Taking Apart and Cleaning an Apple Mighty Mouse

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Here's a straight forward guide to taking apart your mighty mouse, incase you are having problems scrolling, etc.


Step 1: The outer rim

Remove the bottom outer grey rim. It is glued on, so you will need to find a way to pry it off.

Image:Mouse.jpg Image:MM_norim.jpg Image:Rim.jpg

Step 2: Removing the bottom

Once the rim is removed, you'll have to take off the bottom. There are little teeth around it, so be careful, and gently wiggle and pry it loose.

Caution: There are 2 ribbons attached to the bottom, so be careful when prying the bottom off. You have approx. 2 inches of ribbon to work with, so dont pull further than that when it comes off.

Step 3: Removing the ribbons

Gently pull horizontally and they will come free. Don't allow it to rip or get damaged.

Step 4: Removing the ball

The ball is located under a case that is screwed in. Remove the 3 screws holding the case on, and put them aside. Once it is removed, you will have to remove another case that is literally holding the ball.

Caution: The small white casing that holds the ball has little teeth on the inside which hold these little pieces which make the ball read when it scrolls. Be VERY careful when removing the white casing, and just gently pry it off, and be sure not to lose these 4 green pieces.

Once that is removed, you have access to the ball.

Step 5: Cleaning the MM

I took the white piece, and held it under a warm tap to loosen the grudge. I then applied some hand soap on it and the ball, and gently removed the oils and grudge. Also, you will want to clean the top shell of the MM, by taking a cloth and getting rid of dirt. There is quite a bit located around the hole where the ball fits in, on top and underneath. I also cleaned the inside located near the side buttons. Just try to get rid of all the dirt. Finally, the little green pieces I cleaned last. I removed them, and rubbed my fingers and nails to get rid of the caked on dirt.

Step 6: Re-assembly

Just follow the instructions in reverse. A couple of additional details: -Make sure the green pieces are in the slots and teeth ok, where the white case is. You will see the little teeth that hold the 2 together, its pretty simple to see how it pieces together -When you finally come back to putting back on the outer bottom rim, you will need glue. I took some simple glue, but it didn't want to stay on because of the type of plastic. I then sanded the areas where I was gluing, and reapplied the glue and applied pressure, then let it sit. Now it is holding, but it is a little sloppy. I suggest maybe trying other glues.