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Mac OS X is Apple's "modern" operating system, currently in its sixth major revision. Its open-source UNIX layer, called Darwin, is based on a Mach microkernel and has a FreeBSD subsystem. Apple has included many GNU/GPL applications within the Darwin layer, like Apache for Web serving and Samba for Windows sharing. The rest of Mac OS X's proprietary code is built on top of Darwin.

Mac OS X has its roots in NeXTSTEP. Apple bought NeXT in 1996. Apple not only acquired the code that would one day become Mac OS X, but this transaction also facilitated the return of co-founder Steve Jobs.

Mac OS X's major revisions have all borne big cat nicknames. The current version -- OS X 10.7 -- is known as "Lion".

As of WWDC 2007, Mac OS X had 22 million active users, with 67% of them using Tiger, 23% using Panther and 10% using older versions.


Packaging for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Packaging for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger