Selecting Multiple Icons

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In Mac OS, selecting multiple items is easy - Just click and drag over a selected area on the desktop to draw a rectangle over several icons. All these icons will now be selected.


The standard method of selecting icons in the Finder works well if all the icons you want are within a rectangle. But there are a couple of other ways to go about it and these can save a great deal of time.

  • Instead of dragging, press command+a to 'Select All' (also available under the Edit menu)
  • Select multiple icons one at a time. Hold down shift or command and click on each item one by one.
  • if, after selecting a group of icons by using the mouse, you wish to deselect a few items, hold down the command key and click once on the unwanted items.
  • In 'List' mode, you can select a group of items by clicking once on the first icon you want and then shift clicking on the last item you need further down the list. You can also use command to select non-contiguous items.


These tips often work for selecting items in other areas of the OS (editing bookmarks in Safari for example.) However it is not universal across all shareware or full retail products. Your mileage may vary.