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Shaw Wu is an analyst with American Technology Research. As of November, 2006, he had a 4/5 star rating from Yahoo Finance.

Current Predictions

  • January 2007
    • Bigger monitors or TV sets are pending: "We are not certain on timing but our analysis indicates that AAPL is beyond prototype on large-screen technologies". [1] Status: unknown.
  • November 2006
    • A second Apple phone with "iChat mobile" instant messaging is in the works, timetable unknown. [2] [3] Status: unknown.

Past Predictions

  • February 2010
    • Apple may update MacBook Pro laptop with Core iX processors and NVidia discrete video card featuring Optimus technology during its fiscal second or third quarters, which end in March and June, respectively. [4] Status: Partially True - Macbook Pro was updated in April 2010 with Core iX CPUs and NVidia discrete GPU - without Optimus, but with a custom Apple's technology.
  • February 2009
    • Apple will not refresh iMac lineup until June. [5] Status: False - Entire Mac desktop line was refreshed in March.
  • April 2007
    • Apple seriously considering $50-$150 rebate on iPhone. [6] Status: False - no rebates came with the iPhone introduction.
  • March 2007
    • "Our sources indicate that Apple's latest [Leopard] beta build has made noticeable improvements in stability and functionality from previous builds and that Apple is likely one or two upcoming builds away from reaching 'final candidate' stage to be released for manufacturing." [7] Status: False - Apple delayed Leopard until October.
  • September 2006
    • An Apple cell phone is coming, as all the pieces are in place for it. Quoted as saying "The design will be an iPod nano-like candy bar form factor and come in three colors ." to AppleInsider [8] [9] Status: False - while it is a candy bar, the product does not resemble the nano and no case options are offered.
    • Claims more Motorola iTunes phones will come. Status: False - With the introduction of the [iPhone], additional Motorola-based iTunes phones are highly doubtful.
  • June 2006
    • iPhone will inevitably happen, but is currently over-hyped. Cites 3-month lag-time between FCC application and when a device can go to market. Status: True - iPhone happened. In addition, Steve Jobs specifically mentioned during the iPhone's introduction at Macworld SF 2007 that FCC approval was pending.
  • July 2006
    • iPod nanos will be given a magnesium enclosure, and are expected by October 2006. [10] Status: Partially True - a revised nano appeared in September, but it returned to the aluminium enclosure of the mini.
    • An Intel-based pro desktop will be introduced at WWDC 2006.[11] Status: True