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Apple introduced Pages as a part of the iWork suite on January 11, 2005. Pages is a consumer-level page layout application designed to let consumers create professional quality print pieces. Pages relies on a series of templates which may also be customised and saved for future use.



Pages '08

The latest version of Pages was introduced on August 7, 2007 as part of iWork '08. Instead of being called Pages 3, Apple named the latest version Pages '08. This is because there are now three applications in the iWork suite, all with different version numbers, causing confusion between consumers.

Pages ’08 now has two modes: A word processing mode designed specifically for document creation and page layout mode, which gives users complete control over the position of objects on the page. Apple also introduced several other new features in Pages '08 such as a new contextual format bar, change tracking and additional Apple-designed templates, bringing the total to 140 templates.

Pages 2

Pages 2 was released as part of iWork '06 on January 10, 2006.

New features included tables with spreadsheet-like functions and iPhoto integration was also added allowing advanced picture manipulation in Pages.

Pages 1

New Features

  • Microsoft Word .doc support.