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This article or section is based on a forum post written by costabunny.

This page is for keeping useful links to Mac Pro bits and pieces. This page is not for reviews, but reviews can be posted in the discussion thread.


RAID Cards

There are a few choices here - Apple makes their own card with RAID0,1,5,0+1 (not 1+0). Caldigit seems the alternative and their card at least will allow bootcamp to reside upon them (Apple's does not). Also, the Atto and Areca work in Boot Camp. The Highpoint products don't, but they will work with either OS X or Windows. Just one at a time. Each requires different firmware.


RS232 & Parallel PCIe cards

Need a serial port and usb-serial won't cut it? There are very few RS232 card in PCIe that are supplied with Mac OS X drivers. Syba claims theirs works (but no confirmed reports yet).

Drive Mounts

For mounting 3.5" and 2.5" drives either in the sleds or the spare 5.25" Bay.

TV Tuners

DVB style cards and external boxes suitable for Mac OS X.

Remote Controllers

Mire is about the most common here - an IR Receiver and remote unit for the Mac Pro (shame on Apple for not building in an IR behind the front grill).


Extra RAM (DDR2-800 ECC for 2008 models and 667 for before)


Need a new CPU or upgrade?

For the 2006 Mac Pro - 2.00GHz, 2.66GHz & 3.00GHz four core systems


  • 2.00GHz x2 - 5130
  • 2.33GHz x2 - 5140
  • 2.33GHz x2 - 5148 (low voltage)
  • 2.66GHz x2 - 5150
  • 3.00GHz x2 - 5160


  • 2.00GHz x4 - E5335
  • 2.00GHz x4 - L5335 (low voltage)
  • 2.33GHz x4 - E5345
  • 2.66GHZ x4 - X5355
  • 3.00GHZ x4 - X5365

Processors for the 2007 Mac Pro - 3.00GHz eight core system

In addition to the processors for the 2006 Mac Pro the 2007 Mac Pro (macpro2,1) has been claimed to have Harpertown support. This has not been confirmed. [1]

Processors for the 2008 Mac Pro - 2.8GHz four core and 2.8GHz, 3.00GHz & 3.2GHz eight core systems


  • 2.80GHz x4 - E5462 (80W TDP)
  • 3.00GHz x4 - E5472 (80W TDP)
  • 3.00GHz x4 - X5472 (120W TDP)
  • 3.20GHz x4 - X5482 (150W TDP)

Note: The 3.2GHz Mac Pros have extra cooling on the motherboard to compensate for the 150W TDP processors. The first 3.00GHz Mac Pros seemed to have shipped with the 120W part (X5472), but later purchases are confirmed to have been shipped with E5472s.

Additional Heatsink for 2008 2.80GHz Quad Core (part# 076-1233)

Others not fitting into any category

  • We Love Macs - loads of mac gear including service parts for Mac Pros