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Updates to Windows Gaming on a Mac FAQ Pt2

  • 27Oct13- Cleaned up Article. Moved a substantial amount of content to archieved section.
  • 4Oct- Created Game Save Locations section and added info on Minecraft.
  • 25Aug2013- Reorganized article, game info moved to Part 2.

Demo & Download Links

  • Gamers recommended Download Site, good speeds and minimal hassles.

Game Save Locations

  • Minecraft- I discovered that Minecraft Windows saves are kept in the hidden-by-default folder, "AppData". AppData>Roaming>.minecraft. (added Oct13)
  • Display Hidden Files and Folder

Archived Demo & Download Links

The Witcher Demo.

Archieved Game Specific Help


What can I do when I get a Can't find install folder or Newer version is already installed errors when I'm trying to patch?

This is caused by a bug that somehow prevents directory info for the game to be placed in the registry when it is originally installed. It seems to be a common problem with this game. The easiest thing to do is to uninstall the game, but don't be surprised if the uninstaller does not work, cause it can't find the game! This is what happened to me.

First I tried to follow Electronic Arts Tech Support advice and make some registry entries for the game. To see these instruction click on the link, fill in your computer specific info and search on "Patch errors". This can be really dangerous if you mess up. Open the registry and add version and install directory information for BF2142.. I tried this but it did not work for me cause I was not sure of the version and build number info.

Even following the advice of making a backup of the registry, I had difficulties restoring it using EA's instructions. BTW here is a MS link on backing up the registry. In my case I run a utility called System Suite, which has a built in registry saver that makes it very easy to revert to an older version of the registry.

So I reverted to the previous copy of the registry. Because neither the game's uninstaller or the WinXP Control Panel for uninstalling programs worked, I went to my game folder and manually removed the Battlefield2142 folder, then I ran System Suite to clean up whatever Registry errors it could find. Then I reinstalled the game and this time the patch worked.

Bioshock Activation Revoke Tool

Bioshock will allow a couple of installs. The game is activated over the internet with a 2K server. I'm not exactly sure how many activations are allowed with a single serial number, but there is at least two as I have it installed on my P4 and on my MBP (running Vista). 2K Games has released an Activation Revoke Tool to allow at least one of the legal activations to be revoked. It looks like they are working to make this tool so it will revoke all activations, but that is not online yet. Visit The Cult of Rapture link to read more about it. Those who know me, know that I think activation of games sucks mostly because it complicates the sale of a used game. However this seems like a good compromise.- submitted by Hunt'n 1/08.

Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind

(Added Sept 08 by Huntn) This is an older game. The good news is that it runs in Vista. It should run in XP with no problems. I'm running it specifically in the 32 bit Vista version. There are a couple of good points to make. The following link is of great help for nailing down Morrowind problems.

  • Morrowind Troubleshooting & Optimizing for Windows (Includes Vista) link.
  • Secondly I noticed that when installing Morrowind, there is no option to install it anywhere else than your C Drive. That is your home directory. However, regarding a troubleshooting problem, I discovered that this game can be moved to another location by simply dragging the game folder. Yes, I know that in another place in this guide, its says do not drag programs or you'll break them. This is a case where this will not happen. That note will be updated in the future, however don't go thinking that all programs can be dragged around in Windows. Some will break. :)
  • After the install I was getting a message on game launch: Failed to load snowflake: Meshese\BM_snow01.nif. I found the answer in the above link. For this specific problem you simple drag the game folder to another location. I have a portable drive I use with windows, so I dragged it to my E drive and the game at that point worked just fine.

Morrowind Troubleshooting with Vista

(reprinted from Forumplanet link) because you never know how long a link will exist online and this info actually came from the Morrowind Tech forum.

Font 0 not found in Morrowind.ini=

  • This is a fairly common error no matter what operating system you're using, but it seems to be most common on Vista. The first thing you should do is reinstall Morrowind by following these instructions:
  • First, uninstall the game using Windows Add/Remove Programs. Then delete the Morrowind folder from your hard drive - (default location) C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind - empty your recycle bin, and restart your computer. Once your computer restarts, disconnect from the internet and SHUT DOWN your anti-virus software and your firewall (this is probably what messed up the install the first time), then reinstall the game in the following order - Morrowind, Tribunal, then Bloodmoon.
  • If that doesn't help, then see the section right below this one (2b) for more suggestions.

