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Panic is a third party software producer for Mac OS X.

You may be looking for a Mac OS X Kernel panic.


  • Audion - Perhaps their most famous piece of software. It was almost purchased by Apple and would have become iTunes.
  • Desktastic - A neat application that allows you to draw all over the interface.
  • Candybar - One of the best themeing applications, it allows you to change icons throughout the interface using icon packs.
  • Stattoo - Desktop widgets.
  • Transmit - Their most successful product to date and considered by many to be a very good FTP application
  • Unison - A full blooded usenet application.

Products published under Iconfactory

  • iPulse - A neat dock widget that shows you system stats.
  • Pixadex - Considered the best icon grouping and storage application on the Mac.