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Newton 2100
Newton 2100

The Apple Newton was the first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The term "PDA" was coined by former Apple CEO John Sculley in the early 1990s when first describing the Apple Newton Messagepad.

Apple spun its Newton division off into an independent company before reabsorbing it and killing the project. Rumors were that the spin-off company had prototypes of Newton handhelds that were smaller and cheaper than the Palm OS computers at the time. When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997, one of the first projects he cancelled was the Newton project. Even though the physical hardware was discontinued, a number of technologies from the Newton continued onwards. An example would be "Rosetta", the handwriting recognition technology used in the NewtonOS 2.0 which made its way into OS X's Ink.

Newton Videos

QuickTime movies of:


  • Newton Message Pad (OMP)
  • Message Pad 100
  • Message Pad 110
  • Message Pad 120
  • Message Pad 130
  • Message Pad 2000
  • Message Pad 2100
  • eMate 300

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