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System Profiler is an application provided by Apple as part of Mac OS X. It provides detailed information about your computer.

To access System Profiler, click on the Apple menu and then "About This Mac." Then click the "More Info…" button. The application can also be found in the Utilities folder.

Common Uses

System Profiler is a very useful tool for diagnosing problems or checking computer specifications. Some examples of why this might be useful include:

  • Checking for available RAM upgrade slots. Clicking the memory title under the Hardware triangle will reveal a list of all RAM slots on your computer and you will be able to see which ones are empty.
  • Checking for installed hardware. If you've recently installed extra RAM or an Airport card you can check to see that it is correctly fitted by looking to see if it's listed. If it's not there the chances are that it's been installed incorrectly or that it is faulty.


You can export the information from System Profiler as an XML file. You may wish to do this if Apple request more detailed information about your computer. To do this:

  1. Launch System Profiler
  2. Choose "File : Save As…" from the menu bar
  3. Save the file where you like, ensuring it is in XML format