AOE roar that hits all party members with approx 2000 damage and interrupts casting along with a smash attack that effects players in front of him. Healers and ranged DPS should hide behind pillars during his roar. With each roar he becomes more powerful. Try to kill quickly. Part 2- Kill first time but he is reborn and uses primarily shadow damage for round two. (Paladins switch to Shadow?) Many of his attacks are area cones so the tank should face him away from the party. Tank* watch out for Dark Smash (3 sec cast that can be avoided. Melee, ranged, and healers get behind pillars for Dreadful Roar. Everyone look for Shadow Axes, a spinning axe that will kill you. * Ref: World of

Utgarde Pinnacle

  • Info: Howling Fjord Utgard Pinnacle Guide- at Second five man dungeon designed for level 80 players located at Utgard Keep in Howling Fjord. Meeting stone at 57.1, 46.2.
  • Bosses: Svala Sorrowgrave, Gortok Palehoof, Skadi the Ruthless, King Ymiron.
  • Svala Sorrowgrave Straight forward fight with 2 alternating parts. First part- tank and spank. Second part, boss floats in the air, one party member will be immobilized, while 3 adds appear. Kill the adds to free imobilized party member, wait for the sword to drop, boss comes back down, fight. This happens several times. If adds are not killed before sword drops, AOE explosion damages party.
  • Gortok Palehoof Magnataur located in the Trophy Hall with 4 other frozen mobs. Start encounter by activating the Statis Generator. Described by Strats guide as healing intensive. Two of the frozen mobs come to life one at a time, basic tank and spank but see guides for specific abilities. When Gortok becomes animated, tank should face him away from party due to Arching Smash (forward cone of damage). He needs to be taken down quickly due to Withering Roar, a highly damaging attack that can stack up to 50 times.
  • Skadi the Ruthless Described as most difficult encounter in dungeon. When you walk into the second long hallway in this dungeon, Skadi will be standing next to his dragon. When engaged, he will hop on his mount and take to the air. See Note. Your party must work their way down the hallway killing mobs while avoiding the swaths of Freezing Cloud that his dragron lays down up and down the hallway. Pick up harpoons laying about. When you get to the end of the hallway an emote will tell you Skadi is in range. Use the harpoons to shoot down his dragon then fight the boss. Wirlwind, a spinning attack is the most damaging. Tank must kite (get away) from boss during this attack and then reengage. Note this maybe a bug, but at the beginning of this encounter if you aggro the boss, then have the entire party leave the hall (from where you came) and wait for the encounter to reset. Come into hall a second time, aggro the boss and as he takes to the air on his dragon, quickly run down the hall and you will avoid most of the mobs that normally are between you and the other end.
  • Note: Mobs between these two bosses like to fear you. There is a room with a bunch of mobs, it's best to pull them out of the room.
  • King Ymiron See WorldofStrats Guide. Heal intensive fight. Potential for high burst damage so healer must keep the party topped off. 1)Bane- a 5 sec buff on Ymiron that deals shadow damage to party members when he is attacked. Party must stop attacking Ymiron during this time or dispell, purge, spell steal (mage), or Shield Slam. If someone other than healer can dispel Bane, they should be assigned to take care of this. 2)Dark Slash- One half damage on tank. Healer should have heaviest healing spell ready for tank. 3)Cower in Fear (approx every 20 sec) affects all party members. Can be removed by Hunter's Beast Within, DK's Icebound Fortitude, Mage Blink/IceBlock, or trying any spell that removes movement imparing effects. 4)Slow moving Orb- stay away. 5)Spirit Burst attacks all party members. 6)Adds are weak, can be killed with AoE or ignore as they disappear when Ymiron moves to boats (to get more abilities).

Violet Hold

  • Viold Hold consists of 18 waves of attacks, the 6th and 12th wave are random mini bosses, the last wave is the blue dragon Cyanigosa.
  • Violet Hold Bosses: Erekem (Arakkoa), Moragg (Eyeball), Ichoron (Ice Elemental), Zuramat (Voidwalker), Xevozz (Ethernal), Lavanthor (Corehound), Cyanigosa (Dragon).
  • Erekem (birdman)- two adds, if you kill adds first, he becomes enraged increasing his attack rate, so kill one add, Erekem 2nd, then other add last.
  • Ichoron - Water Revenant, comes with shield that takes multiple spell and melee hits (35 according to Zug Gaming guide) to break. After shield broken Ichoron turns into smaller orbs that must be killed before rejoining. (Rejoining restores some of Ichoron's HP.) WoWWiki reports there are crystal activators around room that can be used to kill smaller orbs. It has also been reported that pulling Ichoron towards dungeon entrance is helpful because the area is a bottle neck and the smaller orbs have farther to go. Finally he becomes enraged and you just kill him.
  • Lavanthor, Core Hound with Flame Breath. Tank should face him away from party.
  • Moragg Eyeball, has Mindflay attack. Just heal through it.
  • Zuramat the Obliterator - Voidwalker puts spell on individual party member who (alone) will see low level shadow mobs that must be killed. Uses Shroud of Darkness on himself (lasts 2-3 sec) and if hit during this time, places a debuff on healer that reduces healing by 20% and can stack 5 times everytime he is hit. Classes can disrupt Should of Darkness using following spells: Mage-Spellsteal, Warlock Felhunter-Devour Magic (put it on auto cast), Shaman-Purge, Priest-Dispel Magic, Hunter-Tranquilizing Shot, Warrior-Shield Slam.
  • Xevozz - An Ethernal, he releases orbs. He is not too dangerous unless he gets close to his orbs. If he comes in contact with orb his damage output increases significantly or he can transport entire party onto orb where they will receive significant damage. Stay focused on Xevozz. WoWWiki suggests tank meet Xevozz on stairs to left of his cell, pull(kite) him up onto balcony and across to other stairs. Orbs will most likely despawn before they join back up with him. Repeat when orbs respawn, party members should stay ahead of tanks kiting path to avoid damage from orbs. Hunt'n Note: I agree, after dying twice down below, pulling him up the steps to the left of where he originates (facing him) and across the top pulling him back and forth in that area worked well.
  • Cyanigosa - Dragon and the final boss. Tank should face dragon away from party. Party members stay away from front of dragon to avoid Frost Breath.