Upgrading MacBook RAM

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This guide explains how to upgrade the RAM in a MacBook.


Step One


  1. Use a coin to turn the battery catch 90 degrees from its normal position, and remove the battery.

Step Two


  1. Remove the three evenly spaced Philips screws from the rear wall of the battery compartment.
  2. Lift the L shaped metal cover and pull gently to the right to remove.

Step Three


  1. Pull back on the metal lever and slide the RAM chip out from its compartment.
  2. Slide in the new RAM in until it is seated. Repeat for a second RAM chip - it does not matter which goes in which slot, as long as they are pushed right in.

Note: Using force may damage the RAM, or worse, the MacBook.

To finish, insert the metal cover again, then re-apply the screws, before inserting the battery.

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