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Early versions of the Mac OS X project were known as "Kodiak." Kodiak was released through the AppleSeed program and the Developer Connection where beta testers provided much feedback to Apple before it was released to the public. The developer previews were later renamed to "Cheetah" for the "Mac OS X Public Beta" release. Early versions of Kodiak were painfully closer to NeXTSTEP than Mac OS 9, having nothing close to a familiar Finder, no Apple menu, and a Desktop that you could not save files to. In fact the only Apple icon at all was a graphic that was centered in the middle of the menu bar at the top of the screen. Later builds adopted more traditional Mac OS features at heavy request of many of the people testing it.

Early builds of Kodiak did not have their own installer, and required Mac OS 9's familiar installer to install the Mac OS X system next to the Classic Mac OS before booting into it. After the Public Beta release, Mac OS X builds began to include a Mac OS X Installer from the CD, instead of the Mac OS 9 installer used for Kodiak. This made Mac OS X seem more like a new OS, rather than a Mac OS 9 add-on.

Depending on your hardware configuration, Kodiak was prone to frequent kernel panics and then would display the traceback of the crash across your entire screen when one would occur.


  • Developer Preview 1 (presumed)
  • Developer Preview 2 (presumed)
  • Developer Preview 3 (presumed)
  • Developer Preview 4
    • Kodiak 1D7 (June 19, 2000)
    • Kodiak 1G8 (July 31, 2000)
    • Kodiak 1H18 (August 19, 2000)
  • Mac OS X Public Beta (September 2, 2000) ($29.99 for public)
    • Cheetah 4F8 (Nov 15th, 2000)
    • Cheetah 4K29 (January 22, 2001)

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