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Hopefully some helpful SWTOR info can be found in this guide. This is a compilation of a links and tips guide started during Beta. I've purged what appears old and outdated, but if you notice something, please bring to my attention by PMing me (Huntn) or by adding a post to this MacRumors post. Initially it may have some formatting and organizational errors. I'll be working on them. Happy to add all of your suggestions or anything I have overlooked! Please advise of errors. Thanks! :)

As of Dec 20,2011, I am currently playing a Sith Inquisitor. My inputs will be based primarily on my current class. -Huntn (Dave)



  • 12/29/11- Reestablished guide
  • 12/29/11- Reorganized Class info.

SWTOR System Requirements

  • System Requirements
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better; Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or better.
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • RAM: Windows XP: 1.5GB RAM; Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB RAM. Note: PCs using a built-in graphical chipset are recommended to have 2GB of RAM.
  • Video Card: Star Wars: The Old Republic requires a video card that has a minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM as well as support for Shader 3.0 or better. Examples include: ATI X1800 or better, nVidia 7800 or better, Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better.
  • Internet connection required to play.

Misc Links

Official Site links

Forum Threads

SWTOR Class Information

Class Misc

Class Roles

  • Start as a basic Class: Trooper, Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Smuggler, Imperial Agent. At Level 10 you pick up an advanced class based on what you'd like to do tank, DPS (damage), or Heal.
  • Image:Classes, Advanced Classes and Roles @StarWarsMMO Leveling]-This is a tremendous graphic showing SWTOR Advanced Class Roles.
  • How do I get my advanced class? Follow your class quest.
  • Advance Classes Cant' Be Changed! Choose wisely!
  • Don't Overlook Advanced Class Training- After choosing an Advanced Class, find a class trainer and check the bottom of Class Trainer Screen, "Advanced" to the new Advanced Class skills you can learn. This will not be obvious! The class trainer will not have the usual indication above his head (a plus sign) that you have abilities to learn, at least my Sith Inquisitor trainer did not.
  • R= Republic (Jedi).
  • E= Empire or Imperial (Sith).


  • Trooper Vanguard (R)
  • Jedi Guardian (R)
  • Jedi Consular Shadow (R)
  • Bounty Hunter Powertech (E)
  • Sith Warrior Juggernaut (E)
  • Sith Inquisitor Assassin (E)

Ranged DPS/Healer

  • Trooper Commando (R)
  • Smuggler Scoundrel (R)
  • Jedi Consular Sage (R)
  • Bounty Hunter Mercenary (E)
  • Imperial Agent Operative (E)
  • Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer (E)

Ranged DPS

  • Smuggler Gunslinger (R)
  • Imperial Agent Sniper (E)


  • Jedi Knight Sentinel(R)
  • Sith Warrior Marauder(E)

Class Info and Links

Trooper (Republic)

Smuggler (Republic)

Jedi Counsular (Republic)

Jedi Knight (Republic)

Q: Do I get to start out with a Lightsaber? A: No. You earn your lightsaber around the same time that you complete your character's story arch on Tython, at approximately between level 8-10. Until then, you use a "Training Saber", which resembles a vibro weapon bat thingy.

Bounty Hunter (Empire)

Sith Warrior (Empire)

Imperial Agent (Empire)

  • Jedi Order- at (added 6Aug11)
  • Imperial Agent Impressions- (Apr 2011)
  • Imperial Agent: An Introductory Cover Story- (May 2011)
  • Agent/Smugglers Energy Bar- On your energy bar, there are 1-5 little arrows. These arrows determine how fast your energy is regenning and the more energy you have, the more you regen. This makes energy management much easier when you know that blowing all of your energy will only cause it to come back that much slower. I've found that (as least as a healer) it's far better to develop a "rhythm" when using my abilities then overburning and ending up waiting for the energy bar to tick; keeping an eye on the energy regen arrows is a big help in this.

