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Mail 2
Mail 2

Mail is a free, relatively full-featured e-mail application bundled with Mac OS X. It supports the standard IMAP, POP, and SMTP Internet mail protocols — it also has limited support for Microsoft Exchange servers.

Mail uses the system-wide OS X spell checker and is fully integrated with the OS X Address Book application. It also has some integration with iChat and iCal. Version 2, introduced with Tiger, includes support for smart mailboxes, driven by Spotlight integration.

Mail 3, which is included with Leopard, brings many more features including RSS, to dos, better iCal integration and more.

Mail stores e-mail messages and folders using the UNIX mbox format.

New features in Leopard

The following features were added in the Leopard version of Mail:

  • Stationary - apply stationary to email to give it impressive looks. Includes templates.
  • Notes - new special mailbox for personal notes.
  • To Do list - more powerful than notes, allows priorities, alarms etc. Incoming mail can be turned into a to-do.
  • Photo browser to help find images to add.

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