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The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is an annual conference for Apple Developer Connection members. Historically, the conference has been strictly a developers conference with focus on developer sessions and technologies. After Apple pulled out of summer MacWorld Expo conference, the developer's conference has become more of a launching ground for new Apple technologies and products. However, these announcements tend to be focused on the Professional market, rather than the Consumer market.


Recent WWDCs

2008, San Francisco, June 9-13

Main article: WWDC 2008
Apple demonstrated the iPhone 2.0 SDK and introduced MobileMe and the iPhone 3G. They also announced the next revision of Mac OS X, codenamed Snow Leopard.

2007, San Francisco, June 11-15

Main article: WWDC 2007
A mainly feature complete beta version of Leopard was released to developers. Apple also revealed a Windows version of Safari and announced support for third party development of iPhone applications.

2006, San Francisco, August 7-11

Main article: WWDC 2006
Apple previewed Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and released the Mac Pro and an Intel based Xserve.

2005, San Francisco, June 6-10

Apple announced that they would be making the transition from PowerPC processors to Intel processors.
Apple Hot News - WWDC 2005

2004, San Francisco

Apple previewed Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", unveiled the 30" Cinema HD Flat Display, previewed Xcode 2 with new features and enhanced performance and previewed Mac OS X Server "Tiger"
Apple Hot News - WWDC 2004

2003, San Francisco

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivered a keynote presentation Monday, Jun 23, at 10 AM PT in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, introducing the world’s fastest desktop computer, the PowerMac G5; previewing Mac OS X Panther; showing a major breakthrough in video conferencing, iChat AV and iSight; and announcing Xcode, a powerful set of developer tools.
Apple Hot News - WWDC 2003


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