Error message - Failed to load snowflake: Meshes\BM_Snow01.nif

  • This is a very common error message to get after installing the Bloodmoon expansion. Unfortunately, there is no one solution to it that works for everybody. But it's still a very solvable problem. ;^)
  • First, I recommend you try the simplest solution, which also happens to be the one that seems to work for most everybody. I recommend simply moving the whole Morrowind (or Bethesda Softworks) folder to a new location on your hard drive because the default install location (C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind) has so many permission restrictions (and other weird things of different kinds that nobody really understands) that it's just a bad place to run Morrowind from. I recommend you paste your entire Morrowind, or Bethesda Softworks, folder to your root C:\ directory - so its install path is, for example, C:\Morrowind.
  • After that, you can try right-clicking the Morrowind.exe file in the installed Morrowind folder and choosing the Run as Administrator option, then try playing. If that fails, then return to the Morrowind.exe properties and, in addition to the previous, try running it in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.
  • If that still doesn't work, then open your Morrowind.ini file (located right in the installed Morrowind folder (you may have to click the "Compatibility Files" tab in the top-right corner to see this file)) and find the Archives section. It should look like this:

[Archives] Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa

  • If either of these lines are missing, then copy and paste them into your Morrowind.ini file and save it. Also, while you're there, right-click your Morrowind.ini file, look at its properties, and make sure that it is NOT read only.
  • If that still doesn't help, then try opening the Tribunal CD in Explorer, right-click Setup.exe, and choose the Run as Administrator option. Then disconnect from the internet, disable any anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall software you're using and double-click the file Setup.exe on the Tribunal CD to reinstall Tribunal. Then repeat this process with the Bloodmoon CD.
  • If that still doesn't work, then as a last resort you can copy and paste the Data Files folders from the Tribunal and Bloodmoon CDs to the installed Morrowind folder on your hard drive. By default, the game gets its art files from the installed BSA files, but it looks for them in the Data Files first; so putting them in the Data Files should fix your problem, but it will use more hard drive space. After you copy the files over, to get some of your hard drive space back, you might be able to delete the Tribunal.bsa and Bloodmoon.bsa files from your hard drive and also remove both of the Archive entries in your Morrowind.ini file - I've never tried this, though, so don't permanently delete the files until you're sure it isn't causing any problems.

The game crashes upon exiting the boat in the very beginning

  • This is another very common problem, but luckily this one has a simple work-around that seems to work for everybody. Simply Alt-Tab out of the game, then bring the game back up. You may have to try this a few times, and you may have to have another program open (Notepad works great ;^) before this works. Exiting the ship is apparently the only transition area where this problem occurs.

Missing Saves folder

  • To see your Saves folder, open your installed Morrowind folder and click the Compatibility Files tab towards the top-right corner of the explorer window. You might be able to avoid the "compatibility files" by running the game in Windows XP 2 compatibility mode, which should create a new Saves folder right in your installed Morrowind folder (you can merge the two saves folders by copying the one from the compatibility tab and pasting it into the Morrowind folder).

Console won't open

  • If you press the ~ (or `) key on your keyboard in-game and the console does not open, then you probably have one of the same problems as the XP users who can't open their consoles, but I'm putting this in the Vista section because infrared devices and fancy shmancy keyboards are very common on Vista machines so this problem appears a LOT.
  • Anyway, you should first disable (unplug or disable in Device Manager) any infrared devices connected to your computer. If that doesn't help, then you can either try using an old-school PS/2 keyboard or else try using a different driver with your current keyboard. You can check the keyboard manufacturer's website for a new driver, or else try the Windows' included drivers. Do the following to try drivers included with Windows:

1. Open the Windows Control Panel, open Device Manager, find the Keyboards subheading and click the little plus sign to expand it. 2. Right-click on your keyboard and choose "Update Driver." 3. Choose "browse my computer..." then "let me pick from a list..." 4. Then choose a driver from the list. The PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102-Key) driver is supposed to work great for the new HP Media Keyboards, but you may have to try several drivers before you find one that will work with your keyboard and open the Morrowind console (or you may not find one at all). Just remember to restart your computer every time you change the driver. Good luck!

FPS tip

This is a tip that was posted in the official TES forums' Vista Problems thread, so I figured I might as well post it here. :^) Right-click your Morrowind shortcut, open the compatibility tab, check the boxes next to "disable desktop compositon," "disable visual themes," and "disable display scaling on high DPI settings."

Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion FAQ

Galactic civilizations II

Ran into weird bug running this on macbook pro, core 2 duo, 2.16 ghz, 1gb ram, 128 mb ati x1600, win xp home sp2, updated all the way (except int explorer, screw that thing). System randomly _reboots_ if 'software cursor' selected (which is the default). selected 'hardware cursor' and no random reboots so far...

Half Life 2

-Resetting a used HL2 key- would be necessary if purchasing a used registered copy of HL2. Purchasing a used copy of HL2 puts you at the mercy and totally depends on the honesty of the seller. If a particular CD code has been banned, Valve will not reset it. See the link.

