Restore the iPod Touch

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What is restoring?

When you restore an iPod touch, you restore it back to what it was like when you first bought it. All files are wiped and the base system is reinstalled. If the iPod touch was jailbroken, it no longer will be. All music, videos, and other media is also deleted. Ensure it's all backed up on your system before restoring, if possible.

NOTE: Even though restoring deletes everything from your iPod touch, iTunes backs up your settings and playlists, and most other things. Also, if you bought the January App Pack, they are safe, and will return after the restore.

Steps to Restore

If your iPod touch is stuck in verbose mode (white text, black background), or simple won't turn on, try the following steps. If iTunes recognizes your iPod touch, then skip to step 5.

Placing your iPod Touch into Recovery Mode

  1. Hold down the off/on (the one on top), and home (big round) buttons, this forces the iPod to shut off.
  2. Keep holding them until you see the screen go completely black.
  3. While holding down the Home Button (button on the front of the iPod) plug in the USB cable to the iPod (have the other end of the cable already plugged into the computer).
  4. The iPod should appear in iTunes with a message saying that the iPod is in Recovery mode. Click the 'Restore' button on the Summary tab of the iPod settings. Then, follow the onscreen instructions.