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ATI calls their consumer graphic card chips "Radeon". Apple can modify the graphics cards for various reasons (e.g. heat) so clock speeds and performance may differ from their PC counterpart.


R600 Core

The current generation of graphics cards, is based off ATI's new R600 Core. It includes the HD 2000 and HD 3000 series. Many sites have noted that R600 core graphics cards perform much better than GeForce 8 Series graphics cards when it comes to Core Image performance.

MacModels usedBenchmarks
20" Intel iMacHD 2400 XT (128 MB), HD 2600 Pro (256 MB)Rev. C Rev. D (Montevina)
24" Intel iMacHD 2600 Pro (256 MB)Rev. C
Mac ProHD 2600 XT (256 MB)Early 2008
HD 3870 (512 MB)Gaming, Core Image

R520 Core

Optimized for Shader Model 3.0, the Radeon X1000 Series was the previous generation of graphics cards.

MacModels usedBenchmarks
15" MacBook ProMobility Radeon X1600 (128 MB/ 256 MB)Rev. A, Rev. B
17" MacBook ProMobility Radeon X1600 (256 MB)Rev. A and B, Rev. C
17" Intel iMacRadeon X1600 (128 MB)Rev. A
20" Intel iMacRadeon X1600 (128 MB/ 256 MB)Rev. A, Rev. B
Mac ProRadeon X1900 XT (512 MB)Rev. A

R420 Core

The R420 core offered several minor improvements such as tweaked pixel shader units.

Model Core Core Clock Memory Clock Pixel Pipelines Vertex Shaders Found in...
Radeon X800 XTR420473 MHz500 MHz166PowerMac G5
Radeon X850 XTR481520 MHz540 MHz166PowerMac G5

R300 Core

The R300 core was the first DirectX 9 graphics chip. It was introduced in the summer of 2002.

Model Core Core Clock Memory Clock Pixel Pipelines Vertex Shaders Found in...
Mobility Radeon 9550M10209 MHz183 MHz42iBook G4
Radeon 9600RV350325 MHz200 MHz42iMac G5 (ALS), PowerMac G5
Radeon 9600 XTRV360401 MHz311 MHz42PowerMac G5
Radeon 9650RV351401 MHz270 MHz42PowerMac G5
Mobility Radeon 9700M11392 MHz203 MHz42PowerBook G4
Radeon 9700 ProR300325 MHz310 MHz84PowerMac G4 MDD
Radeon 9800 Pro 2X/4XR360378 MHz338 MHz84PowerMac G4
Radeon 9800 Pro 8XR360351 MHz324 MHz84PowerMac G5
Radeon 9800 XTR360412 MHz365 MHz84PowerMac G5
Radeon X600 ProRV380400 MHz300 MHz42iMac G5 (iSight)
Radeon X600 XTRV380500 MHz370 MHz42iMac G5 (iSight)

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