Mac OS X On A Diet

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Why not trim the XPhat off the Mac OS X Operating System. OS X comes packaged with many different languages, and extra fonts the user just doesn’t need. Following these steps will lead to a slimmer, faster performing system. Your Mac will never look at donuts the same way again. Let’s begin!


Slimming Mac OS X

Clean Install

Before continuing the workout, Please Backup! MacRumors and the writer of this guide are not responsible for any loss of data except XPhat. Beginning with a clean install will always guarantee a fresh start. After choosing the install destination, click next then customize. This is the point where the user determines what goes into the OS. Uncheck any printer drivers, extra languages, and fonts you do not need. In Leopard, some of the bundled apps are not necessary like the CPU Help Files (PDF guides for your system); iLife apps the user do not use, X11 if none of the apps require it. Also uncheck the Microsoft Office 2004 trial, if you already have a newer version. Uncheck this one last because it self checks if the user unchecks another app (Microsoft needs to make money too you know).

After the install, install any apple software and apply all serial keys you have (iWork trial will be unlocked to the full version). Note* Do not install third party apps just as yet, because problems might occur, apps might break and so forth. Run software update till the system is fully patched up. “Every update enhances the OS X experience.” Now is the time to install third party apps and import data. Check third party apps sites for the latest version of the app. Customize OS X to your liking.


GarageBand 186 mb, WOW that’s large! Why can’t we remove the XPhat from these apps? Yes you can with these two great tools Xslimmer or Monolingual. Both these apps remove unneeded languages and architectures from your apps and system. e.g. GarageBand 186 mb > GarageBand (Intel or PPC depending on what processor you use) 60mb. That’s a lot of XPhat removed. Now that there is no extra code, apps launch faster and are lighter on system resources. Xslimmer is recommended for less advance users. Monolingual digs deep into the apps and removes every single language and extra code in an app. You can save 1.6 gb on languages alone using Monolingual. Before using these programs, please read the "read me" file.

Note* Apps which are updated will need to be slimmed again.

Clean Up The Extra Mess

After trimming off the XPhat, its time to run maintenance software. OS X self maintains itself pretty well, but extra help is always better. Apps like MainMenu or Onyx will cover the maintenance corners. They rebuild indexing, delete temp files, logs, or even disable Dashboard and so forth. Use caution when using these apps. They will delete files you might not want deleted. Restart the system and enjoy. Backing up at this point would be very useful. If you are using Time Machine as your backup software, you could always use it to install OS X fresh and slim from day one.