Mac OS X 10.5.2 Fixes, Bugs and Problems

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Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Build 9C31) was released on Monday, February 11th. Documented fixes by Apple are already listed at here. This page is to document further known fixes, features and persistent bugs. Please link to a forum post describing the issue when possible.

Full discussion in comment thread

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • Leopard Graphics Update download (49Mb) becomes available in Software Update after you install 10.5.2. Reboot also required. If you're having trouble installing the update through Software Update, try downloading and installing the update from Apple's website.
  • Apple has posted the Combo Updater download (343MB). If your having trouble installing the update through Software Update, try downloading and installing the update from Apple's website.
  • Turn off Menu Bar transparency in the Desktop & Screensaver Control Panel (screenshot)
  • Time Machine may say "Preparing..." for an extended period of time when it tries to backup after the update. This has been observed as normal, and it will succeed.
  • Mac OS X: Software update sizes can vary. Sizes for the update may range from 180-340MB. See Apple technote explanation
  • If you go to About Finder it will say Finder Version "10.5.3". This is normal: Finder is just an application and its version number may be different from the OS version.

Fixes and features

  • SMB/CIFS connections to some 3rd party servers can now be made from Finder. (This functionality worked in Tiger but was broken in 10.5.0 and 10.5.1.
  • DVD/CD Sharing is now available as an option in the Sharing Preferences. [1]
  • 'Remote Install Mac OS X' now application in Utilities folder to install Mac OS X on the MacBook Air. [2]
  • The icon preview for Microsoft Office 2008 documents seems to have been fixed.
  • The quick look of Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 documents seems to have been fixed. Previously, quick look only showed an icon.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when users changed mounted hard drive icons (ctrl-i, paste new icon) and later could not revert to the original icon. 10.5.2 seems to have removed the error and allows users to revert to old icons.
  • Seems to have fixed how it handles ram usage by VMware Fusion. Previously, when quitting VMware while running Windows XP, the ram given to the virtual machine would remain as "inactive" for hours. Now, once Fusion is closed, the ram is no longer remains as "inactive" for more than a few minutes.
  • The way handles threaded messages appears to be improved. Previously, when a new message arrived in the inbox and was part of a threaded discussion, clicking on the new message brought up a blank message. The work around was to click on an old message and then click on the new message. This appears to have been fixed.
  • When Caps Lock is mapped to Control on the MacBook Air, it appears there is no longer a delay before the control modifier becomes active. 10.5.2 does not appear to have fixed the same issue with the new aluminum apple keyboards.
  • Fixed crashing issue with Adobe CS2 & CS3 apps on non-Intel Macs when using any file browsing dialogue (save as, export, open, etc)
  • Fixed "Rename finder items" action in Automator which was broken in 10.5.0 and 10.5.1.
  • iDisk capacity and usage now correctly reported under the Finder
  • iDisk no longer consumes a behemoth amount of space on disk
  • Dictionary launch and load time greatly improved
  • iTunes album art screensaver fixed on C2D mbp and no longer has red tint when having more than 4 rows. The way the artwork is load is changed.
  • (Unverified) Graphics Update fixes sleep issues on older iMac G4 models, including the 800 MHz model
  • Fixed Bluetooth issue when awaking from sleep.

