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Microsoft Office
Current version 2004
Published by Microsoft
Binary type PowerPC
System requirements G3 or newer
OS X 10.2.8
memory and drive requirements dependent on selected package[1]
Website Office 2004 on mactopia

Microsoft Office is an Office Suite developed by Microsoft, incorporating many important features into a reasonably priced box set. Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows is nearly ubiquitously known throughout the business world as the standard suite of office applications.



Microsoft Word is a word processor. The layout contains tools to edit the document on top of the application, and a white (though users may customize the colors) sheet, designed to look like a paper. The default font it edits with is Times New Roman, commonly seen on many printed publications and books. Documents can be saved in the popular .doc format, or in Rich Text and even HTML. Word is commonly used by people having no knowledge of website coding to create a basic page, although many web developers discourage this behaviour due to the lack of standards compliance in Word-produced HTML.

Apple's iWork Suite includes Pages 2.0, which also offers a number of the features of Microsoft Word. Before Pages, AppleWorks was the sole application produced by Apple that offered such features.

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Entourage is the Mac equivalent to the Windows program Outlook, and even went by that name on the Macintosh platform for a number of years. It offers such features as multiple calendars, email authoring, advanced junk email protection, an address book, and a task manager.

Apple's recent update to iTunes offers syncing between Microsoft Entourage and the iPod (with contacts and calendars).


Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet program. The Mac version of this software offers a number of advantages over its Windows counterpart, including a graphical print-preview layout.

Apple is rumored to compete against Microsoft Excel with a program named 'Numbers', presumably a third program to be included in its iWork Suite.


PowerPoint offers a simple method to make basic presentations. However, Apple's Keynote application, which is included in the iWork suite, offers a number of advantages to PowerPoint, including a simpler user interface and advanced text-animations. On the other hand, PowerPoint is seen by some as more flexible.


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