Rosetta Performance Benchmarks

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This article or section is based on a forum post written by NightLord.

This page is designed to show how different Macs perform under Rosetta applications - applications which are designed for PowerPC based Macs. Users can add their own benchmarks here for other users to view.


You may download Geekbench here. Geekbench has the ability to be run natively and under Rosetta on Intel-based Macs.

Model 64-bit test Processor RAM Score
Type Clock Speed L2 Cache FSB Rosetta Native
MacBook ProNoCore Duo2 GHz2 MiB667 MHz2 GB110.5181.4
iMacYesCore 2 Duo2.16 GHz4 MiB667 MHz2 GB153.4234.6

Non-UB Games

This chart is intented as a guide to show you how certain games perform under Rosetta.

Game Model Processor RAM Graphics Card Performance
Type Clock Speed Model VRAM Comments FPS
Battlefield 1942iMacCore Duo2 GHz512 MBX1600128 MB1024x768, max settings20 - 40