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Codenamed "Nichrome", the Power Macintosh G4 QuickSilver was the first new case design for the series since the introduction of the Graphite G4 in 1999. The QuickSilver featured a refreshed modern look that did a good job of making the Power Macintosh line look fast, and fresh.

The QuickSilver came in two models, the QuickSilver and QuickSilver 2002. The first series QuickSilver was quite similar inside to the previous graphite G4 Digital Audio Power Macintosh. It featured a 133 MHz system bus, with 4 PCI slots (as opposed to 3) and 1 AGP. Maximum memory this system can handle is 1.5 GB (same as the Digital Audio), and is divided into 3 slots. The QuickSilver also utilized a newer processor with 4 hold down screws, with one of them providing power to the processor.

The Quicksiver 2002 was basically just a speed bump to the older QuickSilver, with the addition of DDR SDRAM, and Level 3 cache for the mid and high end models. The QuickSilver 2002 was also the first Macintosh to achieve 1.0 GHz Processor speed.



  • 733 MHz - $1699
  • 867 MHz - $2499
  • Dual 800 MHz - $3499


Display Connections


  • 1.5GB Maximum RAM
  • 2 USB 1.1 Ports
  • 2 Firewire 400 Ports
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • Audio out from stereo 16 bit mini jack, or Apple Pro Speaker
  • Original OS: 9.2 and 10.0.4





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