Steam- Moving Windows Steam Game Content

Theatre of War

For those with ATI cards you might find that something odd happens when in Boot Camp ... the game starts and runs upside down. Simple fix ... first start it up and navigate to the graphics options screen and set your resolution as required (mine 1680x1050). Save and quit. Then open the ww.ini file in the game directory and edit the state "true" to state "false" in the line - "changeScreenRes". Then restart and it'll be fine.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

(Updated as of Nov 2011)

  • Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines will not run under Mac Steam. This info is for running the game under Bootcamp/Window/Steam.
  • The game came out in 2004 for Windows XP or 98 (can't remember). The good news is that this excellent atmospheric game can be played under Windows 7 including 64 bit installed through Steam and available for purchase on Steam. If you check the game requirements prior to purchase you will see there is no mention of Windows 7 for the Operating System. This info came from the official Steam Forums originally posted by Darkbyke], but this post is now archived, so I have repeated the info here. I (Huntn) recently installed the game through Steam, got the first error listed below, installed the unofficial patch and made the settings changes as noted below (15mb memory error).
  • Error: Unable to run, less that 15mb memory available. This is the error you will most likely see if you install the game through Steam and then try to run it under Windows 7.
  • Refer to these links:

Unofficial Patch 7.6 is out! (15July11) and The Patches Scrolls for Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines #77

  • Download Unofficial English Patch

from this Patches Scrolls Vampire Bloodlines Page. Run the patch. I chose PLUS version. Huntn Note: There are two newer patches. I used #77, but two more have come out since. It is suggested that you back up your Vampire Bloodlines Install before applying patch if you have room to do so.

  • Choose to install to your steam directory

Typically "C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\vampire the masquerade bloodlines". If you have installed Steam on a different hard drive, go find it.

  • To Correct Black Intro Screen with sound, but no logos:

This is annoying during game startup. Once in the game, there should be no issues. To correct, in the Steam\SteamApps\common\vampire the masquerade-bloodlines directory right-click on the Vampire.exe application, select Properties, then Compatibility and click the Disable Visual Themes and Disable Desktop Composition boxes. Huntn Note: This is not within the Steam Application while the game is running. This is within the Steam directory on your hard drive. This worked for me.

  • To Prevent Auto Updating:

Under the Steam Game Library Menu:(while running Steam, before launching the game) right-click Vampire The Masquerade game, select Properties and under the General Tab un-check the box labeled Enable Steam Community In-Game box. Under the Update Tab, under Automatic Updates select Do Not Automatically Update This Game. Huntn Note: I could not get the "disable auto update" selection to stick when I tried it.

  • Error: Failed to find Steam

Launch the Game within Steam. Unverified Second Option: Run Steam as an administrator AND set the Vampire.exe to run as an admin as well. You should also be launching the game from Steam. Always restart Steam after setting to Admin... some users aren't doing this.

  • Error: I'm missing textures!

Bump Mapping: is checked ON under game settings (while game is running. Also, doesn't hurt to restart the game, I know I had missing textures (they appeared as a pink/black chessboard) and I restarted the game with bump mapping on and they restored properly. It is recommended that this game be installed with the official 1.2 patch and then one of the available unofficial patches online. I have installed and used the True5.04AT patch located at This site also includes some nice semi-nude model enhancements along with a NPC graphic enhancement patch.

  • Notable links:

-Official 1.2 Patch Walkthrough. -Being Intimate with Jeanette Voerman link. (Note: the sexual encounter is an audio experience only that is if you can get it to work as advertised. :)) Nov2011- I believe we are well beyond official links at this point. Info left here for reference only.

  • Vampire Bloodlines GamePlay Tips-

- As a rule refer to the walkthrough. - Your Goul Heather- it's worth your while to save her at the Santa Monica Clinic. She gets you stuff including money, a human snack, and the best armor in the game. To get the gifts a-coming, she appears in Downtown L.A. after you return from the Elizabeth Dane expedition She'll be on the street as you get out of the cab. If you lucky enough to be awarded a haven downtown, she heads there or she'll go to the Santa Monica haven. - Elevator Caution- When getting ready to ride an elevator especially if it's the one in the Santa Monica Asyllum Night Club, be sure to save the game prior to getting on and checking that the elevator light illuminates when exiting on the second floor headed for an encounter with one of the Voerman sisters. The elevator light sometimes will not light up, trapping you on the second floor. If this happens try again because in this circumstance any completed content will be lost when you are forced to revert to a previous game save. _ An excellent resource for MMORPG info

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