Sith Inquisitor (Empire)

Class Attributes to look for in Gear

  • Jedi Knight- Strength & Endurance. Focus on Strength for DPS, Endurance for Tanking.
  • Jedi Consular- Will Power and Endurance.
  • Bounty Hunter/Trooper- Aim, Endurance
  • Smuggler/Agent- Cunning and Endurance.

Check Out Your Toon's Character Page (C)

  • Strength= Force Damage Bonus +xx, Critical Damage Bonus x.x%
  • Will Power= Force Damage Bonus +xx, Critical Damage Bonus x.x%
  • Presence= Companion Healing + Damage.
  • Aim= Ranged Combat
  • Cunning= Tech Combat
  • Endurance= All Classes Health Increase
  • Expertise= All Classes for PVP. (Suggests you'll have to keep 2 sets of gear. Nothing new there as compared to previous MMOs.)
  • Power= An enhancement to improve DPS and Healing under the Force setting. If a character doesn't use Force, it appears useless. To find this on the Character Sheet, select one of the two drop downs to choose Melee, Force, Ranged, or PvP.

Game Interface

Text Chat Basics

  • /tell (/t) player name: sends a tell to that player alone.
  • Reply: Just hit T to reply to a tell? or (shift-T)?                         
  • /invite player name to your party/group for joint questing.
  • /s Say all around can hear.
  • /y Yell. A larger area can hear.
  • /g guild chat.
  • /p party chat.
  • /1 General channel.
  • /2 PvP
  • /3 Trade
  • /stuck Also known as the /suicide command usually involves death, but you get unstuck. ;)
  • /bug Report bugs anytime including in the middle of a conversation.

Keyboard Default Values

  • W / Up Arrow - Run Forward
  • S / Down Arrow - Run Backwards
  • A / Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • D / Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • Q - Strafe Left
  • E - Strafe Right
  • SPACEBAR - Jump
  • Right Click - Mouselook
  • Left Click - Turn Camera
  • Mouse Wheel Down - Zoom Camera Out
  • Mouse Wheel Up - Zoom Camera In
  • Enter - Open Chat Box
  • 09, + - Action Bar Abilities
  • TAB - Cycle Available Targets
  • F1 - Target Self
  • ESCAPE - Game Menu/Exit Conversation
  • P - Ability Pane
  • M - World Map
  • L - Mission Log
  • Z - Show/Hide Weapon
  • ? - Console Command/Chat Line
  • Numlock - Autorun
  • / - Toggle Runspeed (numpad only)
  • C - Character Pane
  • I - Inventory Pane
  • N - Crew Skills Pane
  • O- Social Pane
  • G - Guild Pane
  • K - Skill Tree
  • T - Chat Reply

Combat Tips

  • If you get stuck in combat, buff yourself and hit z (holster weapon).-Fizzit.
  • Basic Combat Technique As a rule when facing a group, incapacitate the most dangerous (highest leveled, most heavily armored), kill the healer first (if healer), then lessers, finishing up with the heavy duty mob . Jedi Consular Sages can use Force Lift to incapacitate.
  • Target's Target Preferences -> Key Bindings -> Selection -> Scroll to the bottom and find Targets Target (or something similar, it's near the bottom). You can see who an enemy is targeting. This might be helpful for healing.
  • Preference: Turn Friendly NPC names ON to help recognize hostel humanoids …if it doesn’t have a name above its head it means it wants to kill you…LOL.
  • Preference: Auto Target nearest enemy when using hostile spell"
  • Warzone: When starting a Warzone be sure to press Spacebar after it loads or you won't be able to play.


