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Windows Gaming on Mac- The Witcher

To play this game on your Intel Mac, you'll need to purchase a copy of Windows (Windows XP or Vista) and then use Apple's Boot Camp to install windows on a separate partition on your Mac. Read about Boot Camp and see the MacRumors Guide:Windows Gaming on a Mac

The Witcher is a pretty good adult oriented Role Playing Game. The landscape is semi-open with some restrictions on where you can go. There are quest chains, but there is freedom in which order some quests can be accomplished. Combat is basically canned, no real skill involved except hitting a button at the proper time to connect moves. Visually pleasing, with good atmosphere. This guide as it currently exists is designed to get you started with the game. - Dave Peck (Hunt'n)


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Game Tips

Books- Should you read them?

They are expensive, but in most cases they facilitate your ability to identify items needed to make potions.

Book on Field Herbs- The ability to harvest herbs comes from increasing your Intelligence attribute. At $200 purchase, the book on Field Herbs is an excellent bargain considering vendors sell these herbs at $30-50 a pop and they are necessary for creating potions that give you a necessary edge in combat. This book gives you the ability to identify the following herbs which are found in abundance: Balissa Fruit, Celadine, Zimeik Pollen, Berberries, Crows eye, & Servant Mushroom.

Herb gathering is essential for survivability, but provides a poor means of raising money. Some vendors will buy your herbs for a $1 each.

Quest Items

Be careful because quest items can be inadvertently sold. I'm thinking of the Finders Keepers Quest. Unlike Oblivion where quest items can't be sold, the Family valuables can be sold because I did sell them and then you can't complete the quest. They came out of a trunk and were not listed as Family valuables, just individual pieces of jewelry. Caution.


For those who have not played the game, while I would not describe combat as a clickfest there are quite a few clicks to be accomplished. Although you can move your character, and can double hit direction keys to roll, jump sideways, etc, basically fighting consists of deciding what style of fighting you want to use, (Fast, Group, Strong) then click, wait for the flaming sword icon, then click again for a combo, flaming icon, click, etc. Under most circumstances there is no real reason to jump sideways, unless you are at the beginning of a fight against a group and your moving for a better start position or you are loosing a fight. Otherwise you want to maintain your position to keep the combos coming.

Use of Potions in Combat

A must when your first starting out, you need all of the help you can get such as Swallow, Blizzard, and Tawny Owl. Once you have purchased the Book on Field Herbs, these potions will be easy to acquire. Sword coatings also help a great deal.

Chap 1 Tips:

  • Road to Vizima Main Quests

The two main quests are the "Trail of the Salamandra" and "Of Monsters & Men". Two cautions here.

Spoiler- After you talk to Abigail and get the kid to speak his vision at her hut, you are getting close to finishing this area. Once you talk to the Reverend and see a dialog where he will tell you where to find the Salamandra, the game leads you into the Chap 1 end scenario. Make sure you finish up all of the side quests before you activate this dialoge because 1)you will no longer be able to get stored items from the Inn 2) the Inn appears to clear out making some side quests impossible to complete.

Spoiler- Once your character moves onto Chap 2, you'll be stripped of inventory and your weapons, but later you'll be able to recover it.

Location of Alchemy Items:

  • Primary Resource: The Witcher Game Guide at Gamepressure.com for locating items. In each Chapter of the GamePressure Guide see the section listed "Important Characters" for vendors who sell alchemy items.
  • Abigail the Sorcerer -She lives in hut outside of the Inn compound.

Alchemical Paste- Base Sword Coat, Bear Fat- Base Sword Coat, Beast Fangs- Vitriol, Black Powder- firework component, Calciferous Liquod- Vitriol, Calciumequum- Vitriol, Rebedo, Giantz's Acid- Vitriol, Nigredo, Goose Fat- Base Sword Coat, Manuals- Beast, Field Herbs, Swamp Creatures, Animals, Moonbits- Rebis, Rubedo, Naezan Salts, Oil Against Specters, Phosperous- Vermillion, Place Holder- firecracker, Pulverized Pearl- Aether, Rubedo, Red Ribbon- Scares away wraiths, Salt Peter- Used to make firecracker, Sulpher- Quebrith, Tallow, Vodka- Base for potions, Winestone- Rebis.

  • Declan Levvaarden- Merchant at the Inn.

Wine, Spirits (Potion Base), Rings, Saphire

  • Vesna Hood- Bar Maid at the Inn.

Wine, Bread, Honey, Food, Vodka (Potion Base), Goose Fat (Sword Coating Base).

