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Is it possible to get this article re-titled to "The Trash" and have the existing "Trash" page re-direct to it?

See the discussion thread about the article name. --HexMonkey

Just a minor thing, but can we somehow change the wording from the Trash being Empty or Full. The Trash is never "Full," but I could see a newbie getting confused, thinking he has to empty the Trash before putting something else in since it's "Full." Agree? Disagree?

Yes, I agree, and had the same thoughts when I was editing the article. It's the reason I changed the body text from "whether it is full or empty" to "whether it contains files or is empty". I couldn't think of an appropriate word or words to replace "Full" in the title though, but if you can think of something I'd be happy for it to be changed. --HexMonkey