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A spell checker is available in most Mac OS X applications, primarily those developed using the Cocoa framework. It can be accessed using the Spelling submenu of the Edit menu or contextual menu when control-clicking a word. It uses a separate dictionary from the Dictionary application.

Custom words

If a word is added to the spell checker, then it is remembered in every application. For example, if you added the word "MacRumors" to the spelling dictionary in TextEdit, it would also be recognized as correct spelling in other applications.


By pressing option-escape while typing a word, compatible Cocoa applications will provide a drop down menu of word suggestions. This can also be achieved by pressing the F5 key.


As with all spell checkers, the Mac OS X spell checker can not determine if a word is used incorrectly. For example, "I used there computer" would not be marked with incorrect spelling, even though "there" should be "their" in this case. The Spilling Checker is a humorous look at the issues one might encounter when using a spell checker.