  • Herbalist from Vizima

White Myrtle (vitriol, Albedo), Helbbore (Aether, Rubedo), Sevant Mushroom (Vitriol, Rubedo), Balissa Fruit (Quebrith, Rubedo), Book on Field Herbs ($200), Book on Subterranean Plants ($300)

Important Chap 1 Potions

  • Anti-Specter Grease (apply to sword)

- Vitriol (white myrtle pedals) - Aether (swallow) - Rebis (Hellebore) - Base: Grease

  • Blizzard- Improves reflexes and reaction in combat.

- 2 Vitriol (Calcium Equum, Calciferous Liquid, Giantz's Acid) - 2 Rebis (moonbits) - Base: Concentrated Alcohol

  • Cat- See in the dark, a must in dark crypts.

- 1 part Rebis (winestone) - 2 parts Quebrith (chopped fool's parsley) - Base: Strong Alcohol (vodka or the like)

  • Swallow- Increases your health generation.

- Vitriol (White Myrtle) - Aether (hellebore or berberry) -2 Rebis (celandine)

  • Tawny Owl- Increases your ability to damage opponents.

- Vitriol - 2 Aether - Base: Vodka/Spirits

  • Thunderbolt- Greatly increases inflicted damage in combat against opponents.

- Vitriol - Hydragenum - Rebis (Moonbits) - 2 Vermillion (Phosphorus) - Base: Concentrated Alcohol

Chap 1 Sign Locations

- Large stone that teaches Witcher spells.

  • Ard Sign- Starting Castle
  • Igni Sign- Outskirts of Vizima inside the Crypt

Wrap Up for Chapter 1

I did not spend any time making sword coatings, but I spent a lot of time creating buffs which are a must to do well in combat. Reading books, especially Field Herbs is important. I've not quite yet figured out if using alchemy increases your skill in it (as it does in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion) or if it is just a matter of finding the books and documents that tell you what the formula is. I've got the "uncut mod" installed but it is probably of minimal worth. So far the only difference I've seen is very mature text, much more so than the spoken English, but sometimes if flies by so fast you don't get it all read before it disappears. So far a big thumbs up!

Uncut Mod

If you have purchased the U.S. version of the game, here is the deal for updating the Witcher with the Uncut Mod. The game includes spoken language and sub titles (in English). The uncut mod if installed as-is replaces all the spoken Engish with spoken Polish. However there are 3 scripting choice that allows different English subtitles- uncut English subtitles, optimized English subtitles or censored English subtitles. It is possible to maintain the original spoken censored English. My impression is that no uncensored spoken English was ever recorded and is not available. More info follows.

Should You Bother With The Uncut Mod?

That depends. Geralt, the hero of the game is a fighter and a lover. And he has many "loving" encounters in the game. :) In the U.S. version of the game, after each interlude, the player is rewarded with a card with a picture of Geralt's current girl friend. The Uncut Mod, changes game content to be in line with the European version of the game which includes both adult language and partial nudity in the cards. Romantic interludes in both the U.S. and European version are just blurry flashes of nothing.

The Uncut Mod really has minimal impact on the overall gaming experience. My assessment is that it is not worth going through the effort to see these cards unless several seconds of seeing a woman's breast is going to make a big difference in your gaming experience. And because the only spoken English is the original U.S. version of the game, it can be a bother reading the uncut text as it briefly appears while listening to the censored spoken text.

Read all of the steps to clarify what can be accomplished before starting.

  • Install the official witcher 1.2 patch.
  • If your intent is to maintain spoken English, make a copy of the file "voices_3_00.bif" in the Data folder and store outside of the Data folder.
  • If you have downloaded the uncut mod and have separate rar files, make sure they are all in the same folder, right click on the first file (in windows) and select "extract to here". This will extract all the files into a single Data folder.
  • Copy the contents of the new Data Folder over to the original Data folder. Most of the files in the new Dat folder will replace files in the original Dat Folder, but there are some extra files such as the "Script Readme" described in step 6.
  • At this point the game will display spoken Polish and English subtitles.
  • In the Data folder read the "Script Readme" for English subtitle choices. They can be changed at will by doubleclicking on one of the 3 files in the Data folder. After selecting a message pops up advising you that the registry has been changed.. The choices are uncensored English script, optimized English script, and original censored English script.
  • To maintain the original spoken English, you must keep the original file "voices_3_00.bif" located in the data folder. The simple method is to copy this file somewhere else before installing the uncut mod. After installation of the uncut mod, replace the new voices file with the original version 1.2 voices file. The end result is censored spoken English and uncensored sub-titled English (or which ever version you choose).