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Mac OS X has the ability to use any "web-enabled" cellphone as it's modem. Often times, this setup has faster connection speeds than a 56K modem. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your cellphone as a modem.

Note: This guide was written using a Sprint PCS "Merlin" pccard, and Tiger.

  1. Plug your cellphone in using the appropriate cable, or in the case of the pccard, insert it.
  2. Open the Network Preference Pane
  3. Choose Network Port Configurations from the Show dropdown.
  4. If needed, enable your cellphone device. You may see it listed as "pccard-serial" or "cellphone modem"
  5. Open Internet Connect in your Applications folder.
  6. Choose the device in the toolbar.
  7. Choose '"Edit Configuration in the Configuration dropdown.
  8. For 'Sprint PCS users:
    1. Name the configuration, for example, Cellphone or Merlin
    2. Enter #777 as the telephone number
    3. Leave Account and Password blank
    4. Choose the appropriate modem script from the Modem dropdown. For Sprint PCS users, choose Sprint PCS Vision
    5. Click OK to save
  9. Back on the main Internet Connect window, click Connect.
  10. Optionally, you can check the box to make the modem menu item appear, where you may connect and discconnect in the future.

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