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Planetside 2 Quick & Dirty Guide



  • 1/23/13- Added video link for aiming the Vanguard Tank under vehicles. Added scope guide under Heavy Infantry and Infiltrator. Added map link section. Updated intro to describe free to play model and that the game went retail in Nov2012.
  • 9/22- Updated PS2 Features Section. Under Misc links added "Player Guide- The Basics".
  • 9/6- Established guide.


This guide is a work in progress, currently meager in content, and New Conglomerate (one of the PS2 factions) centric.

Planetside 2 (PS2) is a sequel of the original 2003 MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter), futuristic combat game published by Sony Online Entertainment. Unlike the original Planetside, Planetside2 is now a free to play model with an in-game store. In this store, new gun types can be purchased using real life cash (called Station Cash) or you can save in-game credits called certs for all purchases. While weapons can be purchased using Station Cash, their upgrades can only be obtained by using certs earned in the game. This prevents unfair advantage being awarded to "wallet warriors".

The game encourages the forming of coordinated outfits (guilds) composed of infantry, ground and air vehicles that wage continental land grabs with 3 competing factions, each with unique combat capabilities. Feel free to play the game solo, but realize that full potential can only be achieved through coordinated ops. The game includes voice ops, but for flexibility, many dedicated outfits will use their own voice server. PS2PS2 started beta testing in August 2012 and went retail in November 2012.

If you want to get a quick feel for the game, check out the PS2 Alpha Highlights Video- Dave Peck (Huntn)]

Play It On Your Mac!

PS2 is PC only, but can be played on your Intel Mac. You'll need to purchase a copy of Windows (Windows, preferabley Windows 7) and then use Apple's Boot Camp to install windows on a separate partition on your Mac. Read about Boot Camp. Note: Different versions of the MacOS only support specific versions of Windows. Be sure to understand what version of Windows your Mac can support. For example Snow Leopard & Lion (10.6, 10.7) only supports Windows 7. I believe Leopard (10.5) supports Vista.

To Be Accomplished

  • How are vehicles resupplied with ammo- Next to Sunderer will both heal and replenish ammo and at ammo towers, tall pointy towers with horizontal bullet icons on them.
  • Find info on Class terminals.
  • Find info on upgrading weapons and vehicles- During beta this info is in flux. Based on in-game experience, upgrades can be "purchased". Once purchased at the store, my understanding is that the upgrades must be installed when creating a vehicle at a terminal. The interface is currently messy imo. -Huntn.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 or higher/AMD Phenum II X2 or higher. 4GB Ram Hard Drive Space: 15GB free Video Memory: 256MB VRAM Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 or higher/AMD or ATI 4850 series or higher. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.

Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7 Intel i5 or higher/AMD Phenum II X6 or higher. 8GB Ram Hard Drive Space: 15GB free Video Memory: 1024MB VRAM Video Card: nVidia GeForce 500 or higher/AMD HD 6870 or higher. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.

Official Links

Misc Links

Map Links

Planetside 2 Features

Battles are coordinated between three factions- Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty using infantry including mech units, ground and air vehicles. . Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but thousands; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Whether in open fields, tightly-packed urban centers or enormous structures, winning requires strategic teamwork and a quick trigger finger."[1]

Planetside 2 Basics


  • Info in this section posted during Beta (Sept 12). This info was posted on reddit, but I don't have a link for it. I found it in a guild posting. :(
  • Resources are the fuel you need to create Vehicles, consumable items, and is used as currency to buy things. Resources are automatically gathered as a function of owning territory connected to the factions Warp Gate. See Supply Lines below.
  • Resources are gained passively every 5 min relative to your faction's current territory ownership. Different territory provides different resources. Gaining points in a Polymer territory, earn Polymers.
  • Polymers are used to spawn light attack vehicles, such as Mosquito air vehicle or Lightning Tank and are used to purchase special explosives Claymores and C4.
  • Catalysts are needed for heavy combat vehicles such as Liberator or faction specific Main Battle Tank and are used for special equipment such as Squad Leader Spawn Beacon and Anti-Tank Mines.
  • Alloys are used for personal Flash ATV and support transport vehicles (Sunderer and Galaxy) and are used in the creation of frag grenades.
  • Auraxium a special material used to purchase new equipment and weapons in the Store.

Supply Lines

Supply lines facilitate the acquisition of resources for your faction. If a territory is owned, the faction only receives resources from that territory if there is a path of owned territory connecting it to the factions warp gate. Isolated territory (not connected to the warp gate) does not provide any resources. The enemy can be denied resources by breaking their supply lines.


I'm still trying to sort this out. Unlike the original PS where facilities were taken over by hacking the facilities', in PS2 facilities are taken over (at least in beta) but occupying and dominating a facility and surrounding territory. Territory is divided into hexes. Owning adjacent hexes to a primary facility adds to capture influence over that facility. In other words owning the adjacent hexes assists in facilitating the capture. Of note if you don't like hectic fighting inside a primary facility, you can work on maintaining control of the surrounding hexes.

Control Consols and Terminals

I hope to add some illustrations in the near future. Control Consol- Each region has at least on Control Console designated by a Capital Letter. Standing next to acquire ownership. A green square surrounding the Letter indicates that your faction owns it. A diamond of the color of another faction means they own it. Spawn Generator- Triangle icon with soldier head and upper torso. If destroyed, the faction that controls a facility can't spawn there. Shield Generator- Prevents enemy soldiers from entering buildings controlled by a faction. Destorying the Shield Generator opens up these facilities to enemy soldiers. Vehicle Terminals- A square icon with a tank or an aircraft, allows that type of vehicle to be created at that terminal. Supply Terminal- Icon with Pistol in brackets allows player to change, customize and resupply his infantry class.


  • info to be added.

Combat Medic



  • Scope Gude Video- Includes Heavy Infantry and Infiltrator. (created during beta, posted to YouTube Nov12).
  • Hold SHIFT to steady the scope when aiming.

Light Assault

Heavy Assault

  • Scope Gude Video- Includes Heavy Infantry and Infiltrator. (created during beta, posted to YouTube Nov12).



  • info to be added.


  • Personal Transport Vehicle.


  • Light Tank.

Main Battle Tank

Troop Transport

Sunderer- Ground transport- with two guns, if manned, potent. Galaxy- Air transport.

Air to Air/Ground

Mosquito, Reaver, Scythe. Liberator- Heavy 3 person bomber.