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All Apple Macs as well as iPods and iPhones have a serial number. Each number is unique and contains information on where the computer was made, its date of manufacture and its type.


How to find your Serial Number

The serial number is available in several locations and may use the prefix 'SN':

  • It may be on your receipt (depending where it was purchased)
  • On the outside of the packaging. Usually on a white label along with other information, such as the product code.
  • In the About This Mac window. Clicking twice on 'Version' will display your serial number.
  • Using System Profiler
  • On the hardware itself. The location depends on the type of mac you have, but often it is located inside an access panel, such as a PowerMac G5 side door, inside a PowerBook battery compartment or underneath an iBook's keyboard.


You can determine several pieces of information from the serial number. Its first two letters determine its place of manufacture for example. This website will show you the details contained. For a little more details and information visit This website. You can also get an estimate of the remaining warranty by entering the number on Apple's Support site.


Apple sometimes issues recalls for computers from a range that they acknowledge have various issues. Often a requirement for it's repair or replacement is that its serial number falls into a certain range.

At present, Apple is recalling the following:

  • iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 batteries. Check this page to see if your batteries serial number suggest you should order a replacement.
  • Some iBook G3's with serial numbers in the range of UV117XXXXXX to UV342XXXXXX. See this page for more information.


Online serial checker - Provides information on any given Apple serial.

Apple's support page - Allows you to enter a serial number to get an estimate on its remaining warranty.