Travelling Abroad with your Mac, iPod or iPhone

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When travelling abroad with your Mac, iPod or iPhone you may not have considered that the plugs and voltage will be different in the country you are visiting. As your equipment is valuable, you want to be sure that it will support the local electricity supply without damage.

Voltage Supplied

Virtually all countries of the world supply electricity at between 110 and 240 Volts. Fortunately modern Macs and iPod's have an auto-voltage power supply so will work with electrical plugs supplying a voltage between 110 and 240 Volts, Macs and iPods supported are described in this Apple Support document, or alternatively you can check the voltage input on the power supply of the device in question. If you are unsure of the voltage in a particular country check online or in a guide book before travel.

Note that other electronics may only say they go up to 230 Volts but these will also work in 240 Volt supplies such as those used in the UK without a problem.

What you will Need

If you are only taking modern electronics they will probably have an auto-voltage power supply, and if everything you are taking supports this the cheapest solution is to buy a plug converter for the country or countries you are visiting. The two most common ones in use today are the European "Continental" plug and the US plug design but Australia uses a different design and the UK (and some other places like Singapore) use a fourth design. More detailed information can be found online or in a guidebook.

You can either buy a single country plug set for less than $5 or a worldwide converter for less than $10 to $15 if you are visiting a number of countries.

If you have older electronics that don't have an auto-voltage control you can buy a set including a voltage transformer such as the following:

Image:TravelpackClosed.jpg Image:TravelpackOpen.jpg

This set will cost around $60 so is a lot more expensive and it will also weigh more so make sure you need the voltage converter before buying it.

The final option is to buy the Apple travel kit, but it is expensive as it costs $40 and it only works with Apple electronics rather than all electronics.

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