  • SWTOR Companion Overview.
  • Companion Walkthrough E2 2011
  • Don't fight with one hand tied behind your back! The companion for your class is a complete character with complete fighting skills. If you don't mess with companion settings, you are limiting your companion's fighting potential. The SWTOR interface is messy. By default you will see a small abbreviated list of companion skills at the bottom left of your interface. To see the full list go to Preferences>Interface>Quick Bar and turn on the Left Quick Bar. Initially it will be blank. Then on the small companion Quick Bar there will be a plus (+) sign. Click on that and for whatever the reason, a full list of companion skills will appear in the Left Quick Bar. For auto engagement, turn the skills on so the companion will use them by right-clicking each skill box. A little green button on the right side of the skill box will light up. In this manner you don't have to micromanage your companion's fighting. For example, my JK companion (Kira) is a Shadow Consular. I was at L20 before I realized I could turn on her leap attack which does extra damage. Now she cycles through all of her attacks, doubling my fighting potential- Huntn.
  • Why did my companion disappear? When your group gets to 3 people, someone's companion will disappear because the max group size is 4, including companions. When you add the 4th person, the last companion will disappear.
  • Whose companion disappears and whose stays? I have no idea, but if you want to run with 3 group members and 1 companion, I suggest having everyone dismiss their companion and have the highest level character summon theirs.
  • How do I get my companion moving if he/she gets stuck? Dismiss companion and re-summon them. (This is also a quick way to heal them)
  • How do I dismiss my companion? Right click the companion's portrait.
  • Is there any way to see in advance what I will gain/lose in companion affection for the answers I give? No.

Gear/Crafting/Harvesting Tips

  • Vendor Gear Does Not Show Attributes Anyone find this strange? Why would you buy gear with unknown attributes?
  • Quest Rewards will match your class unlike other MMOs.
  • After Attaining an Advanced Class Don't overlook Crafting If you pick up a craft late, you'll find yourself in new areas were you will not have a high enough skill to harvest. If you find yourself in this situation, you'll have to return to the last planet and harvest to increase your skill.
  • I want a matching outfit Preferences>Social>Match Clothes To Chest Piece(or some such wording).
  • Which Craft Should I Choose: Click on each crew skill NPC (ie. Artificer, etc) and a codex entry will be added to your codex, but don't accept the skill. Cancel out of the window that pops up. Go around doing that for every crew skill, gathering, mission, etc. Once you have all the codex entries, click on your "mission log" icon and the codex tab is at the bottom. Just below "Advanced Classes" there is a line only visible if you highlight over it. Click on that line. It will bring up the codex entries for all crew skills.

By seeing the codex entries for crew skills you can see what additional skills are suggested for each one.

  • Send Companion To Harvest Node- Shift-Right Click the node to send your companion. (note that they will draw aggro if the path to the node is not clear). This can be modified under Prefs>Controls.
  • Send Ship Droid to Craft- When you get your ship it comes with a ship droid who you can send on crafting missions you can send up to 2 companions on missions at once (note certain companions have bonuses for certain crew skills)
  • Que Up Craft Items- You can que up to 5 items to craft per companion so if you got enough mats to craft 10 guns you can send 2 companions to craft 5 each.
  • Crafting Weapon Variations- There are several different versions of weapons you can unlock them randomly by crafting the base item. Also you gain the blue version for reverse engineering the green version (not 100% success rate) and you get the purple version for Reverse Engineering the Blue.
  • Critical success on Weapons and Armor will open up a modulater slot which can be used to add a +stat modulator to that item
  • Crew Skills Required to make Blue/Purple versions of an item- As a crafter you will need a certain crew skill to be able to get the resourxes to make your blue and purple versions of an item. An example all Jedi wear armor created by sythweaving, but if you want to make the best light armor you need Diplomacy. For medium you need Investigation and for Heavy you need Underworld Trading. Same goes for Armortech for medium and heavy. For armstech you will want treasure hunting to get the rare craft items

Interface Tips

  • Bind Points Only Apply to the Current Planet They do not work for interplanetary travel.
  • A Red Icon Over Your Character's Head Your gear needs repair.
  • Bug Report Can Be Sent in Middle of Conversation If the video or something about the conversation cut scene is bugged, type "/bug" during cut scene to send a screen capture while on the dialog page.
  • Preferences: Key Bindings.
  • Control-U erases interface for clean screen shot. A second time restores.
  • To see group members on map and mini-map- reset your UI. Hit ctrl-U (makes UI disappear) and then Ctrl-U again (brings it back).
  • Magnifying Glass on World Map- At the bottom left corner of the world map is a magnifying glass. If you toggle the button next to it, your cursor becomes a magnifying glass and it makes seeing the big map a lot easier in small sections at least.
  • Show Frame Rates- Ctrl+Shift+F. This puts (very small) red text in the bottom left of your screen. You will have your current FPS and (FPS). The FPS number in parenthesis are your average frames.
  • See/Change Your Title On your Character window (C) there is a pull-down like arrow to the left of your name. Click that to access the titles you have opened up.

