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Universal Access is a feature of Mac OS X that makes it easier for users with disabilities to use a Mac. Mouse keys, along with keyboard shortcuts enable a user to navigate without a mouse. Other shortcuts allow the user to zoom the screen or adjust its contrast. VoiceOver can read the text on the screen out loud.



Universal Access

control-option-command-. Increase screen contrast
control-option-command-, Decrease screen contrast
control-option-command-8 Invert/revert the screen colors
tab Move focus to the next group of controls
shift-tab Move focus to previous group of controls
control-tab Move focus to the next group of controls (when Tab moves to next cell)
shift-control-tab Move focus to previous group of controls (when Tab moves to next cell)
control-F1 Toggle Full Keyboard Access
control-F2 Move focus to the menu bar
control-F3 Move focus to the Dock
control-F4 Move focus to the active (or next) window
shift-control-F4 Move focus to the previously active window
control-F5 Move focus to the toolbar.
control-F6 Move focus to the first (or next) panel (palette)
shift-control-F6 Move focus to the previous panel (palette)
control-F7 Toggle Full Keyboard Access
control-F8 Move focus to the Menu Extras (right side of menu bar)
command-option-F Move focus to a search field in a window
command-option-` Move focus to the window drawer
control-option-; Toggle control-option lock
option-command-8 Turn screen zooming on or off
option-command-\ Toggle zoom antialiasing
option-command-= Zoom in (if screen zooming is on)
option-command- - (minus) Zoom out
control-scroll wheel Zoom in/out


command-F5 Toggle VoiceOver
control-option-F8 Open VoiceOver utility
control-option-F7 Show VoiceOver menu
control-option-F11 Show/hide visuals

Mouse Keys

8 Move Up
2 Move Down
4 Move Left
6 Move Right
1 Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 Move Diagonally Bottom Right
7 Move Diagonally Top Left
9 Move Diagonally Top Right
5 Press Mouse Button
0 Hold Mouse Button
. (period on number pad) Release Hold Mouse Button