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The Script Menu can be added as a Menu Extra to allow easy access to many AppleScript scripts from the menu bar (Mac OS X ships with several scripts that are ready to use to accomplish some common tasks). You can also add your own scripts to this menu.

To enable the Script Menu, run AppleScript Utility (located at /Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript Utility) and check the "Show Script Menu in menu bar" checkbox.

The Script Menu provides access to the contents of the following folders that are usually used to store AppleScript files:

  • /Library/Scripts/ - the system level Scripts folder that contains scripts that all users can use
  • ~/Library/Scripts/ - the user level Scripts folder that contains scripts that the current user can use

Generally, each application that has scripts will have a subfolder in one of these folders, which is seen as a submenu in the Script Menu.

You may already know that AppleScript can be used in conjunction with Automator - so whenever you use Automator and get stuck while trying to find something that will accomplish what you want to do, you should check what's available in the existing set of AppleScript scripts and see if executing those scripts as an action within your Automator Workflow could help.