Misc Tips

  • How do I leave group? Right click your portrait (after selecting yourself).
  • [1]
  • How to Report A Bug during a conversation. I have been waiting until the end of the conversation before /bug'ing cut scenes but I discovered today it's much better to just type /bug while in the cut scene to send a screen capture of the exact step in the dialogue you found a issue with.- Logun24x7.

Quest Tips

  • Green Arrow Marker Icon on Map shows direction towards quest.
  • Quest- JK Class Quest on Ord Mantell- Quest giver sends you to an island marked on map in dark space (top of map). From a central Camp there is a road up a hill all most covered up with a pile of rubble and a smoldering fire. To the left of that is an unmarked path to the island.
    • Green Arrow Marker Icon on Map shows direction towards quest.
  • Green Arrow Marker Icon on Map shows direction towards quest.
  • Green Arrow Marker Icon on Map shows direction towards quest.
  • Green Arrow Marker Icon on Map shows direction towards quest.
  • Finish Bonus Quests Before Turning In Primary Quest If you are working a space that includes a bonus of killing x number of mobs, make sure you complete it prior talking to the quest NPC in the vicinity or your bonus quest will disappear.
  • Why won't the travel NPC talk to me any more?

If you open a window WHILE the travel NPC window is open, he will stop talking to you. You can fix this by talking to someone else, then come back and talk to the travel NPC again (or just relog). Also, to avoid this, don't open any other windows while talking to the travel NPC (like the map window, which is a common one).

  • Bonus Quest XP Stacking in Groups

If your bonus quest awards you 1000xp you will get 50% (500xp) for each person in your group as they complete the objective as well. This works on quests you have completed as well if you go back and help a friend complete a quest you will get xp when he completes a bonus mission. It also works on class quests so even if its not your class quest stay grouped and do the missions together.

  • Bonus Quests

Once you are at the end or close to the end of your class quest progression on a planet. A new set of bonu quests will open up starting at the Spaceport on that planet. Its ussually a pretty epic story arc that involves assisting several npc's to achieve a mission.

  • Heroic Quests are Repeatable.
  • Need Dark or Light Points? There is an additional crew skill likely not with the others, Diplomacy. On Dromund Kaas, the trainer is in the Cantina in Kaas City. You can send your companion on missions to gain light/dark side points.
  • How can I see the text of cut scene voice-over conversations? Turn this capability on under Preferences.

On the Chat Box, there are three tabs at the top: General, Combat, Other. By default, Other already has System, Conversation and Character Login checked so technically folks don't need to clutter up the General tab any further. What Conversation does is post the transcript from conversations to the Chat Box for reading during or later.

Under Preferenced --> User Interface, all the way at the bottom is Conversation. There are two options here to set: "Show Conversation Alignment Gain on Mouse Over" and "Display Subtitles for Conversations"

The second will show subtitles on the screen itself independant of the Chat Box just above where the options are shown when a choice is needed from the player. Also the exact same location where interpretation transcripts are shown when the NPC does not speak English. Useful for reading along if the player prefers this.

  • How can I see Item, Affection, and XP rewards in my chat window? Right click the chat window tab; select chat settings; under "System Channels" turn on "System Feedback".
  • Dark or Light Choices: If a conversation option is going to give you light side or dark side points an icon in the center of the selection wheel will show dark or light. If you have multiple dark or light choices one will give 50 points and one will give 100. Under Prefs is off by default.
  • How do I get my space ship!? Follow your class quest and you'll eventually get it.