Possible issues

  • Leopard still doesn't see Tiger when File Sharing (no files show up when connected in Network). A Tiger machine can still connect to a machine running 10.5.0 through 10.5.2
  • Parental Controls still uses 100% cpu
  • Airport connection disconnects every 15 minutes or so, scans, then comes back on. (update: only on 5ghz 802.11n. Stable on 2.4ghz 802.11n) (Macbook Pro) -(this is not true for my 2.33 GHz MacBook Pro. I have a rock-solid Airport connection to my AEBS running 5 GHz 802.11n-only ~ shadowfax) - Tested again and still having disconnects on 5Ghz, using 3rd party nCard from Quickertek. Rock solid at 2.4Ghz
  • Time Machine still can't back up to my wireless Airport Disk. [3] ( This is most likely by design )
  • (Unverified) The "new mail sound" in is still very sporadic. When new e-mails arrive in the inbox, the sound signaling that a new message has arrived only works less than half of the time. This was the same problem in 10.5.1. (White 17" iMac C2D 2.0, 3 gb ram). [4]
  • (Unverified) Yahoo! Mail (non-classic mode) still makes Safari 3 crash very often. I'm guessing it is somehow linked to flash (White 17" iMac C2D 2.0, 3 gb ram). [
  • (Unverified) The long delay when repairing permissions still remains. The "ACL" message still persists.
  • (Unverified) The "iMac insomnia" issue persists. The iMac will not enter sleep on its own after the requisite time setting. It will, however, enter sleep when forced from the Apple menu. This problem was present in 10.4.4 but fixed by 10.4.11. It reappeared in 10.5.0. (White 17" iMac C2D 2.0, 3 gb ram). See [5] for a workaround.
  • If stacks are set to display as "folder" and folders are given custom icons, the custom icons initially appear and then will disappear after a restart. Changing the stacks back to display as "stack" and then back to "folders" allows the custom icons to be displayed again (must be repeated after every restart). This issue can be easily fixed by recreating the stacks. Newly created stacks retain their custom icons after reboots.
  • The "hiss and pop" that had afflicted the MBP when using the audio out still persists.
  • Certain video files played in window view in iTunes still skip.
  • Notes in still don't work at all. Sometimes you can create a new Note, sometimes not. everytime this stops working, also hangs while tring to quit.
  • in Leopard does not allow for boolean search, something that was possible in Tiger (for example "ive | schiller" to search for E-Mails that are related to Ive or Schiller).
  • Speakable items steals esc key press, even when set to listen continuously.
  • iSync fails to open - gives one dock bounce and then stops (CD MacBook, 2GB RAM) [6]. May also happen to iCal[7]
  • Can't traverse new List view after Disk utility un-mounts and re-mounts the drive in which the folders reside on. Restarting Dock (killall Dock) returns the functionality. [8]
  • After updating to 10.5.2, can no longer see or connect to my access point (Linksys WRT45G). Can see AP's for everyone else in a 3 block radius, but can no longer see or connect to my own.
  • Aperture lists D300 files as "unsupported image format" though the files can be opened in preview and the D300 is now listed as part of the new updates
  • Spotlight in a finder window defaults back to whole computer instead of the directory I have navigated to. While technically not a bug this default behavior makes no sense and is very user unfriendly.
  • Mail attachments when I save don’t show up in the save like the used to in Tiger. Attachments get dropped even though the check mark is on to keep them.
  • ATI Radeon Graphics issues [9]
  • Time Machine missing graphics elements [10]
  • Red[11] and Green [12] screen flashes.
  • In column view and then spotlight in the window then hit back button it switches to list view instead of column view like I had it.
  • In icon view shift clicking does not select a range but acts like command clicking does.
  • Safari has Javascript problems.
  • After Software update performs and then says successful (or restart now option) going to a different space hides the popped up window and Apple-Tabbing back or clicking on Software Update in the dock does not revert back to the space with the window so you need to manually go through each space to find it to take action for Software Update to be happy. - Also with other apps when having a dialogue box up.
  • Linotype FontExplorer X causes the Dock to freeze when accessing Stacks in Grid or Fan view. [13] UPDATE: Linotype has released a 10.5 compatible version of FontExplorer X [14]
  • After update, FileSyncAgent CP hangs at around 99.9-100% even when no file writes are occuring. Runaway process that requires a manual kill or reboot.

    This also happened to me. I noticed, however, it cleaned up my ~/Library/FileSync folder so it was just using the amount I have on my iDisk (5 GB) instead of some arbitrary amount (20 GB). The capacity and usage is now also correctly reported in the Finder. I believe the update removed my iDisk and resynced it (because the iDisk was temporarily unmounted and unavailable) but the process hung at the end. I am attempting to reproduce on my other Macs.

  • The graphics when opening the Applications stack is still a very "choppy" animation as it was before.
  • GrowlMail Plugin is automatically disabled by 10.5.2 for versions of growl 1.1.2 (current) on down.
  • Active Directory still not assigning correct permissions to Administrative users. Admins in AD are considered Standard users in Leopard.
  • MacBook (Core 2 Duo) still not producing full bar wireless strength when connected to my AP. (I have an exact MacBook with 10.4.11 and it gets a full bar wireless signal to my access point.)
  • Automator action "Set spotlight comments for finder items" is still broken (it was broken by 10.5.0). It works from Automator but not as a Finder plug-in.
  • PowerPoint 2008 is much less responsive and has spinning beach ball when loading. That was not present under 10.5.1.
  • Upon deletion of material through Time Machine, the F9-F12 keys lose their functionality in the Exposé and Spaces Preferences. Present since 10.5.0, not fixed in 10.5.2.
  • Mac Pro wake from sleep issues remain unresolved for 2008 Harpertown Mac Pro. Computer reboots on wakeup.
  • When watching a DVD in full screen the menu will go black after a period of time - only rebooting Leopard fixes it. This has been present in 10.5.0 and 10.5.1 [15]
  • After installing 10.5.2 (along with the iLife support download and Leopard graphics update that immediate followed the 10.5.2 update) your volume control may appear to freeze up. This problem was observed on an Early 2008 Mac Pro immediately after install and multiple restarts. The fix is simple: you need to go to System Preferences and under "Sound" go to the "Output" tab and select "internal speaker". The slider will activate and your volume icon in the top-of-screen bar will no longer be locked out.
  • After installing 10.5.2, Flip4Mac may no longer work. Uninstall and re-install of WMV Components fixed it for the user that reported it.
  • Translucency of Menu Bar is lost upon MacBook shutting off due to battery being drained. Plugging it back in shows the bug.
  • On MBP, animation of stacks in grid view is very choppy, when on battery power. Animation becomes smooth when AC power is plugged into laptop.
  • When using a digital speaker system (sound out set to digital out) the sound can no longer be muted via the keyboard - this worked in Tiger and in 10.5 and 10.5.1
  • demonstrates a peculiar behavior. Under account settings, the "save drafts" function was disabled by user only to be turned on automatically by a few days later. A "drafts" folder was created on the server even though the user never made any unsent drafts of messages.
  • Under Accounts, after clicking on "Login Items," window freezes.